Monday, March 25, 2013

Guns ‘n Moses

Two of the Left’s favorite targets today are guns and the influence of Moses, the author of the first five books of the Bible, which are also referred to as the Pentateuch. Let’s explore these two major barriers in the way of further advancement  the leftist, secularist, and socialist agenda over America. 

Battling Over Guns 

It all comes down to Gun Rights - the rights of law-abiding citizens to own whatever weapons they need to protect themselves and their families - versus Gun Control or "Gun Violence" advocates. The so called Gun Control advocates are really Gun Grabbers. They blame "Guns" for the problem and not the real culprits, the criminals, the gun-runners, the mentally ill with history of violence, illegal aliens with history of violence, and especially the gang-bangers. The government and law enforcement need to go after the real criminal and gangs and place any person or criminal convicted of using a gun in a crime on a registry (like sex offenders) so the law-abiding public can be aware of that person's proclivity to use fire arms illegally.

It is just foolish to focus on controlling law-abiding citizens and IGNORING criminals who are intent on using guns in the commission of their next crime which would include going after newly disarmed or restricted law-abiding gun-owning citizens! But it is just like the progressive left to defend the 'rights' of the wrong, instead of defending the rights of those who do no wrong. Bill recently wrote in response to the above comment I made to an article (“NY Rallies for Gun Control Legislation: 'History Cannot Reflect That We Allowed Sandy Hook to Happen and Did Nothing.'”)

“Any metal file at the nearest hardware store will eliminate the serial numbers. Attempting to justify yourself by inserting criminals into the question is a nonstarter. They can steal your gun.” 

I responded to Bill’s comment,

“Bill, Pleeeeeeeaze, law-abiding citizens are NOT criminals. Why do you and the left insist in treating them as such? I cannot follow your logic. Thieves and other criminals can steal my car and erase the VIN number and do a lot of damage with it... What does that prove?

“Criminals, especially gang-bangers and those that commit any crime using a gun and the violence they cause in the large, usually Democrat-controlled cities - run wild.

“Like the borders, enforce the laws on the books and go after the crooks first before you legislate comprehensive immigration (read that amnesty for illegal aliens) or before you legislate comprehensive gun control (read that gun confiscation from law-abiding citizens) ...”

Guns are not the problem. Criminals, the mentally ill, the gang bangers, and illegal aliens with guns are the problem. Instead of legislation restricting law-abiding citizens in any way, better legislation would be to register any criminal who commits a crime or who carries a gun without having a permit when arrested. Violators would be placed on a registry of gun offenders like sex offenders. This will alert the public of potential danger as well as the police who can monitor those who potentially are more likely to have and to misuse a firearm.

The progressive left continues to hound the wrong people - the law-abiding citizen. Go after the criminal element. Why create the likelihood of more crimes being committed by not allowing the law-abiding citizen to arm themselves in their homes with whatever weapons they choose? To restrict or disarm the law-abiding citizen in any way is a downright foolish and dangerous policy.

Battling Over Moses and the Ten Commandments 

The ACLU, Freedom from Religion, and the People for the American Way are all leftist groups determined to purge America of every vestige of Biblical and Christian expression and morality. Moses was a leader of the Jewish nation when God gave him the Ten Commandments. The mere placement of the time-honored and proven guidelines in any public venue is the reason they are a prime target of the Leftists bent on transforming America into a Socialist utopia. Why? The Ten Commandments embody the antithesis of the Leftist Agenda. For example:

· “Thou shalt not murder.” Abortion is a direct violation of God’s command. Abortion is the most sacred sacrament of the feminists and leftists of every sort.

· “Thou shalt not steal” contradicts the socialist wealth distribution of our President and his treasonous Party.

· “Thou shalt have no other gods before Me.” Wow, that is a big one. Greed, Lust, Narcissism, are all gods to many Americans.

· “You shall not commit adultery.” Sexual freedom, free love is another cornerstone of the leftist philosophy…

This week the Supreme Court of the United States is scheduled to hear arguments for fraudulent same-sex ‘marriage’ against the wishes of the voters of California’s Proposition 8, and for the repeal of Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). This is another major plank of the left’s agenda and the driving issue of those who want to mainstream homosexual behavior and lifestyle. Clearly Moses in the first five books of the Judeo-Christian bible documented God’s disapproval of all sexual relationships except for that found in man-woman monogamous marriage.

Guns and Moses, if the Left could do away with both, they could go a long way in advancing their diabolical agenda and further damage the foundations of this once great God-blessed nation. Let’s hope and pray that the SCOTUS and people of the United States will resist the forces of evil in the battles against guns and Moses that loom large this year…

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