Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Pro-life Prayer for Thanksgiving Day

From the Desk of Fr. Frank Pavone

National Director, Priests for Life

Father of mercies,
God of all creation,
Source of life and of every blessing,
We thank you today, and every day of our lives, 
For all that you give us!

Our thanksgiving is not only a duty,
But a joy and a source of strength,
Because it reminds us of your faithful love,
And inspires us with the hope of a future filled with blessings!

Lord, we thank you for guiding our fathers,
Who, inspired by the prophets
And by the saving work of your Son,
Founded a nation where all might live as one,
Acknowledging their dependence on you
As the source of their right to life.

We thank you for your blessings in the past,
And for all that, with your help, we must yet achieve.

We ask you to bless us as we thank you,
That our giving thanks may be accompanied by our firm resolve
To proclaim, celebrate, and serve
The gift of human life, born and unborn.

We pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Supreme Court will hear cases against the ObamaCare abortion pill mandate

Ordinarily, I do not tend to donate money to law firms, even Christian-based organizations which defend religious liberty.  This is because I don't always agree with the positions of these organizations and some of the money could be used against Constitutional principles such as the right to be secure in one's person, house, and in effects.  Sometimes I agree with what they're trying to do, but their methods may cause more harm than good.  But in the case made against Obama's abortion pill mandate for Christian-owned businesses, I would highly recommend supporting the Alliance Defending Freedom and the Becket Fund.  Read more about it below.

The U.S. Supreme Court announced today it will review two lawsuits challenging the ObamaCare abortion pill mandate, including one filed by Conestoga Wood Specialties and its owners, the Hahn family.
Alliance Defending Freedom represents the Hahn family, and we are asking the High Court to declare the mandate illegal and unconstitutional because it prevents them from operating their business in accordance with their faith.
The other case accepted by the Supreme Court involves the Oklahoma-based company Hobby Lobby, which is being handled by our friends at the Becket Fund.
We are pleased that the High Court agreed to hear both cases so we can show the many ways employers live out their faith through their business practices.
Thank you for your prayers for the Hahn family and Conestoga Wood Specialties, and for all employers who are challenging the abortion pill mandate.
Please continue to be in prayer for these cases and oral arguments which will be held in late March, 2014.  A decision by the Court is expected by the end of June.  Learn more about these crucial cases.
You can be sure the battle will be long and hard-fought.  Our opponents have all the resources of the federal government at their disposal.
If you would like to help defend the Hahn family, you may give a gift. You can help ensure the resources are available to see this fight through to the end.
Thank you and God bless you.
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All donations are secure, private, and tax-deductible. Member ECFA.

Gimme Shelter

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Comment on Those Who Reject the Truth About America and Science


The  online Leftist website,, posted an article titled, "5 Christian Right Delusions and Lies About History, They're not just delusional about science!" The author is Amanda Marcotte, who is obviously a very biased liberal. I refute her five points in my comments to her inaccurate and deceptive article. I post those comments here:

Isn’t it ironic, the Left calls what is evil, good and what is good, evil! author Amanda has the gall to write that Christians perpetrate lies. Sorry Amanda, you are obviously missing one factor, the truth, in the drivel you spew.

1.   Joe McCarthy was a patriot and a hero. He called a communist a communist! How dare he expose the fact that Communists were infiltrating the government! Are you blind dear Amanda?

2.   Most of America’s founders believed in God and were Christ-followers. To claim otherwise is itself revisionist. Only a few of the founders were not Christians, but were Deists, yet they too concurred with the majority that religion and religious values were fundamental to this new nation. Many escaped from the persecution rampant in Europe at the time. The leftist definition of diversity and the perverted concept of political correctness were never the values of this nation. Most founders rejected slavery.

3.   God has blessed America since its inception because she wittingly or unwittingly followed biblical principles and standards.
     That blessing is being removed as we reject what God approves. We have removed Him, prayer and the Bible from our schools. We have ‘legalized’ the murder of innocent babies to the tune of 50+ million since 1973. We have gone into debt to the tune of $17 trillion. We are encouraging the normalization and acceptance of homosexuality and the perversion of marriage by granting ‘marriage’ certificates to homosexual and lesbian couples.
     With the outright rejection of God’s standards we will surely become a third world nation, which is the transformation that our President apparently is carrying out. That is, if we even survive as a nation!

4.   It was when the Roman civilization embraced the welfare mentality and sexual immorality including homosexuality as a ‘normal, natural, healthy’ lifestyle that finally toppled that once ‘great’ nation.

5.   The French Revolution was godless and secular. The American Revolution was God-honoring, and biblical based.

The author implies in her article's title that Christians are deluded in regard to science and not only in regard to America's history. I take umbrage with this false  accusation as well. Let's look at three of the topics with which most secularists and most true Christ-followers disagree: Life, Evolution, and Global Warming. 

The consensus among so-called secular scientists is that life begins when the baby takes its first breath, evolution is the sole accepted basis for the origins of life, and global warming is man-caused. On the other hand, most true Christ-followers and many conservatives believe that life begins at conception, that evolution is just a theory and that Creationism or Intelligent Design is just as reasonable and believable (if not even more so) an explanation of origins than that flawed theory of evolution, and that global warming is not solely caused by man, but is mostly a natural phenomenon.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ousted Christian Teacher John Freshwater Awaiting Result of His Day in (Ohio Supreme) Court

This very controversial case of a highly acclaimed and well-liked veteran Christian middle school teacher, John Freshwater, may soon be resolved. Eric Keller reported in the Kenyon Collegian that we may soon hear the decision of the Ohio Supreme Court on this important religious freedom-unjust termination case. I had been following this case (see also here, here, and here) for some time and even attended a few of the school board hearings that were referred to in the Keller article and it is with great interest and concern that I anticipate the results.

Essentially the Freshwater case pits two worldviews against each other, the secular-humanistic versus the traditional Judeo-Christian. I believe that Intelligent Design or Creationism should be taught or considered as a “theoretical” equal to evolution, which is not a proven explanation of creation. Evolution is, however, a fundamental cornerstone of the secular-humanist philosophy which dominates American education at all levels today.

In Keller’s article in the Kenyon College newspaper, Ohio Supreme Court to issue verdict soon in Freshwater case, he quotes some professors who come from a secular-humanist perspective, which is not surprising coming from a liberal institution.
Here are two disturbing quotes outlining and demonstrating the academic and “scientific” bias toward Mr. Freshwater and his position:

“This (Mt. Vernon, Ohio) is a very conservative religious community,” (Biology Professor Wade) Powell said. “A lot of people get caught up in their majority status and fail to really think about what it must feel like for other people to have folks in power dictating what is common and acceptable in terms of religious practice.” Is the professor defending the people of Mt. Vernon when they see the local school board discriminating against a star teacher for living out his Christian faith? I don’t think so. Or is Professor Powell defending those that have a secular-humanist perspective who absolutely reject the worldview of a teacher who dares to live out his faith and who practices it?  And the powers that be refuse to tolerate him and his differing beliefs? I believe that Powell is communicating the later interpretation, with which I disagree. The “people in power dictating” is actually the school board, which refuses to respect the community standards in which they serve and who reject the first amendment of our Constitution.

“Mr. Freshwater’s point of view is one that’s detrimental to science education,” (Associate Professor of Biology Andrew) Kerkhoff said. “Yet for 20 years, he was a very popular science educator within the public school system.” That tells us what a difficult problem this is.” What this “learned” man is saying is that the Judeo-Christian worldview has no place in Academia, Science, and by implication no place in American society! Not only was Mr. Freshwater popular, he was an effective and beloved teacher. I guess that is dangerous and intolerable in today’s failed education system.