Saturday, August 29, 2015

All Lives Matter, Born and Unborn!

Fueling and Funding Evil Must End

No more funding (public or private) for this aborted baby body snatcher and parts distributer, Planned ParentHOOD. Sign the petition defund this corrupt and scandal-ridden entity by clicking the link below.
No more selling baby body parts: Defund Planned Parenthood! (Sign the Petition)

Ignoring or Condoning of Evil Must End

Did you know that Nazi leader Adolf Hitler was a fan of eugenicist Margaret Sanger, the founder of the Planned ParentHOOD, and implemented much of her wicked philosophy on his attempt to purify the Arian race?

Today Planned ParentHOOD continues to follow in Sanger's wayward footsteps in its 665 so-called "clinics," which are abortuaries (killing chambers), throughout America. Sadly, in 2016 many on the political Left have sainted Sanger and now consider abortion a most sacred sacrament.  Satan has essentially blinded the eyes of those who ignore the horrors being perpetrated on the unborn and their unwitting mothers and fathers by the planned predator or pariah of the abortion industry.

Seeking Justice for the Unborn

Saving the unborn is the preeminent civil rights issue of our day. Bringing about the end of abortion is the ultimate social justice issue. A close second is preserving natural (one-man, one-woman) marriage and the family. These two issues are closely intertwined. A third social justice issue is preserving and protecting religious liberty. With the immoral and unconstitutional SCOTUS decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, it has opened the door to a full bodied assault on Christianity, Christians and traditional American values.

In contrast to the real social justice issues named above, are the popular or our current culture's perception of what are the important social issues. These are enumerated in the article, "The 10 Social Issues Americans Talk Most About on Twitter." Here are the 10 secondary issues (compared to the three I pointed out above) most tweeted by Americans from the top issue in descending order: Jobs, Freedom from Discrimination, Education, Honest and Responsive Government, Political Freedom, Climate Change, Protection of Forests, Rivers and Oceans, Equality Between Men and Women, Reliable Energy at Home, and Transportation and Roads.

Elections Have Consequences

For me one of the chief criteria for supporting or electing any candidate in the 2016 election or any election for that matter, is their stance on the right to life for the unborn. If we have another socialist secular-humanist like the current occupier of the White House or a GOP-Democrat-lite like Bush, Christie or Kasich the unborn will continue not to matter, we will continue to see the marginalization and assault on marriage and the family, furthermore we will continue to observe the deterioration of religious liberty. Most assuredly we will witness the demise of America... 

Individual and National Revival is What is Needed Most

Electing the right candidate to congress and to the presidency is just a small part of what is needed to turn around this nation. A personal renewal in biblical faith and daily acting on that belief system is the key to the renewal or revival of America. It is the only thing that can restore America as a beacon of light and for good piercing this world's wickedness.  This individual revival can spark a national revival. It all starts with appreciating the fact that all lives matters, born and unborn, and acknowledging and accepting that Jesus Christ is the author and finisher of our faith...

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Pariah Planned Parenthood Federation of America is Done, Stick a Forceps in IT!

 #UnbornLivesMatter, too.

Unborn babies, many mothers and fathers are the victims and the casualties of predatory Planned Parenthood's and the Left's protracted
"War in the Womb."
Planned ParentHOOD was founded by racist eugenicist and Nazi-inspiration Margaret Sanger, heroine of Hillary Clinton and icon of the Left.

Planned ParentHOOD covers-up underage rape victims.
Planned ParentHOOD commits Medicaid fraud.
Planned ParentHOOD receives over a 1/2 billion dollars for doing this.

Planned ParentHOOD should absolutely be defunded!

Planned ParentHOOD should not receive taxpayer dollars for its abhorent behavior, other entities could do a better job in woman's health.

Planned ParentHOOD has outlived any usefulness, that is, if it ever had any to start with.



Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ted Cruz is Calling all Conservatives and Christians to the Battlefront

An AlterNet article caught my eye today, its title was intriguing, “Is Ted Cruz Winning The Christian Nation Primary? Cruz has been positioning himself as the champion of religious liberty and defender of the conservative Christians.  Its author was a writer for Right Wing Watch, which is a leftist website that monitors and critiques conservatives and conservative organizations. I responded to this article with the following comments:
Cruz has been positioning himself as the champion of religious liberty and defender of the conservative ChristiansCruz has been positioning himself as the champion of religious liberty and defender of "The short answer is yes. Coming from a Right Wing Watch writer, this article surprisingly is a pretty fair and objective analysis of Senator Ted Cruz and his influence on the conservatives and Christians in this country.
From Deform to Reform
"The Humanist Left and all its myriad parts along with its leader, Barack Obama, has exerted a great unwholesome influence and/or control over this nation the past 7 years. Seeking to fundamentally transform America, they have succeeded in significantly deforming her instead.
Humanistic Left's 'Accomplishments'
"What are the accomplishments of the Humanist Left and the Barack Obama Administration these past 7 years? They include: economic malaise, moral decay, an Administration plagued by scandals galore, a crumbling weakened national military, an inept foreign policy, uncontrolled spending leading to unsustainable debt, ignoring or poopooing the threat and danger of Islam, expanding of the government bureaucracy and business-killing regulations. These are what we have thanks to the unified effort of the forces of the Humanist Left. We’ve wandered or allowed the nation to drift too far leftward. We are facing disaster on a number of fronts, fiscal, moral, cultural, spiritual, to name a few.
Change is in Order
"It is time for real change. Actually, the need is for revival in America, both individual and national. What is desperately needed is a return to and a building up of traditional values like life, marriage (one man, one woman) and family.
The Need is Clear: Leadership
"Ted Cruz, though not perfect, after all he is a mere human, has demonstrated that he will stand up for what is right. He does this even it flies in the face of his own party’s leadership. Unlike many politicians he came to Washington and actually did what he said he would do while on the campaign trail. He’s a rare breed indeed. This to the utter dismay of the GOP establishment, who desire only to maintain the status quo and its own party’s control - even if it means giving into the evil intentions and policies of the Humanist Left. The GOP leaders secretly war against or at least seek to undermine Ted Cruz every chance they get. They do this either deliberately or unintentionally. Ted Cruz battles his own party leadership as well as the Democrat Party, the mainstream media, et al.

A Consistent Conservative Leader
"If this country survives the next fifteen months under Barack Obama and that remains questionable, continued survival of this nation depends on the outcome of the 2016 election. Election of Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Jeb Bush, or Chris Christie or even Donald Trump will surely secure doom. The country needs a revival and a strong conservative President, a Ted Cruz or a Bobby Jindal, could be the very catalyst that triggers and can guide true reformation and undo the “progressive” tide that is leading us to oblivion.

Ted Cruz Photo Found at
A Champion for Life

Yesterday Senator Cruz spoke on a conference call to thousands of pastors and others regarding strategies to defund Planned ParentHOOD. This reason for the call was  based on the recently released videos showing possible illegal and even criminal activity on the part of this vile organization, Planned ParentHOOD. He discussed the need to call Senators and Representatives after they return in September to urge them to vote to stop all subsidies to this evil entity.

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Fox GOP Debate: The Trump, It Sounds

Right now Donald Trump has caught the attention of the American people, because he is saying what many other politicians are too timid to say out loud. Trump is a egotistical showman, not a politician or a statesman. He's a wheeler-dealer. I don't trust him with the social issues with which I am most concerned, life (ending abortion) and preserving traditional marriage (reversing the gains made by the homosexual movement).

Like George W. Bush or Mitt Romney, Trump doesn't have any real core conservative principles. Trump may be in it for the glory to increase his brand recognition for his next venture. His only core value is making money and making the next deal. I believe he is as narcissistic as the current occupier of the White House.

A.F. Branco Cartoon found at

Lisa Benson Cartoon found at 8/5/2015
Jeff Darcy Cartoon found at Northeast Ohio Media Group The Plain Dealer  
Another reason Trump may be in the GOP race is to act as a spoiler to insure a strong conservative does not get nominated. He may be working for the Clintons. I do not trust him. However, he certainly will make things interesting at least early in the campaign. I hope sooner, than later, the American people will wake up before the primaries.
I saw another cartoon today, which I could not find for this post. It showed Mr. Trump sitting like Humpty Dumpty on a way ready to fall. Maybe after the initial flame of his popularity and persona subside, the people's interest in him will fade and they will seek and get behind a true conservative like Senator Ted Cruz.

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Planned ParentHOOD Wins Round One in the War in the Womb


After losing the vote on S1881, the bill defunding Planned ParentHOOD, Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) responds in this deeply thoughtful and inspirational Senate speech Monday evening, August 3, 2015.

        Senator Mike Lee (R-UT), True Leadership


Despite this temporary setback and Senator Mitch McConnell's (RINO-KY), the current GOP United States Senate Majority Leader, intransigence, lack of principled leadership and lack of enthusiasm for this extremely important issue, we must not give up. We must persist in the pursuit of ending all subsidies going to this inhumane, corrupt and evil enterprise.


Those politicians, Democrats mostly and some Republicans, who stand by and with Planned ParentHOOD, showed by their vote last night their complicity with the barbaric and savage practices. Planned ParentHOOD, an alleged non-profit organization swilling 1/2 billion of taxpayer dollars anually, wages an on-going war on boys and girls in the wombs of women. Support for such Nazism is reprehensible. 


Monday, August 03, 2015

Here's What Feckless Unprincipled Leadership Looks Like


U.S. Senate Majority "Leader" Senator Mitch McConnell (RINO-KY) is ignoring the outrage of both Pro-Life and Pro-Abortion individuals around the nation, who were both concerned about the recent investigative reports about the variety of Planned ParentHOOD exposed atrocities. Or maybe he is willfully blinded to the inhumanity, the horror, the misbehavior, the wanton evil that is Planned ParentHOOD. This evening he joined with radical defenders of the indefensible, the likes of Senator Sherrod Brown (Radical Liberal-OH) and voted NO on the defunding  of Planned ParentHOOD.

The final vote was 53 YES and 46 NO. The bill needed 60 votes to pass.


This vote seems to me to be just another indication that both the Senate and the House need new GOP leadership. The current GOP "leadership" is less than ineffective. They continue to drop the ball on seemingly every issue that conservatives and Republicans fought so hard for in recent elections to gain majority status. Looking purely at the results since the GOP has gained control of both houses of Congress, San Fran Nancy Pelosi and Dirty Harry Reid still are very much in charge and call all the shots, forwarding the President's destructive progressive agenda.

picture from epicgopfail twitter profile


We still have fully-funded and expanding ObamaCare. The Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act wallows in the Senate. John Boehner dismissed the House for an much undeserved summer recess before addressing the defunding of the lawless and inhumane Planned Parenthood chamber of horrors. Same with the Senate, where McConnell apparently wanted to avoid confrontation by attaching an amendment to defund Planned Parenthood to the must-pass highway bill and allowed a nearly meaningless stand-alone bill to defund Planned ParentHOOD. This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

The rallying cry of the GOP seems to be, "Keep the status quo at whatever it costs." The cost may be money or principle. 

Sunday, August 02, 2015

What is Tolerance?

Putting Political Correctness in its place.

Everything is now tolerated, everything but what is really intolerable: abortion, sexual immorality and perversions (adultery, fornication, homosexuality, lesbianism, pedophilia, Planned ParentHOOD, pornography, sex trafficking,  transgenderism) and Islam.

GOP Leadership Continues to Sit on the Sidelines and Watch the Corruption Grow

These Three Make Larry, Curly & Mo Look Good!
This is the Band of Career Politicians (Thieves?) Who Supposedly "Lead" Congress (above and below). 
Monkey Business as Usual
Harry, Mitch and John
HARRY, Democrat Minority Leader covers his ears, he won't hear or acknowledge any of the misbehavior, unlawfulness or truth about and evil that Planned ParentHOOD commits;
MITCH, the GOP Senate Majority Leader covers his eyes, refusing to see any evil that Planned Parenthood does and refusing to see that the best chance to defund it was last Sunday when defunding PP could have been attached as an amendment to the Highway bill; and
crying JOHN, the current (hopefully not for long) Speaker of the House covers his mouth, he speaks nothing as far as insisting that a vote be taken to immediately declare a moratorium on all funding to the evil Planned ParentHOOD enterprise before the summer House recess. Maybe he doesn't act on defunding because the sister of his health policy director is married to the founder of StemExpress, one of the main customers of PP's baby parts business.
You can read more here about what the GOP Congressional "leaders" are doing or not doing about the atrocious acts of the biggest abortion provider in this article: "Unbelievable: Boehner, McConnell Funded Planned Parenthood."

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Moral Bankruptcy (Depravity) in Evidence in America Today

Many Americans have lost the ability to discern between good and evil. Unfortunately, Mr. Obama leads this pack.

Here's an current example of what moral bankruptcy (depravity) looks like, click and read: "Obama Will Investigate Death of Cecil the Lion, Ignores Planned Parenthood Selling Aborted Babies."

Ultrasounds and Planned ParentHOOD Deceit

Ultrasounds and why the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and other Abortion proponents don't want women to see them...

It is okay for PP to use ultrasounds while butchering and harvesting certain baby body parts for future trafficking. However, they discourage pregnant women from seeing the fetus for what it is, a living, developing human being, a baby boy or a baby girl! This shows the sheer evil, hypocrisy and deceit of this inhumane, amoral, criminally-minded wicked enterprise.

Wake Up America and smell the rot, it is time to Defund Planned Parenthood!

It's a boy. It's a girl. It's a baby for cryin' out loud!