Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Disturbed, Disgusted, and Disappointed with Betrayal of Mitch McConnell and John Boehner on Executive Amnesty Funding!

Words cannot express the depth of disappointment and disgust I feel toward the most recent sellout by the GOP leadership to the Republican elites and Chamber of Commerce types and the perverse "progressive" agenda of President Obama and his comrades in Congress. I really can't say I am shocked. Boehner and McConnell mouth a good line, but when push comes to show they quit, give up, acquiesce... they lie, they betray both conservative and Republican principles and the voters who elected them to office. 
If the GOP will not stand against the blatant affront to the constitution and the separation of powers by this lame duck leftist President on this matter of executive overreach on amnesty, where and when will they stand?
The following news release says it all!
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Wednesday, February 25, 2015
Contact: Tom Zawistowski,
Consequences for Republican Betrayal

Far Exceed Consequences of any DHS "Shutdown"
Mogadore, Ohio - The Portage County TEA Party Executive Director, Tom Zawistowski, made clear today that the consequences for the Republican betrayal in the Senate will far exceed the consequences of any DHS "Shutdown".  Zawistowski explained, "Senator McConnell and his ilk in the Senate need to clearly understand that the betrayal of all of their campaign promises, the betrayal of the very Oath of Office he himself swore just weeks ago to defend the Constitution, and the betrayal of the base of the Republican Party by allowing 5.5 million illegal non-citizens to acquire social security numbers and drivers licenses so that they can vote Democrat in coming elections, will result in the loss of the Senate and the White House in 2016. Their refusal to fight and win on DHS only provides further proof that they lied to the voters in 2014. Millions of Republican's and conservatives will no longer be played for fools by voting for liars and hypocrites. Romney did not win Ohio because hundreds of thousands of Ohio conservatives stayed home in 2012. Senator Rob Portman and the Republican presidential nominee can expect an even larger shunning by conservative Ohio voters in 2016. The unprincipled and cowardly actions of liberal RINO's like John McCain are an insult to any voter that calls themselves a Republican."
Zawistowski concluded by saying, "Let's also stop insulting the intelligence of Republican voters. The result of the supposed "Government Shutdown" in 2013 was a LANDSLIDE victory by Republicans in 2014. Claims to the contrary are contrived inside the beltway fiction. The result of the Senate not having the courage of a Ted Cruz on the DHS bill will be exactly the opposite, a LANDSLIDE victory for the Democrats in 2016.  The only reason the RINO's in the Senate don't want a shutdown is because it will work and they don't want it to work. The don’t want to protect American jobs. They don't care about the black Americans and legal hispanic Americans who will lose work to these illegals. They don’t want to live up to their campaign promises to voters in their states. They want illegal immigration to placate their big monied Chamber of Commerce masters and their actions prove it. We get the message, you represent them and not us. We will be sure to vote accordingly in 2016, or more precisely not vote at all."
The TEA Party is not a political party but a grassroots cultural movement.  The movement is educating American citizens about the Constitution and the uniquely American form of self-governance that has made our country so successful.  Through this education, the movement is attempting to re-define what it means to be an American citizen, by encouraging individuals to vote, to run for office and to attend government meetings in their areas so that they can participate in their self-governance.  The acronym TEA stands for Totally Engaged Americans.

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Calls needed - Common Core Safe Harbor Bill

An important message from Heidi Huber of Ohioans Against Common Core: 

House Moves to Offer Safe Harbor from PARCC for Ohio Students

January 29th - HB7 filed by Representative Jim Buchy

This bill will protect your child from repercussions of opting out of the 2014-2015 state achievement tests and EOC exams.  
  1. Prohibits 2014-2015 PARCC scores from being utilized for promotion or retention now, or at any point in a child's education career.
  2. Provides option to take the End-of-Course exams (currently PARCC & AIR) at any time within the student's high school career, or opting to never take EOC exams, instead choosing one of the other options to earn their high school diploma; e.g., a remediation free ACT/SAT score, passage of an approved job skills assessment, or earning an Honors diploma.
Protect your children and their data!
  • Get opt-out forms and information here.
  • Call your representative and ask him or her to support HB7 by signing on as a co-sponsor.
  • If your Rep has committed to being a co-sponsor, use your call to thank him or her.
  • Don't know your State Representative's name? Look-up by Zip Code HERE.
  • Call the House switchboard at this number: 800-282-0253.
Excerpts from HB7:

"To amend section 3302.036 and to enact section 3301.0728 of the Revised Code to prohibit individual student scores from certain elementary and secondary achievement assessments administered for the 2014-2015 school year from being used to determine promotion or retention or to grant course credit, to make changes regarding the administration of high school end-of-course examinations, and to declare an emergency."

"This act is hereby declared to be an emergency measure necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health, and safety. The reason for the necessity is that immediate action is needed in order to address in a timely manner issues related to the administration of state elementary and secondary achievement assessments for the 2014-2015 school year." 

In Liberty, 
Ted Stevenot
Ohio Rising, Inc. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Global Warming? Ask Bostonians This Week!

Hat tip goes to @AACONS on twitter for this tweet and picture:              
MIT science professor calls Global Warming a "cult"

Sunday, January 25, 2015

American Sniper (2014), a Review

I’m very selective as to the movies I watch and especially those that I pay to see in a movie theater. I saw American Sniper last evening upon the ‘recommendation’ of movie critic and obese movie maker Michael Moore. If that radical leftist didn’t like the movie, then it surely must be a good one. It was.

The Saturday prime time movie crowd filled the theater to 90%-plus capacity, as it has all over the nation. The movie is quite riveting and realistic, maybe too much so  in parts. Violence and sailor language permeates the movie. However, that is an accurate reflection of military life. The movie is definitely meant for adults.

The movie gives the viewer a peek at the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It follows the life of a famed Navy Seal sniper, Chris Kyle. The movie alternates between shots of him a home in the United States and him at work in Iraq. A couple particular moving events in the movie are when he is faced with having to shoot a young boy and his mother who are on a suicidal mission to destroy U.S. Marines with a grenade.   He reluctantly had to decide whether to shoot them or not. In another similar incident he held his fire until a young boy dropped a rocket propelled grenade laucher (RPG) that he picked up after Kyle killed the Islamist terrorist who was about to shoot at a Marine convoy.

Another series of scenes that stuck out to me was the battle within a battle between the ace Islamic terrorist sniper and the American sniper, Kyle. Over the course of much of the movie the battle plays out with the Islamist sniper getting the best of Kyle for the most part.

In his four tours of duty Kyle had some serious ups and downs at home relating with his wife and children. A lot of trouble came from his inability to leave Iraq mentally and emotionally. He was driven by some degree of revenge for what the Islamic terrorists did to some of his fellow combatants.

Kyle’s life was forever impacted at the end of the movie by a troubled veteran, who Kyle was trying to help.

Clint Eastwood directed and produced the movie. He is one of my favorite actors and he does a great job with this movie. The acting of Bradley Cooper as Kyle was also commendable. The movie is a five-star movie. I would recommend it for every adult citizen.

It is more educational than it is pure entertainment. It is educational as far as portraying with historical accuracy and graphic representation what America and the entire Western world facea in dealing with the corrupt nature of Islam and its most ardent and observant followers.  It delves into the life of a patriot American, who is willing to sacrifice his life and all that is important to him to preserve the freedom for which America is known and admired.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Play #SOTU Bingo Tonight While Listening/Watching the President's State of the Union Speech!

Hat tip given to @GenOppCO who posted this first on twitter earlier this evening. Have fun following the President Barack 'Tax and Spend' Obama's 6th SOTU speech. Hold on to wallets taxpayers!

Friday, January 09, 2015

Late Night Jokes - Jeb Bush and Willard Romney, More Alike Than Not and the 2016 Election

Late Night Takes

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

·  Potential presidential candidate Jeb Bush will release a decade’s worth of tax returns to avoid comparisons to Mitt Romney. Yeah, they’re nothing alike. They’re just both former governors from wealthy families whose parents gave them super-weird names.

These jokes is courtesy of which periodically sends out an email compilation of late night jokes, few of which are worth repeating . . . these were the exceptions.

An addendum:

In addition, both Jeb Bush and Willard Mitt Romney are Republicans in Name Only (RINOs).
Both are GOP elite approved candidates.
Both are tolerated by the main stream media.
They are conservatives only when it is beneficial and when conservative votes are needed.

They have no strong conservative convictions.
The best that can be said about these two, Bush and Romney, (and joined by Chris Christy) is that they split the left-of-center Republican vote in the primaries allowing a strong conservative to emerge as the GOP’s nominee…