Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Fox GOP Debate: The Trump, It Sounds

Right now Donald Trump has caught the attention of the American people, because he is saying what many other politicians are too timid to say out loud. Trump is a egotistical showman, not a politician or a statesman. He's a wheeler-dealer. I don't trust him with the social issues with which I am most concerned, life (ending abortion) and preserving traditional marriage (reversing the gains made by the homosexual movement).

Like George W. Bush or Mitt Romney, Trump doesn't have any real core conservative principles. Trump may be in it for the glory to increase his brand recognition for his next venture. His only core value is making money and making the next deal. I believe he is as narcissistic as the current occupier of the White House.

A.F. Branco Cartoon found at

Lisa Benson Cartoon found at 8/5/2015
Jeff Darcy Cartoon found at Northeast Ohio Media Group The Plain Dealer  
Another reason Trump may be in the GOP race is to act as a spoiler to insure a strong conservative does not get nominated. He may be working for the Clintons. I do not trust him. However, he certainly will make things interesting at least early in the campaign. I hope sooner, than later, the American people will wake up before the primaries.
I saw another cartoon today, which I could not find for this post. It showed Mr. Trump sitting like Humpty Dumpty on a way ready to fall. Maybe after the initial flame of his popularity and persona subside, the people's interest in him will fade and they will seek and get behind a true conservative like Senator Ted Cruz.

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