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The Intolerant Left

The P.C. Nazi's are at it again. Hat tip to the Proud Pundit, @sjfacigno, who posted this cartoon today. The most intolerant are those who call for tolerance!

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Don Feder's Ten Pillars of True Patriotism

This the second article that received from GrassTopsUSA, which I chose to reprint. It is a great outline of the important components of Patriotism. I highlight the ten foundational tenets of patriotism according to Bob Feder. The emphasis is mine. These are key elements to the Conservative and TEA Party Movements.

The one thing I see missing from this list, which could easily be included under either "God" or "the Constitution" pillars, is the Right to Life. Abortion is immoral, an affront to any civilized society. It is tantamount to what the ancient pagan Inca people did in sacrificing their children on alters to their gods.

Therefore, I would either elaborate under one or both of the first two pillars the right to life of both the born and the unborn. All of our God-given rights stem this basic right to exist.

April 3, 2014
By Don Feder
       Language-corruption is endemic. Sodomy is an "alternative life style," jihad-murder is "workplace-related violence" and Catholic institutions not providing contraception through their health insurance are part of a "war on women."

       Even patriotism doesn't mean what it once did. A patriot used to be Nathan Hale, Andrew Jackson, Sergeant York and Audie Murphy. Now we're told that it's patriotic to support whatever foreign policy idiocy an anti-American administration dreams up.

       According to the most recent Pew Research Center survey, 52% completely agree with the statement: "I am very patriotic." Another 36% "mostly agree." But what does this mean? Delving a bit deeper, 69% say they're "very likely" to sing the National Anthem, 59% to display the American flag on their home or car and 53% to attend a public celebration of the 4th of July.

       But will America be saved by watching a parade pass by, singing the first verse of the National Anthem off-key or attaching a miniature flag on a car antenna? This is patriotism lite.

       There's something called the True Patriot Network which claims patriotism includes class envy ("The wealthy have rigged the game in Washington, so that we pay the rich to get richer"). Karl Marx, true patriot? One of the Network's founder's, Eric Liu (a White House speechwriter for Bill Clinton) is involved with an anti-gun initiative in Washington state. Think of what men with illegal firearms can do – like Lexington and Concord.

       What does patriotism really mean? If you say you love America, what are you going to do about it?

       Offered for your consideration, 10 Pillars of Patriotism – what the authentic patriot must support to reverse the process of national decline.

       1.  God We are one nation under God, if we are anything at all. America is no accident. We could not have gone from 13 colonies clinging to the Atlantic coast to the preeminent world power in less than 230 years without the guiding hand of Providence. Rights come from God, not government. ("…endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.")

       The Bible tells us that if a people turn their back on God, He will turn His face from them. During the darkest days of the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln charged: "We have forgotten the gracious hand which preserved us in peace, and multiplied and enriched and strengthened us; and we have imagined, in the deceitfulness of our hearts, that all these blessings were produced by some superior wisdom and virtue of our own." George Washington observed : "Of all the dispositions and habits, which lead to political prosperity, Religion and Morality are indispensable supports. In vain would that man claim the tribute of Patriotism, who should labor to subvert these great pillars of human happiness, these firmest props of the duties of men and citizens."

       A reporter once asked Lincoln if God was on the side of the Union. Our 16th president replied that he had it backward; the question was: Were we on His side. We should strive toward that end.

       2.  The Constitution The federal government is constrained, and rights guaranteed, by the Constitution, as it was written by the Founding Fathers and later amended, and not as interpreted by activist judges or nullified by a presidential pen.

       The United States Constitution is the best instrument yet devised to protect human rights, prevent abuses of power and ensure orderly government. If the Declaration of Independence is America's birth certificate, the Constitution is its operating manual.

       Elitists hate the fact that the Constitution is impartial – not favoring one group over another – and is concerned primarily with restraining government rather than ordering the affairs of citizens. That's why they're forever telling us that our Constitution is outmoded.

       3.  The Free Market The free market is as American as representative government. It has brought unparalleled prosperity to this nation and opportunity to its citizens. Supply and demand are the best way to allocate resources. The alternative is ideological rigidity or bureaucratic whim.

       Private property and free enterprise are also bulwarks against tyranny. As the market has become less free, the liberty of the American people has been diminished. Those who get caught up in envy against the successful miss the point. It's not about what any one of us earns relative to anyone else. The genius of the market is that it allows each of us to reach our potential.

       Planned economy versus free economy is the difference between North and South Korea, East and West Germany (before reunification), Cuba and Costa Rica, and the U.S. economy under Reagan and Obama.

       4.  Limited Government America was founded on the idea of limited government, that the state must be confined to certain clearly defined functions. The choice is limited government or government de luxe.

       The idea that Washington can force us to buy anything, such as health insurance, is repugnant to the system of government established by the Founders.

       Taxes should be limited to paying for the constitutional functions of government. As the welfare state takes more and more of our income (through taxation, regulation and inflation), it robs us of our time, our labor, and ultimately our lives – turning citizens into subjects.

       5.  Fiscal Responsibility A government that consistently lives beyond its means has a short shelf-life. A people that refuse to restrain their appetites is doomed to extinction. The National Debt is the single greatest threat to our nation's prosperity and stability. Interest on the debt consumes an ever greater portion of the federal budget, crowds out business borrowing and diminishes the value of income and savings through inflation.

       Deficit spending is generational theft.

       6.   American Exceptionalism For going on three centuries, America has been the greatest force for good in the world. We gave other nations a model of representative government to follow. Our factories and workshops provided the products and inventions that ushered in the modern age. By dint of our sacrifice, in the 20th. century we twice saved humanity from totalitarian nightmares.

       A denial of American exceptionalism is based on ignorance, indoctrination, malice or membership in the Democratic Party.

       7.   Sovereignty With ratification of the Constitution, the American people agreed to be governed by a system of divided authority and balanced powers. Ceding power to the United Nations, NATO or any other international body is a surrender of sovereignty.

       A nation that won't defend its borders has also abandoned its sovereignty. Immigration policy must be decided by the American people based on the national interest – not by elites and ethnic lobbies, based on political expediency, a misguided altruism or multicultural fantasies.

       8.  English English is America's language. Along with our common ideals, it's the glue that holds together a diverse people. From the Mayflower Compact to the latest Congressional debates, America's story has been told in English. In the words of Theodore Roosevelt: "We have room for but one flag, the American flag… We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language…."

       With English, we were able to take in tens of millions of immigrants in the past century and a half and successfully integrate them into our way of life, so that their children and grandchildren were as Americans as those whose ancestors came over on the Mayflower.

       As we move from being an English-speaking people to a polyglot nation, we become fragmented along ethnic and racial lines. If it continues, the fate of the Austro-Hungarian Empire could be ours. Look at how well bilingualism works in Canada – where the majority is resentful and a separatist minority always wants more. After "press one for English," it should be "press two for national suicide."

       9.  National Security Defending America is a sacred trust. We live in a world of predators – terrorists and barbarians with weapons of mass destruction. Liberty is guarded by men with guns who walk the ramparts.

       Liberals have consistently robbed the defense budget to pay for welfare schemes and buy votes, trusting in "multilateralism" and international agencies for our security. In reality, guns trump fantasies every time. Thanks to Obama and his allies, our armed forces are now smaller than before Pearl Harbor – another of which we could be headed for.

       Today, our foreign and defense policies are determined by those who have no faith in America and want to see the Republic too weak to act on its own.

       10. The Family Families keep America strong. The family is the cradle of civilization and incubator of civic virtue. Fatherless families are more of a threat to our long-term survival than international terrorism or rogue states.

       Anything that undercuts the family weakens America. Divorce, cohabitation, voluntary childlessness and deconstructing the family by bestowing the designation on diverse living arrangements are an attempt to turn the family into a free-form institution and ultimately make it obsolete. Men fight to protect their families, not to advance abstractions. A society made up of atomized individuals is ripe for conquest.

       More than displaying the flag or singing the first verse of the Star-Spangled Banner (ersatz patriotism), the authentic patriot understands his country's history, appreciates its uniqueness and is committed to its defense by supporting the forces of unity and fighting those of disintegration.

       The patriot is far-sighted. Like the Founding Fathers as they prepared to put pen to paper, the true patriot is instilled with a sense of destiny. Patriotism is a pledge to the past and a promise to the future.

       Ronald Reagan spoke of "a rendezvous with destiny." Our greatest president of the 20th century said in his historic 1964 speech: "We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness. If we fail, at least let our children and our children's children say of us we justified our brief moment here. We did all that could be done."

       Have we?                    
Don Feder is a former Boston Herald writer who is now a political/communications consultant. He also maintains his own website,
The following story can be found on the GrassTopsUSA website at  Permission to reprint or quote this commentary on the Internet is granted provided you include a byline to Don Feder, attribution to GrassTopsUSA and link back to the article at the URL above.

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The One Most Offended

Doesn't this picture below capture much of today's America culture, and particularly the political Left's Agenda, who are the purveyors of Political Correctness? Hat tip goes to the tweet I just saw from @PassionNetwork this evening.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Stealth Islamic Jihad and Progressive Cultural Perversion

Some entity or individual(s) in the Muslim community In Columbus, Ohio and in other cities in the United States recently purchased billboards insulting to Christianity. This incendiary advertisement, during the most sacred of Christian holiday seasons, which culminates with Easter, was meant to test the Christian response. Would there be apathy? Is this the prelude to further insult or injury? Who knows?

Well not all Christians stood idly by and ignored this travesty. Several Christians organized a rally to protest the false message being portrayed and propagated on the billboard. The billboard was changed once the media began to cover the story. The new message as I saw it today read “Muslims love Jesus, too,” which was quite a different message.

At the morning protest, held despite the leftover winter weather – 36 degrees and a cold biting rain – drew a crowd of between 50 and 100 people. Actually this "protest" could actually be considered a praise rally, where the name and nature of the real Jesus was raised up.
There was one lone Islamist with a megaphone across the street under the billboard spouting his falsehoods. I paid no attention, except that he said something to the effect that we were telling lies about Islam. What nerve, a case of the teapot calling the kettle black!

 A half dozen men or so Christian activists and leaders along with one recently returning veteran woman, gave speeches accurately describing the truth about Islam and pointing out the inconsistencies and lies that the preachers of this false so-called religion so easy inflict on the sheeple of America.

One of the speakers perceptively described the truth about the “Jesus is Muslim” billboard. He said that in a court of law, making such a testimony would be considered perjury. He said that in a civil lawsuit, it would be considered slander or defamation of character. He stated that in the church, that statement is considered heresy. An in regard to the bible, that statement would be considered blasphemy against God. Above all “Jesus is Muslim” is a lie straight from the pit of hell.

The Progressive Movement in many ways parallels that hypocrisy and bigotry of Islam. Much of the Progressive Movement is built on lies, like the “fact” that abortion is merely the exercise of a woman’s so-called reproductive rights, while ignoring the basic right to life of the aborted child. The left touts its stand against discrimination against homosexual and lesbian behavior and calls for “marriage equality.” Essentially this is calling for the institutionalization of perversion. Global Warming and Evolution are also part of the Progressive religion’s creed.

The progressives’ agenda of mainstreaming and forcing the acceptance and approval of abortion and homosexuality on our society, climate change, evolution, etc. is dangerous. Likewise, Islamists are using the freedom permitted in this country to spread their perverse, vile, and violent political-militaristic-religious system on America, which is equally destructive. One of the speakers pointed out that in Saudi Arabia there was no freedom of religion, except for Islam. In the United States more and more it seems that unless you fully embrace the Liberal or Progressive Agenda you are flat out wrong, haters, intolerable and bigoted.

Islamist and Liberal Progressives seek to anesthetize and desensitize Americans, hoping we will disregard or treat as irrelevant the principles and values that made America great and exceptional in the first place. The church and Christians, conservatives, and all patriots need to wake up and begin to plug the holes in the dyke holding back the water that, if uncontained, will drown our culture.
Here are some of the signs I saw today in the crowd included:
*   Jesus is God and He Loves the Muslim (the sign I brought)
*   Wake up Church
*   Jesus is Lord
*   Jesus is the Standard
*   Jesus Lord of Lords
*   Stop Supporting Pagan Traditions
Here is more information about the "Jesus is Muslim" billboard controversy by Dave Daubenmire, one of the key organizers of the praise and protest rally.


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Maurice Clarett: Sports Star, Cellmate, & Saint

Last weekend the church that I attend had asked Maurice Clarett to speak. In the morning service an interview was conducted by the pastor of the church. Sunday evening Mr. Clarett spoke for about an hour telling his story. What follows is a bit of what I captured of the interview and his talk.

This is a story of grace, mercy, reality, and truth. It is an account of a young man from the ‘hood, who made good on the football field, but never really fully understood.

Mr. Maurice (Reese) Clarett was the product of his environment. Growing up he wanted to prove himself to the guys in his inner city Youngstown, Ohio neighborhood. In doing so, within one three month period of time he got picked up by police three times and was headed to juvenile detention, but for the intervention of an “angel,” a man who took him under his wing convincing the judge to allow Mr. Clarett to spend the summer being mentoring him in lieu of time in the juvenile detention center. This would be Mr. Clarett’s first taste of grace (which is an instance where you don’t get what you deserve; instead you get what you need).

Truth is that in the cities of America – especially among the poor minorities – gangs and a variety of thugs substitute for missing fathers in the lives of young men. These lowlifes companions teach the young men the ways of their evil world. The young men emulate these lousy “role models” to the chagrin and dismay of their mothers and grandmothers.

Star Athlete
In Mr. Clarett’s case he was “saved” by a couple of adult men who saw potential in him and stepped up and encouraged him to pursue his athletic talents. They took him under their wings and taught him discipline and raised his expectations. Therefore Mr. Clarett became very successful throughout his high school career. He and his team under his leadership excelled.

He ended up going to Ohio State University, where as a freshman he led his team to a national championship in 2002. He even scored the winning TD in the BCS national championship. Accolades of all kinds came his way. He had a phenomenal freshmen season. He was a superstar, the next LeBron James. However, it didn’t take too long before his world was shattered.


Unfortunately others wanted a piece of the Clarett action and glorly. The good ‘ole boys from the Youngstown ‘hood came back into his life, and he lost his focus, his concentration. Drugs, alcohol, girls, he was basking is his celebrity and glory. He got suckered into the kind of lifestyle that leads one astray. He had several run-ins with the law. He got tossed off the football team, lost his scholarship, left school his sophomore year.

Depression led him deeper into the lifestyle that sidetracked his brilliant, promising football career. He tried to escape by going to the West Coast. But he got mixed up with an even more intense and care-free party crowd than the one he fellowshipped with in Ohio.

He attempted to get into professional football after he was drafted in the third round by the Denver Broncos. He knew he was not in shape to be a professional football player after wasting himself in Ohio and California. But he went to the Broncos training camp. He said he was a poor teammate, a chronic complainer and not as dedicated to the game as he should have been. He was released. Another failure he felt.

He returned to Ohio but soon got reconnected to the Youngstown boys from the ‘hood and returned to his immature and drug dulling depression pattern. He didn’t want to face reality.

It wasn’t until he was incarcerated in the penitentiary that he began to see the light, thanks to a warden who advised him to put himself on the right track. Mr. Clarett heeded the warden and the example and mentoring of very helpful lifer inmate, who shared the things of God with him.


When he got out of prison he was better prepared to face reality. He even played professional football again in Omaha, Nebraska, where under the direction and instruction of a pastor he said that he eventually gave his life to God as a Christ-follower in 2012.

Mr. Clarett now speaks to groups about his restored life and he helps young men to avoid taking the wrong path that he chose to take. At 30 years of age he plans to return to school to complete his degree. He wants to pursue an entrepreneurial endeavor in the field of geriatric services. While in prison he received a lot of help and encouraging letters from seniors who gave so much of themselves to him while he served almost 4 years of a 7-year sentence. Mr. Clarett seems to have made some better decisions in his “old age” of 30!

Lessons Learned

What can be learned from this young man’s journey from football star to cellmate to saint?

·        God is a gracious God, a God of second and third chances, etc. He is a merciful God. Recognize that you are a sinner and have missed the mark and accept His provision, Jesus, to completely redeem your life.

·        Be careful in choosing your friends.

·        As long as you stay focused on purposeful pursuits you are not likely to fall into temptations that will foil your plans and ruin your life.

·        Use your time, talent and treasure wisely.

You can see or hear the interview for yourself by going here.

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The Conservative Movement 1964-2014 from Barry Goldwater to Barry Soetoro

I received this encouraging article in my in-box today. I reprint it here because it is a good summary of the Conservative Movement the past 50 years through the eyes of a conservative journalist. Emphasis added is mine...

My First 50 Years In The Conservative Movement: Reflections and Observations

March 17, 2014

By Don Feder

        It's been 50 years since the Goldwater campaign, when conservatism as a political force came of age.

       This year also marks my first 50 years the conservative movement.

       Like many conservatives of my generation, it started with the Arizonan's quixotic quest for the White House. I was too young to vote, but headed my high school chapter of Students for Goldwater. One thing the campaign should have taught us is that it's not enough to hold the right positions. You need be able to articulate them without sounding like a cross between Vlad the Impaler and Crazy Guggenheim.

       The one bright spot in an otherwise dismal campaign was a late October speech ("A Time for Choosing") by an ex-actor who 17 years later became our greatest president of the 20th century.

       Although I didn't know it at the time, with the Goldwater campaign, I had enlisted for life. In college, I started a chapter of Young Americans for Freedom at my alma mater, Boston University. YAF was then the largest and most active national conservative organization. Eventually, I helped to start YAF chapters at a dozen Massachusetts colleges and universities.

       In the 1960s, I encountered a neo-Marxist movement called the New Left, which would become the most corrupting force in American politics. With the triumph of Alinsky disciple Barack Hussein Obama, its banner now flies over the White House.

       In the 1970s, I joined the burgeoning anti-tax movement, becoming the first executive director of Massachusetts Citizens for Limited Taxation. I helped defeat a graduated state income tax and was involved with a property-tax cutting initiative called Prop 2 ½. That was followed by two years on the West Coast running the Second Amendment Foundation, where we fought to preserve a constitutional right the left claimed was nonexistent.

       That led to 19 years as a columnist (lightly syndicated) and editorial writer at The Boston Herald (1983-2002). During those years, The Herald published over 2,200 of my columns.

       Since then, I've been a free-lance writer, media consultant and communications director of the World Congress of Families. To recap, since 1964, I've been part of the campus-conservative, anti-tax, gun-owners rights, and family-values movements, while championing conservatism as a commentator.

       I'm not boasting – others have contributed far more – but I have been around, fought for diverse causes and experienced the best and worst of a movement which has shaped America more than any other in the post-War era.

       Here are the lessons I've learned along the way, most of which you won't hear on talk radio or read in the blogosphere.

       1. Many who call themselves conservatives have a comic-book view of conservatism. Talk to anyone under 35 at the Conservative Political Action Conference (the annual orgy of self-congratulation and muddled thinking just ended) and you're likely to hear the following: "I'm an economic conservative." (In other words, "I have no idea of what a conservative is.") "I don't care about marriage, abortion and stuff like that." ("I'm a conservative who doesn't care about morality, the family and protecting innocent human life.") Ask what they believe and the answer you're likely to get is "Freedom, freedom, freedom! We need to cut taxes and have a smaller government." This is a pathetic reductionism that tries to distill two centuries of conservative thought, from Edmund Burke to Russell Kirk, to "Government bad. Fortune 500 good!" This is to authentic conservatism what a sad clown done with paint-by-numbers is to Rembrandt.

       2. Our cause is faith, family and freedom. These are building blocks. We start with faith, because liberty, morality and human nature (on which the first two are based) are of God. The family because it is the foundation of social order and the cradle of civilization. Freedom because it gives us the chance to find our way to God, and the ability to have families and make life's most important decisions.

       3. Conservatives are patriots, not nationalists. We love America; we don't worship the nation state. We understand that, internationally, America isn't always right. A nationalist says: "My country right or wrong." A patriot says: "I love my country and will strive to see that it's in the right."

       4. Conservatives believe in the concept of American exceptionalism – that America is unique in its contributions to freedom, prosperity and civilization, at home and abroad. And that, for more than two centuries, America has blessed humanity – materially and spiritually. You can disagree with the patriotic consensus on almost anything else – including defense and foreign policy – but dispute this, and you're merely a resident of the United States and not an American.

       5. Conservatives believe in representative government, not democracy. The Founding Fathers disdained democracy (or "mobocracy" as they called it) which is why the word is not to be found in the Declaration of Independence or Constitution. The latter speaks of securing "the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity." As America has become more of a democracy and less of a republic, we've become less free. De Tocqueville warned that democracy becomes a nation's undoing when the majority discovers it can vote itself benefits out of the treasury (out of the pockets of the more productive). Any limitation on governmental power – like the Bill of Rights – is anti-democratic, which is why the left keeps telling us that the Constitution is outmoded.

       6. Conservatives aren't libertarians or soft anarchists. Libertarians and conservatives support the free market. That's where the similarities end. Libertarians (utopians of the right) believe in the separation of morality and government, as if such was even possible. A consistent libertarian opposes laws against drugs, prostitution, child pornography, abortion and euthanasia, and even age of consent laws. But, without a moral foundation, liberty becomes license. (John Adams explained: "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.") The type of "freedom" libertarians advocate would lead to an unraveling of the social order, which would eventually result in a new tyranny, as the masses clamor to escape the chaos libertarians have unleashed. Libertarians understand the human drive for freedom, but miss the corresponding drives for security and order. The business of conservatives is to balance the three.

       7. Private property and the free market lead to prosperity and are bulwarks against tyranny – The genius of the free market can be seen in comparing the economies of North and South Korea, East and West Germany (before reunification), and Costa Rica and Cuba. In the U.S., states with lower taxes and less regulation have more robust economies and better job growth. Private property and the free market also lead to a diffusion of power, one reason the concentration of power in Washington over the past century – which has accelerated under Obama -- is so dangerous. The power to tax and regulate can easily lead to control over every human activity – from how we raise our children to our speech and even our thoughts. The current regime would put the nation's health care in the hands of politicians and bureaucrats, literally giving them the power of life and death.

       8. There is no conservative foreign policy, though there are some guiding principles. Isolationism and interventionism is a false dichotomy. If the Founding Fathers were inveterate isolationists, why did Jefferson send the Marines to the shores of Tripoli in the first decade of the 19th century? Sometimes, intervention in foreign conflicts is unavoidable. (World War II, Korea and Vietnam being cases in point.) And sometimes, the net result of intervention is building a better infrastructure for the Taliban or creating another Muslim republic in the Balkans. The Crimea? It hard to imagine a region whose fate is less related to our national interest. (Outer Mongolia? Fiji?) All intervention doesn't lead to a quagmire, and every crisis isn't Munich. Here are a few principles on when to intervene and how: 1. Don't use the U.S. military like the Peace Corps – an international force of community organizers. 2. Don't make threats you're not prepared to follow through on. 3. Even when our just national interests are at stake, apply as little force as necessary. Military intervention should always be the last resort. 4. A thug with an ideology is always more dangerous than a thug without one. 5. Support your friends; frustrate your foes. 6. The world is a perilous place. It always has been. Without a strong military, we will lose everything.

       9. Islam is the principal external threat to America. Islam is as much an ideology as a religion. For most of its 1,300-year history, its goal has been conquest – a worldwide caliphate. (By comparison, communism and fascism are the new bullies on the block.) In normative Islam, there can be no separation of the political and spiritual. (Freedom of conscience, prized in the West, doesn't exist.) It's no coincidence that terrorism comes almost exclusively from the Islamic world – the Muslim Brotherhood and Tehran, Hamas and Hezbollah, al-Azhar University and al-Qaeda, Shiite, Sunni and Wahabi. Churches and synagogues don't preach holy war.

       10. Leftism is the principal internal threat to America. Liberalism has morphed into a monstrosity which would have been unrecognizable to the liberals of old. Today, its drive for conformity by crushing dissent is relentless. With speech codes, anti-discrimination legislation, IRS harassment, and social sanction (political correctness) – and forcing abortion, contraception and homosexual "marriage" on believers – it has created a new totalitarianism, a drive to dominate every aspect of life and try to reshape human nature (the age-old dream of totalitarians). This is no longer a war of ideas but a struggle to preserve civilization.

       11. The GOP is a necessary evil. The conservative movement has principles. The Republican Party has positions which it dangles before unsuspecting voters. There isn't an issue on which the party isn't willing to betray one or another of its core constituencies – from life and the family, to spending and immigration. The reward the Tea Parties got for delivering a Republican victory in 2010 ranged from sneering contempt to outright hostility by establishment Republicans. The "conservatism" of the GOP is transitory – until the next opinion poll do us part.

       12. The Republican Party is all we have. A conservative third-party, which would do more than collect protest votes, is an illusion. The last major party to emerge from the ashes of one that failed is the GOP of the 1850s. That was before the age of mass media and billion-dollar budgets for presidential campaigns. The conservative goal should be a hostile takeover of the Republicans. We should enter the primaries, full force, to nominate the right candidates. Once they're elected, we should maintain unremitting pressure to keep them honest. We should take every opportunity to defeat RINOs, to weaken the establishment's hold on the party, even if it means voting for Democrats in general elections. In 1964, the enemy was George Romney and Nelson Rockefeller. By 2012, it was Mitt Romney and Karl Rov-efeller.

       For all our shortcomings, conservatives are the only political force interested in rational analysis and open debate. Minds on the left are closed so tight that they might as well be hermetically sealed. "The discussion is over" should be stamped on their foreheads. "It's time to move forward on me telling you what to do – and you doing it."

       In 1964, American culture was still relatively sane. Today, the savages make movies, report the news, control corporate boardrooms and run the public schools. America's survival depends on the triumph of conservatism.

Don Feder is a former Boston Herald writer who is now a political/communications consultant. He also maintains his own website,                  
The following story can be found on the GrassTopsUSA website at  Permission to reprint or quote this commentary on the Internet is granted provided you include a byline to Don Feder, attribution to GrassTopsUSA and link back to the article at the URL above.
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Obama is Putin’ his foot down on Crimea!

Cartoon by Henry Payne on 3/26/2014 regularly emails me a feature they call “Late Night Jokes.” It shares some of the “jokes” of hosts of the late night shows. I always ignore Letterman. Most of the jokes are not retelling, a few are and here is one:

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

·    President Obama has convinced the leaders of the world’s biggest economies to move the G-8 summit out of Russia this summer and meet in Brussels instead. Then Vladimir Putin said, “All good. By summer, Brussels will be part of Russia.”

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Fraudulent Phraseology: "Undocumented Immigrants"


Here's a Feisty Floridian (@peddoc63) tweet I just saw tonight. Thought it was right on the money... when it comes to the phraseology used by the Left and those who advocate for amnesty for illegal aliens: