Sunday, August 02, 2015

GOP Leadership Continues to Sit on the Sidelines and Watch the Corruption Grow

These Three Make Larry, Curly & Mo Look Good!
This is the Band of Career Politicians (Thieves?) Who Supposedly "Lead" Congress (above and below). 
Monkey Business as Usual
Harry, Mitch and John
HARRY, Democrat Minority Leader covers his ears, he won't hear or acknowledge any of the misbehavior, unlawfulness or truth about and evil that Planned ParentHOOD commits;
MITCH, the GOP Senate Majority Leader covers his eyes, refusing to see any evil that Planned Parenthood does and refusing to see that the best chance to defund it was last Sunday when defunding PP could have been attached as an amendment to the Highway bill; and
crying JOHN, the current (hopefully not for long) Speaker of the House covers his mouth, he speaks nothing as far as insisting that a vote be taken to immediately declare a moratorium on all funding to the evil Planned ParentHOOD enterprise before the summer House recess. Maybe he doesn't act on defunding because the sister of his health policy director is married to the founder of StemExpress, one of the main customers of PP's baby parts business.
You can read more here about what the GOP Congressional "leaders" are doing or not doing about the atrocious acts of the biggest abortion provider in this article: "Unbelievable: Boehner, McConnell Funded Planned Parenthood."

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