Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ted Cruz is Calling all Conservatives and Christians to the Battlefront

An AlterNet article caught my eye today, its title was intriguing, “Is Ted Cruz Winning The Christian Nation Primary? Cruz has been positioning himself as the champion of religious liberty and defender of the conservative Christians.  Its author was a writer for Right Wing Watch, which is a leftist website that monitors and critiques conservatives and conservative organizations. I responded to this article with the following comments:
Cruz has been positioning himself as the champion of religious liberty and defender of the conservative ChristiansCruz has been positioning himself as the champion of religious liberty and defender of "The short answer is yes. Coming from a Right Wing Watch writer, this article surprisingly is a pretty fair and objective analysis of Senator Ted Cruz and his influence on the conservatives and Christians in this country.
From Deform to Reform
"The Humanist Left and all its myriad parts along with its leader, Barack Obama, has exerted a great unwholesome influence and/or control over this nation the past 7 years. Seeking to fundamentally transform America, they have succeeded in significantly deforming her instead.
Humanistic Left's 'Accomplishments'
"What are the accomplishments of the Humanist Left and the Barack Obama Administration these past 7 years? They include: economic malaise, moral decay, an Administration plagued by scandals galore, a crumbling weakened national military, an inept foreign policy, uncontrolled spending leading to unsustainable debt, ignoring or poopooing the threat and danger of Islam, expanding of the government bureaucracy and business-killing regulations. These are what we have thanks to the unified effort of the forces of the Humanist Left. We’ve wandered or allowed the nation to drift too far leftward. We are facing disaster on a number of fronts, fiscal, moral, cultural, spiritual, to name a few.
Change is in Order
"It is time for real change. Actually, the need is for revival in America, both individual and national. What is desperately needed is a return to and a building up of traditional values like life, marriage (one man, one woman) and family.
The Need is Clear: Leadership
"Ted Cruz, though not perfect, after all he is a mere human, has demonstrated that he will stand up for what is right. He does this even it flies in the face of his own party’s leadership. Unlike many politicians he came to Washington and actually did what he said he would do while on the campaign trail. He’s a rare breed indeed. This to the utter dismay of the GOP establishment, who desire only to maintain the status quo and its own party’s control - even if it means giving into the evil intentions and policies of the Humanist Left. The GOP leaders secretly war against or at least seek to undermine Ted Cruz every chance they get. They do this either deliberately or unintentionally. Ted Cruz battles his own party leadership as well as the Democrat Party, the mainstream media, et al.

A Consistent Conservative Leader
"If this country survives the next fifteen months under Barack Obama and that remains questionable, continued survival of this nation depends on the outcome of the 2016 election. Election of Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Jeb Bush, or Chris Christie or even Donald Trump will surely secure doom. The country needs a revival and a strong conservative President, a Ted Cruz or a Bobby Jindal, could be the very catalyst that triggers and can guide true reformation and undo the “progressive” tide that is leading us to oblivion.

Ted Cruz Photo Found at
A Champion for Life

Yesterday Senator Cruz spoke on a conference call to thousands of pastors and others regarding strategies to defund Planned ParentHOOD. This reason for the call was  based on the recently released videos showing possible illegal and even criminal activity on the part of this vile organization, Planned ParentHOOD. He discussed the need to call Senators and Representatives after they return in September to urge them to vote to stop all subsidies to this evil entity.

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