Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Late Night Takes – Trumpin’ in Nevada

The jokes that follow are courtesy of which periodically sends out an email compilation of jokes from the various late night TV talk shows, few of them are worth repeating . . . these were the exceptions.
This batch of monologue jokes center around Donald Trump and last night's Nevada caucus. It is my opinion that if we elected this guy we would be gambling on the America's very future. It is not worth putting this nation in the hands of another egotistical narcissist. Just look has happened the last 7+ years when we did!  
 Bombastic Bully Seeking Presidential Pulpit

· Today is the Republican caucus in Nevada, and Donald Trump is projected to win. When asked why they’re voting for him, Americans said, "We’re used to doing things in Nevada that we’ll regret tomorrow."
· Trump is actually doing very well in Nevada. That’s right, Trump appeals to Nevada’s key demographic — people who’ve declared bankruptcy.

Jimmy Kimmel Live!
· It was a big day for Donald Trump yesterday, the Nevada caucuses took place. Voting in the state of Nevada is a little different. In Nevada you pull the lever first and then you find out who you voted for. It is more exciting.
* Donald Trump was heavily favored to win. Not just by Donald Trump, by other people too.                                                                                                                                                                                                              


Monday, February 22, 2016

Countdown to the WORST Choice for President

Before we get to the list counting down to the worst candidate in this year's Presidential Election from the current crop of candidates, let's look at where the candidates can be found on a continuum of liberal to conservative.

Continuum of Current Presidential Candidates
from Liberal to Conservative

As you can see Senator Bernie Sanders occupies a position to the far left of all the other candidates. Not only is he a liberal but he is an admitted socialist, which is antithetical to capitalism and free enterprise which characterized America for most of her history.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are on the liberal or progressive side of the spectrum as well. Trump has a limited record and he has had some very liberal positions up until recently. I understand he "became a Republican" in 2008. He avoids being substantive on most issues in the debates. He plays the populist very well. His bullying tactics hide his insecurity as to any depth or concrete specific policies on the issues. He claims he can be anything he wants to be.

John Kasich is definitely a moderate with his positions on Common Core and Medicaid expansion in Ohio. He is neither conservative nor liberal. He's lost in the middle. Marco Rubio is to the right of Kasich. His position on Amnesty has alienated him from many true conservatives. Now that Governor Bush has dropped out of the race, Rubio has inherited the mantle of the moderate middle following in the unsure footsteps of GOP candidates John McCain and Mitt Romney. Rubio is now the darling and the hope of the GOP leadership and the entire Washington cabal.

Dr. Ben Carson and Ted Cruz are the most authentic conservatives in the race. They are the anti-Establishment candidates. They along with Trump are considered the "outsiders" in the race. They both have solid conservative positions on the issues. They are both forthright and sincere. America desperately needs new leadership and these two men embody the values and ethics needed most.

I used the following references in confirming the various candidates positions on the Continuum of Current Candidates above:

Countdown to the Worst Choice For President in 2016

Here is my assessment as of February 21, 2016 of the current candidates running for President of the United States this year.

7. (Best Choice) Senator Ted Cruz

     Senator Ted Cruz is a credentialed, consistent, courageous, constitutional conservative. You can tell a lot about a person by the enemies he has. Senator Cruz has his share up and down the line. The media, the Democrats, the GOP establishment, the Washington Cartel made up of chrony capitalists, Chamber of Commerce and their lobbyists all prefer ANYONE but Senator Cruz. Why? Because they are dreadfully afraid of him. He will stick to his guns. He will do what he says on the campaign trail, unlike many of the other candidates, who will say anything to occupy the privileged position of power.

He means what he says, unlike too many conservatives-at-election-time Republican politicians who say one thing in their home districts or home states and do the opposite when they come to Washington. In contrast, the Democrats are more honest than many Republicans. You at least know where the Democrats stand, be it ever so wrong. The Republicans appear to have no principles, on which they will stand no matter what. They are too easily broken. There are few exception. Ted Cruz is one of those exceptions. That is why he generates so much antipathy.

6. Dr. Ben Carson

     Dr. Carson is living and walking proof of the American Dream. Anyone in America can succeed. He is the opposite of the nightmare put forth by the progressives who wish to keep the downtrodden in their place, or to abort them if they could. I'm glad that Dr. Carson is remaining in the race, despite his low numbers in the states in which he has campaigned so far. He is a constant reminder that the Republican Party is the diverse party. The Democrat Party offers a geriatric socialist and an "Abortion Granny" as their top candidates. How telling!

5. Senator Marco Rubio

Now that Governor Bush has dropped out of the race, the GOP Establishment will pull out all stops to back the lone "electable moderate" left on the scene. The Main Stream Media including Fox News, the Washington Cartel, the Republican Party leaders the Political Action Committees who formerly backed Gov. Bush will put their full weight and scads of money behind their boy Marco. His pretty face, pleasing winsome personality will obscure his lack of conviction and courage to stand for what is right. He will be the newest John McCain, the newest Mitt Romney and like these two losers, he will give the Democrats their best chance at another win. The Democrats and their comrades in the main stream media, with the possible exception of Fox News will now pick Marco apart in the General Election season, which will make Gov. Chris Christie's debate taunts of Rubio look like child's play at recess. They will administer the full Alinsky tactics on poor Marco. They will expose his lack of experience, unproductivity in the Senate, and will unceasingly mock his rehearsed talking points over and over again.

4. John Kasich
     The ultimate Republican in Name Only (RINO) has no chance to win the Presidency despite his ceaseless claim that he brought Ohio from the brink of bankruptcy and single-handedly created 100s of millions of jobs in Ohio as he did in 1990s for America. He's in the race to secure a Vice Presidential spot if the GOP establishment candidate, Marco Rubio, makes it to the top of the ticket. 

3. Donald Trump

     Mr. Trump is a Phenom. He is the Teflon Don. He gets away with murder. What others in the past have been vilified and crucified for, he advances, and even flourishes. His ruthlessness, vulgarity, Trumper-Tantrums, personal attacks, bullying tactics which served him so well in the business world are working in the political area. Apparently his abrasiveness gives him the admiration of a flock of low-information voters who believe this showman and ultimate con-man when he says he'll make America great again.

Trump is a populist candidate who lacks any substance. Do you trust him that he will do something about the immigration problem? He used illegal alien construction workers on at one of his building projects. He's convinced many people that he will keep his promises. He is a deal maker and will do and say anything to seal the deal. He doesn't care who he hurts in the process. He doesn't care what law he skirts or who he takes advantage of. He doesn't care what kind of person he associates with, as long as he gets his way.

Mr. Trump is a liberal, a progressive. But, like Barack Obama before him, this narsacist does well at hiding who he really is and what he really believes. He is thoroughly untrustworthy. American voters will find out who he is and what he REALLY believes once he occupies the White House.

I place Mr. Trump on the liberal or progressive side of the continuum or spectrum because for one thing he uses the tactics of Saul Alinsky, the radical revolutionary who was a great influence on both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Trump uses Alinsky tactics on his "fellow Republicans" to destroy them. He succeeded to a large extent with Governor Jeb Bush, who dropped out of the race Saturday night. He hammered Bush over and over again, labelling him "Low Energy" and "Mama's Boy." Unfortunately these labels stuck in the minds of voters, maybe shaping the opinions and the eventual votes of some.

Trump is attempting to use these same tactics on Ted Cruz. He is repeatedly calling him such terms and descriptions as "Nasty," "Liar" and "Nobody Likes Him." He does this to deflect from whatever issue that is currently being dealt with. These are bullying tactics. The Left has perfected the use of this approach, tearing down the opposition to try to build itself up and to marginalize the opposition. Trump and the Left are not above using repetitious lies.

So how does one combat such tactics? Do you turn the tables on Trump and use the same tactics on him? Or do you try to relentlessly expose what he is doing? Whatever the answer, it is key to stoping the Trumpster.

2. Hillary Clinton (substitute if & when Hillary is indicted V.P. Joe Biden)

    Hillary Clinton should be preparing to defend herself in court for the her many felonies, but instead she is the leading contender for the Democrat nomination for President. That says a lot about the Democratic-Socialist Party doesn't it? She being the chameleon that she is has parroted Senator Sanders socialist pandering promises to the populace.

Any Trump, Clinton or a Sanders Presidency would be a continuation of the Barack Obama deconstruction of America. In fact, it will finish this once great nation once and for all.

1. (Worst Choice) Senator Bernie Sanders

     How far this leftist ideologue has come up to now in this election cycle shows clearly how far America has fallen. People believe that Sanders will continue and even provide more "free stuff "to the increasingly dependent welfare-force.

     The low information voters, the Black Lives Matter crowd, and the Millennials trained by our godless and corrupt government schools all have been brainwashed to reject the American values, exceptionalism and Constitution. No wonder they "feel the Bern." Hopefully, they'll wake up before they bring America to the edge of destruction, before they feel the burn.

Potential GOP Tickets

Having assessed the current crop of candidates, what follows is a conjecture as to what possible GOP tickets may come out of the GOP convention in Cleveland this summer.

CRUZ-CARSON (the Conservative/Constitutional choice)
RUBIO-KASICH (the GOP Elite/Establishment choice)
TRUMP-HUCKABEE (the Low-Information voter choice)

My personal choice, one which I would wholeheartedly endorse, is the Cruz-Carson ticket. As stated earlier, these men are authentic conservatives with outstanding backgrounds. They would compliment each other and make an effective team to help lead and guide to America in national renewal economically, militarily, morally and spiritually.