Saturday, August 29, 2015

All Lives Matter, Born and Unborn!

Fueling and Funding Evil Must End

No more funding (public or private) for this aborted baby body snatcher and parts distributer, Planned ParentHOOD. Sign the petition defund this corrupt and scandal-ridden entity by clicking the link below.
No more selling baby body parts: Defund Planned Parenthood! (Sign the Petition)

Ignoring or Condoning of Evil Must End

Did you know that Nazi leader Adolf Hitler was a fan of eugenicist Margaret Sanger, the founder of the Planned ParentHOOD, and implemented much of her wicked philosophy on his attempt to purify the Arian race?

Today Planned ParentHOOD continues to follow in Sanger's wayward footsteps in its 665 so-called "clinics," which are abortuaries (killing chambers), throughout America. Sadly, in 2016 many on the political Left have sainted Sanger and now consider abortion a most sacred sacrament.  Satan has essentially blinded the eyes of those who ignore the horrors being perpetrated on the unborn and their unwitting mothers and fathers by the planned predator or pariah of the abortion industry.

Seeking Justice for the Unborn

Saving the unborn is the preeminent civil rights issue of our day. Bringing about the end of abortion is the ultimate social justice issue. A close second is preserving natural (one-man, one-woman) marriage and the family. These two issues are closely intertwined. A third social justice issue is preserving and protecting religious liberty. With the immoral and unconstitutional SCOTUS decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, it has opened the door to a full bodied assault on Christianity, Christians and traditional American values.

In contrast to the real social justice issues named above, are the popular or our current culture's perception of what are the important social issues. These are enumerated in the article, "The 10 Social Issues Americans Talk Most About on Twitter." Here are the 10 secondary issues (compared to the three I pointed out above) most tweeted by Americans from the top issue in descending order: Jobs, Freedom from Discrimination, Education, Honest and Responsive Government, Political Freedom, Climate Change, Protection of Forests, Rivers and Oceans, Equality Between Men and Women, Reliable Energy at Home, and Transportation and Roads.

Elections Have Consequences

For me one of the chief criteria for supporting or electing any candidate in the 2016 election or any election for that matter, is their stance on the right to life for the unborn. If we have another socialist secular-humanist like the current occupier of the White House or a GOP-Democrat-lite like Bush, Christie or Kasich the unborn will continue not to matter, we will continue to see the marginalization and assault on marriage and the family, furthermore we will continue to observe the deterioration of religious liberty. Most assuredly we will witness the demise of America... 

Individual and National Revival is What is Needed Most

Electing the right candidate to congress and to the presidency is just a small part of what is needed to turn around this nation. A personal renewal in biblical faith and daily acting on that belief system is the key to the renewal or revival of America. It is the only thing that can restore America as a beacon of light and for good piercing this world's wickedness.  This individual revival can spark a national revival. It all starts with appreciating the fact that all lives matters, born and unborn, and acknowledging and accepting that Jesus Christ is the author and finisher of our faith...

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