Sunday, September 30, 2007

Shining God’s Light on the Koran

This is the second in what is projected to be a long-term series of articles by Sam under the general topic, "Shining God's Light on the Koran." The first topic in this series was, "Was Abraham a Jew or a Christian?" This current artticle begins a three-part discussion of Idolatry. In future articles Sam will further comment on the subject of Idolatry.

Idolatry 101

Islam opposes idolatry which is the worship of someone or something other than the true God as a god. An idol can be imaginary as in something one thinks in the mind. Or an idol can be something made by the hand of an artist. An idol can be a creature such as the cow in Hindu believing India. The Koran states that idols can neither help you nor can they harm anyone. Therefore you should not pray to them for this is wrong (1).

The Judeo-Christian Scripture says that idols can not see, nor hear, nor breathe, and have to be carried around totally dependent on others (2).

In Isaiah 44 God tells of a man who goes into the woods and cuts down a tree. With some of the wood he bakes his bread. With some of the wood he builds a fire and says, “Ah, I am warm.” Then the residue of the wood he takes to an artist and has an idol made. He hammers gold and silver on it; and then bows down before it and claims it as his god. The thought never occurs to him that he is worshipping a block of wood (3).

The Apostle Paul writes that idols are nothing but are really representations of demonic spirits (4). It is possible that demonic spirits could be associated with a particular idol and cause supernatural phenomena. When Moses threw down his staff and it became a serpent, the magicians of Pharaoh were able to throw down their staffs and they also became serpents (5).

Once I won in a contest the statue of a man and when I got it home I could feel pressure on my legs trying to make me bend my knees before the statue and worship it. It was not an idol. Had I worshipped, it would have become an idol. The pressure on my body, I realized, was demonic activity.

God is jealous and does not like false rivals. While the idol itself can do nothing God can send His judgment on a person, a people or a nation for false worship (6).


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Saturday, September 29, 2007

The “God Delusion” Debate

Wednesday, October 3rd, 8-10 PM Live on Radio and Internet

Does God Exist?

Can Christianity be explained away scientifically?

Dawkins vs. Lennox

In this season when we are being deluged with a preponderance of presidential political debates, here is one meaningful debate you should not miss.

On Wednesday, October 3rd, from 8-10 pm ET (live) an important debate will take place between Christian apologist Dr. John Lennox and atheist Dr. Richard Dawkins. Both men are from Oxford University and the debate will center on Dawkins’ atheistic views as expressed in his best-seller, The God Delusion.

Here is an opportunity where those on the right, those in the wrong, I mean on the left, and those on the proverbial fence, can all hear for themselves two brilliant human beings debate the existence or non-existence of God. [God must laugh at man’s arrogance, stupidity and pride in ignoring and in denying the massive evidence which God provides to prove His reality.]

The debate will take place in front of a live audience at the Alys Stephens Center in Birmingham, AL. The debate i s currently sold out. But, the debate will be broadcast on the radio, satellite and over the Internet so all of America and most of the world can listen in on it. This is a very important event.

The debate is sponsored by the Fixed Point Foundation, whose goal is to engage the secular culture on critical issues in a thoughtful, respectful manner. The Foundation's
website describes the upcoming event on its website saying that this debate is over arguably “the most critical question of our time: the existence of God. The decision one makes regarding this question has implications that reverberate throughout eternity to be sure, but it also affects temporal existence from government policy to the individual. Historically, man’s belief in the transcendent has served as a restraint on his conduct and provided hope for his future. Now, it is argued, “God is dead”, and man can do very well without him.

“The debate will feature Professor Richard Dawkins, Fellow of the Royal Society and Charles Simonyi Chair for the Public Understanding of Science at Oxford University and Dr. John Lennox (MA, MA, Ph.D., D.Phil., D.Sc.), Reader in Mathematics and Fellow in Mathematics and Philosophy of Science, Green College, University of Oxford.

Dawkins, voted by Europe’s Prospect Magazine as one of the world’s most important intellectuals, is regarded by many as the spokesman for the “New Atheism.” BBC has labeled him “Darwin’s Rottweiler.” He has written numerous best-sellers, most notable among them, his recent book, The God Delusion. TGD has been on The New York Times List of Best-Sellers for over thirty weeks. It is a no-holds-barred assault on religious faith generally, and Christianity specifically. According to Dawkins, one can deduce atheism from scientific study; indeed, he argues that it is the only viable choice.

Lennox, a popular Christian apologist and scientist, travels widely speaking on the interface between science and religion. Like Dawkins, he has dedicated his career to science, but he has arrived at very different conclusions. "It is the very nature of science that leads me to belief in God," he says. Lennox possesses doctorates from Oxford, Cambridge, and the University of Wales. He has written a response to the notion that Science has exposed the Bible as obscurantist in a book titled
God’s Undertaker: Has Science Buried God? The book will be published this fall.

“The debate will center on Dawkins' views as expressed in his best-seller, The God Delusion and their validity over and against the Christian faith. This will be the first significant discussion on this issue in the "Bible Belt." Consequently, we believe that it will focus much public attention on this important issue.”

Moody Radio will partner with The Public Square/
AP Roundtable, which will produce live coverage, to broadcast debate live. In addition. The debate will also be broadcast live by the Salem Radio Network, and their affiliates.


You can log on to WCRF-FM radio’s website or other Moody Broadcasting or Salem radio station broadcast or
website streaming Internet and listen live on line. Again, The “God Delusion” Debate will be held on Wednesday, October 3rd, from 8-10 pm ET. Please don’t miss it!

CDs and DVDs of this event will also be available for purchase from Fixed Point Foundation’s website in the coming weeks.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Who is the Domestic Terrorist?

Senator Edward Kennedy, Sir, YOU are the Domestic Terrorist.

Radical leftist leader, Senator Edward Kennedy (D-MA) in pushing the needless and dangerous "hate crimes" amendment, which he leeched to the Defense Appropriations Bill, contends that anyone who commits a crime against a homosexual, lesbian, transgendered or transvestite, is a domestic terrorist. I vehemently disagree. Anyone who would commit a crime against these or ANY other Americans or another human being is a CRIMINAL, period, exclamation point. What elevates the status of a sexually deviant person above any innocent child or helpless widow who is also a victim of a crime? Please justify the need for this deleterious and outlandish law.

No special privileges should be awarded any person based on a person’s abhorrent behavior or so-called politically correct “alternative” lifestyle. The Judeo-Christian Bible and its principles and precepts are crystal clear. They refer to homosexuality, adultery, fornication as immorality. Let's not cave into the desires for justification of this or any group wanting to sanction unhealthy, unnatural and immoral behavior. Additionally, you open up Pandora’s Box when you try to determine the thoughts and intents of the heart - that is God's job, mankind is incapable of such a task. Unfortunately Senator Kennedy and his leftist elitist friends think otherwise.

Senator Kennedy, who is dedicated to advancing the homosexual agenda as much or more than anyone on the left, has worked relentlessly to bring the "hate crimes" idea and law to reality. Many of his ideas line up with socialism and the welfare state. This man and his ideas are dangerous. I consider him to be a domestic terrorist, because what foreign forces cannot do to destroy American principles and values this polutician has worked to destroy from within.


The Washington Times yesterday quoted Senator Kennedy as saying, '"The president of the United States has never vetoed, in the history of the United States, a defense authorization bill. . . "

The Times went on to report, ". . . Religious groups are pressing the White House to veto the legislation because, they say, it could criminalize preaching anti-homosexual sermons from the pulpit and endow homosexuals with extra rights. "All violent crimes are hate crimes and every victim is equally important," said Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, a pro-marriage group that promotes a Judeo-Christian world view. "We applaud the president's intention to veto this unconstitutional betrayal of victims' rights," he said. "Congress should represent all Americans, not give special protections for some.""


Contact the White House and urge President George Bush to veto the entire bill as long as it has this insidious provision granting special rights to homosexuals and such and setting in motion the eventual prosecution and persecution and censorship of Christians and true believers who speak the truth about homosexuality and other perversions of the natural order.

The White House Comment Line is 202-456-1111. Please make a call, it only takes a minute. Urge the President to veto the Defense Authorization Bill with the needless and dangerous "hate crimes" amendment.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Despite the President’s recent timetable for withdraw, he and Congress know that in order to maintain the current level of occupation, there is a desperate need for more soldiers in Iraq. On Friday, Senator Dick Durbin reintroduced the DREAM (Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors) act. Orrin Hatch, the Utah Republican, was one of the original Senate co-sponsors, and Chuck Hagel of Nebraska is among those on board. This time, the bill, with the deceptively attractive title of DREAM is not being offered as a free-standing piece of legislation, but rather as an amendment to the Defense Department reauthorization bill. This portion of the bill would apply to Illegal Aliens entering the U.S. under age 16 and those who are high school graduates.

This would allow illegal aliens not just a path to citizenship if they join the military, but, AUTOMATIC AMNESTY. So which is more important now (all you Bush supporters), enforcing the laws of our land or winning a war? See how this war in Iraq in working against your own conservative principles?

How about a taking a poll? Which of the following would you say is the best policy?

A. Institute a Draft (in violation of the 13th amendment)
B. Enact the DREAM act (to vote for facilitating unlawful behavior click here)
C. Just stick it out with what we’ve got even if all die with no defined mission or exit strategy
D. Slowly withdraw from Iraq, leaving the remaining soldiers great peril
E. Get out of Iraq immediately and completely (in obedience to Revelation 18:4)

Here’s a paragraph from an excellent paper on the amendment by KrisKobach of the Heritage Foundation (via setting forth the principal argument against the bill/amendment:

The DREAM Act is a nightmare. It is a massive amnesty that extends to the millions of illegal aliens who entered the United States before the age of 16. The illegal alien who applies for this amnesty is immediately rewarded with "conditional" lawful permanent resident (green card) status, which can be converted to a non-conditional green card in short order. The alien can then use his newly acquired status to seek green cards for the parents who brought him in illegally in the first place. In this way, it is also a back-door amnesty for the millions of illegal aliens who brought their children with them to the United States. Here’s a link to a list of organizations supporting it: (also thanks to

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

We Are Marshall (2006)

We are Marshall. What an inspiring movie. It is a story about the love of the game of football. Yet, it transcends football. It is the story of overcoming great obstacles, great loss, and an overwhelming tragedy. It is the story of perseverance. It is the story of enthusiasm and courage in the face of difficult situations.

The movie tells the story of a university, which in a plane crash lost all but 4 members of the football team, yet was able to field a football team the next year, playing mostly freshman. One movie reviewer provides some detail about the crash, “Southern Airways Flight 932 was a chartered Southern Airways DC-9 commercial jet flying from Kinston, NC (ISO) to the Huntington-Tri-State/Milton Airport (HTS) in Ceredo, West Virginia. At 7:35 PM on November 14, 1970, the aircraft crashed into a hill just short of the Tri-State Airport, killing all seventy-five on board. The plane was carrying the thirty-seven members of team, eight members of the coaching staff, twenty-five boosters, four flight crew members, and one employee of the charter company.”

The movie is based on a true story. The movie is basically a story about a courageous player, a courageous college president, and a courageous coach. Each of these people would overcome the odds and are instrumental in accomplishing the goal of putting a football team back on the field immediately after the tragedy tore the team, the town, families and the school. . .

Being from Ohio some of the places mentioned in the movie were also of personal interest. I lived in Gallipolis, not far from Huntington, WV for a few years. That is the location of Marshall University. Also Coach Jack Lengyel, who took over the Marshall football program after the tragedy was working at the College of Wooster (Ohio) at the time he applied for the vacant coaching position. I also lived near Wooster for over a decade. It also makes things more interesting when you have seen the places described in a movie. T.D., friend of A Good Choice blog, earlier this year wrote a review of this movie as well. He actually personally knew Coach Lengyel.


gregjaye rate this a must rent or must buy and gives it ***** out of *****. You will not be disappointed when watching this movie. This movie is much more than the typical sports movie, it tells a true story of human agony, grief, courage and triumph.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

WMDs: Weapons of Mass Destruction, or

Words of Mass Deception

The mainstream media, doing the bidding of radical leftists, has effectively painted a picture that the Bush administration has duped the public by deliberately lying about the presence of WMDs in Iraqi in 2003. Well, I have listened to interviews with a notable Iraqi military leader. I have also begun reading General Georges Sada’s book, Saddam’s Secrets.

General Sada was a key advisor to the former Iraqi dictator - terrorist supporter. General Sada was a decorated Iraqi Air Force pilot, trainer and leader. General Georges, as he is known in Iraq and the Middle East is an Assyrian true Christian believer, who had gained Saddam’s confidence because the General was a straight shooter and was known to be a truthful military advisor. Whereas others surrounding Hussein parroted what he expected or had some religious or political loyalties to protect could not speak the truth.

Click on the video below to hear Iraqi General Georges Sada's own words as he talks about Saddam's WMDs and what happened to them.

Watch the Hannity & Combs Video of General Georges Sada

General Georges claims that Saddam Hussein had had Weapons of Mass Destruction. He was able to transport those weapons to Syria prior to the War in Iraq in 2003. He used humanitarian airplanes and he used Russian eighteen wheelers. This is why American and coalition forces have been unable to discover any WMDs. I tend to believe this General above our heavily bias press and media and rampant leftist propaganda. The mainstream media is more Dan Ratherish than truthful in presenting the news. The mainstream media subscribes to leftist, socialist dogma and works as the public relations arm of the Democrat Party as well as the radical leftist movement in general.

Monday, September 24, 2007

I, Too, Hate Hate Crimes, However . . .

First and foremost “Hate Crimes Laws” and employment laws (specifically the so-called “anti-discriminatory” Employment Non-Discrimination Acts (ENDA) protect the immoral behavior of a certain moneyed minority of Americans. Existing laws protect homosexuals and other Americans equally and sufficiently. These laws are unnecessary and unwarranted. In essence these laws are meant to condone and to protect misbehavior. Why create special protection for a group of people who only want to justify and codify their immoral, unhealthy, unnatural behavior?

Why on God’s green earth should a homosexual or lesbian or transgendered or transvestite individual be granted MORE protection than any innocent child or any vulnerable, frail elderly widow? "Hate Crimes Laws" are pure injustice and pure nonsense. Reporting of crimes against members of the homosexual community are exaggerated for political and for political correctness reasons and to advance a radical leftist, socialist agenda here in America.

The ultimate purpose of the homosexual agenda, besides justifying and blessing or sanctioning evil behavior, is to silence the true Church, the true Christians who dare to proclaim God’s inherent Word, found in the Judeo-Christian Bible. After all the Bible teaches the truth that homosexuality, like adultery or fornication or theft or murder is wrong and violates God’s precepts.

Like the statistics feminists and abortionists used to “sell” abortion to the courts, homosexuals use misleading, false and deceitful statistics to support their cause. Homosexuals and the supportive leftist mainstream media have been known to conspire in fabricating and publicizing crimes as hate crimes (like the Matthew Shepard case after which the hate crimes law is even named)!


I classify these hate crime and other pro-homosexual special protection laws like ENDA as being destructive to American values and principles as Amnesty for illegal aliens, or funding for Planned Parenthood, or Every Child Left Behind legislation.

Contact your U.S. congressional representatives and Senators and urge them to reject all so-called hate crimes, pro-homosexual special protection (ENDA) legislation.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Shining God’s Light on the Koran

Was Abraham a Jew or a Christian?

In the Koran I find that it declares that the Old Testament patriarch Abraham was neither a Jew, nor a Christian (1). Certainly Abraham lived before either the terminology "Jew" or "Christian”"came to be used. Yet he was the father of both, as well father to many nations.

In actuality, Abraham was a Hebrew (2). The Judeo-Christian Bible teaches that he had eight sons. Ishmael was born to Hagar, Sarah’s handmaid (3). Isaac was born to Sarah, Abraham’s wife. He was the child of promise from God, not Ishmael (4). Zimran, Jokshan, and Zman and Midian and Ishbak and Shuah was born to Keturah who Abraham married after Sarah died (5).

When Sarah observed Ishmael mocking Isaac, she was very upset. She told Abraham, “Put out this bondwoman and her son, for her son shall not be an heir with my son even Isaac (6). Abraham was very grieved because of his son. God told him not to be grieved and to do what Sarah said. God promised to make a great nation of Ishmael because he was a descendent of Abraham (7). The descendents of Ishmael were known as Ishmaelites, and he is the traditional progenitor of the Arabs (8). He was never recognized or referred to as being a “Hebrew.”

Midian , the fourth son of Keturah (9) was the one most referred to in the Bible, sixty-seven times, in fact (10). The land of Midian included the eastern coast of the Red Sea to the Border of Moab and taking in all of the Arabian Peninsula. He and his descendents are never referred to as Hebrews.

Jokshan, the second son of Keterah, was the father of Sheba and Dedan who were two separate tribes (12) both referred to in Scripture. They, too, were never referred to as Hebrews.

God told Abraham that his descendents would be known through Isaac (13). Everything Abraham had he gave to Isaac (14). God established a covenant with Abraham and his descentdents for an eternal covenant (15). After the death of Abraham, God spoke to Isaac and made this eternal covenant with him (16).

God told Abraham to take his only son, Isaac, and sacrifice him as a burnt offering. God provided a ram, which was caught up in thick brush, to be sacrificed in place of Isaac. God promised that in being obedient his descendents would be a blessing to all the nations of the earth (17).

Isaac had two sons Esau and Jacob. Jacob purchased the birthright of the first born with a bowl of lentil soup. Jacob, then tricked Isaac into giving him the blessing meant for Esau. Isaac sends Jacob to his wife’s brother, Laban, to get a wife and confers on him the blessing of Abraham and to his descendents (18). The descendents of Esau are never called Hebrews but rather Edomites (19). Jacob has twelve sons, the fourth of which is Judah and the eleventh is Joseph (20). Joseph is identified as a Hebrew in Egypt (21).

Jacob’s name was changed by God to Israel (22). He moved to Egypt (23) and when they left Eypt they were called the children of Israel (24). During the time of being ruled by Judges the term “children of Israel” was shortened to “Israel” (25).

Saul, David and Solomon ruled Israel for 120 years, but ten of the tribes revolted during the reign of Rehoboam leaving Judah and Benjamin together (26). The ten tribes were known as Israel and were wicked, so God sent them into exile in Assyria. Judah went into exile over 100 years later and they became known as Jews.

Today the term “Jew” is used to identify all the children of Israel, which are also Hebrews (27). Since today the term Hebrew and Jew are synonymous one could say Abraham was a Jew.

The disciples of Jesus were called Christians first in the city of Antioch (28). This was many years after the life of Abraham on earth. God had made a covenant with Abraham and his seed (descendents)(29). God said there would be One who would come out of Abraham’s bowels who would be his heir (30). The One to whom He was referring to was Jesus Christ (31) and He fulfilled the promise that God made to Abraham, :… in Thee shall all families of the earth be blessed (32).

Years later after Isaac had grown, God told Abraham to sacrifice his only son, Isaac (33). Notice that even though Ishmael was also a son of Abraham, God called Isaac His only son (34). This follows that through Isaac would Abraham’s descendents be know (35). While Abraham and Isaac were climbing up to Mount Moriah, Isaac stated to his father, “Here is the wood, and the fire, but where is the sacrifice?”(36) Abraham responded, “My son, God will provide Himself a lamb…”(37). This is a direct reference to Jesus, that God would Himself to be the sacrifice (38). Under the blood covenant all that was Abraham’s was God’s and all that was God’s was Abraham’s so when Abraham did not withhold his only begotten son from sacrifice, this gave God the right to sacrifice His only begotten Son (39).

This is shown by the statement of John the Baptist, “Behold the lamb of God, which takes away the sin of the world” (40). He was the Lamb of God. The Jews said to Jesus, “Are you greater than our father Abraham, (who) is dead?” (41) Jesus responded, “Your father Abraham rejoiced to see my day and he saw it, and was glad (42).” Then the Jews said to Jesus, You re not yet fifty years old and you have seen Abraham (43)? Jesus said, Truly, truly I say unto you, before Abraham was, I am.” (44) Then the Jews took up stones to throw at him(45). Jesus in an effect said that He was the one who spoke to Moses in the burning bush, the self existent one. He was the one who visited with Abraham and to whom Abraham interceded for Sodom that He might not destroy it. Jesus was both a contemporary of God and of Abraham.

Jesus said, “. . . Salvation is of the Jews (46).” Simeon, a godly elderly Jew waiting for his Messiah, was told that he would not die until he would see the Lord’s Christ. He came into the temple and saw the child Jesus and took Him in his arms and blessed Him and said, “Lord, now let your servant depart in peace, according to Your Word: For my eyes have seen Your salvation… (47)” God sent His Son into the world not to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved (48). Jesus came into His own, the Jews, but His own did not receive Him. But as many as received Him, to them gave He the power to become sons of God, even to those that believe in His name (49). These are the ones called Christian. Abraham received Jesus before His name was called Jesus therefore he must, too, be a Christian.


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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Trouble & Stupidity in Sanctuary City

Sanctuary for Law Breakers

Summer in the City

by The Lovin' Spoonful (John Sebastian - Mark Sebastian - Steve Boone)

Hot town, summer in the city
Back of my neck getting dirty and gritty
Been down, isn't it a pity
Doesn't seem to be a shadow in the city

All around, people looking half dead
Walking on the sidewalk, hotter than a match head . . .
Granting asylum to lawbreaking illegals is tantamount to treason in my eyes. It will not be the weather that will be only thing hot in the so-called sanctuary cities. It is anarchy. Sanctuary city policies encourage law-breaking. These cities harbor criminals. These policies represent a blatant disregard for the law by leftist liberals, who control many of our urban areas.

Federal funding for a significant portion of funds for homeland security and other police and security infrastructure should be denied to any community whose rebellious and treasonous leaders advocate and implement sanctuary city policies. Additional funds for law enforces etc. has been provided by Congress and the taxpayers. These treasonous spoiled brats insult America by misusing the funds and responsibilities entrusted to them in order to buy a vote and on the people’s dime.

Many people won’t only be “looking half dead” in our cities in the summer as the Lovin’ Spoonful sing about, they will be dead if this nonsense continues. Like amnesty for illegal aliens and free health care, tuition and welfare these ungrateful aliens and their radical leftist supporters shake their fist in the face of God-fearing, law-abiding, tax-paying Americans challenging us, “I dare you to do something about this.”

According to a recent news story, “Recently the New Jersey State Attorney General's office ordered law enforcement officers to notify federal immigration authorities whenever they arrest suspects who are determined to be illegal aliens. The city of Newark, New Jersey, had been a sanctuary city until it was discovered that two of the suspects in the brutal slayings of three Newark college students are illegal aliens. Newark's neighbor to the west, New York City, has also been a sanctuary city, apparently going back to the days of Rudy Giuliani.

So, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani and current GOP presidential contender has been a supporter of the sanctuary city policy when he was the chief executive of New York City. This is an unacceptable position. Giuliani has at least three strikes against him – he’s pro-abortion, pro-same sex unions and now pro-sanctuary cities. And you want to be President, Mr. Giuliani?


Please do not support any candidate who advocates amnesty or sanctuary city policy or any benefits for illegal aliens.

Additionally Contact your federal congressional representatives and urge them to support The bill is called the Accountability in Enforcing Immigration Laws Act of 2007
. According to another article, the bill “is being pushed by members of the House Immigration Reform Caucus. The bill will clarify that state law enforcement has the existing authority to investigate, identify, apprehend, arrest, detain, and or transfer to federal authorities any illegal alien apprehended in the course of routine duties. It would also make illegal immigration a felony.” This is a good first step is reversing the foolish sanctuary city policy of certain “enlightened” and “progressive” socialist municipalities.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Pornography Exposed, People Exploited

The Pornification of America

Pornography is to the health of the mind what the Planned Parenthood Federation of America is to the unborn child, death and destruction. Pornography perverts the mind with a false reality. It violates God’s ultimate purpose for sex and it violates basic moral principles. It causes difficulties in relationships. It destroys families. It is worthless and unnecessary.


por·nog·ra·phy (pôr-nŏg'rə-) n. (1)

1. Sexually explicit pictures, writing, or other material whose primary purpose is to cause sexual arousal.

2. The presentation or production of this material.


pornography (2)

Books, photographs, magazines, art, or music designed to excite sexual impulses and considered by public authorities or public opinion as a violation of accepted standards of sexual morality. American courts have not yet settled on a satisfactory definition of what constitutes pornographic material.

The basic definition seems to describe our society at the present time and many individuals in it. One if the above definitions noted that "American courts have not yet settled on a satisfactory definition of what constitutes porn." However, God has settled the issue long ago. The Bible states in Paul's letter to the Thessalonians, "For this is the will of God, your sanctification, that you abstain from sexual immorality." (3)


It is a multi-billion dollar business in America and worldwide. To many people it gives them a temporary high and is cheaper than drugs. It offers a “safe” escape from reality.


Sex sells. Removal of moral absolutes has given rise to all forms of perversion. Pornography, like homosexuality, adultery, any sex outside of traditional marriage is immorality. Soft core to hard core, it is all not good for you. Some claim we have freedom of speech. Pornography is like yelling "fire" in a crowded movie theater.

Actually, much of the movie, music, television and advertisement industries are portals to pornography. Even the education with its “comprehensive” or condom-based sex education is another point of entrance to immorality including pornography.

Why is porn so pervasive? More and more people are connected to the Internet these days. The Internet has potential for great good, but equal or greater potential for evil. In reality, the Internet is a reservoir, an efficient carrier of this virulent destructive agent, pornography. Not only secular society is involved with porn, but increasing number of bible believing true Christians are becoming addicted to it as well.


Much of this growing popularity comes from people thinking that it does not harm anyone. That is a lie. It harms the people exploited by the pornographers as well as poisoning the minds and hearts of the users of porn. It affects children, spousal relations and entire families. Like gambling, alcohol and drugs, pornography is addictive and destined to destroy its users.

It is insidious, in addition to it being addictive. It is slowly, subtly harmful and destructive. It destroys individuals and families. It robs the person from a true appreciation of God’s design and plan for people, relationships and sex.

Porn is a choice. It is a bad choice. People should be free to engage in it if they choose, but we should not sanction or make it easy.


By "pummeled" I mean beaten back, restrained or constrained. At a minimum we should limit its accessibility to innocent children.

To a certain extent we should encourage and support local and community self-regulation. For example SB 16 was going to be challenged by the sex industry to insure that sex shops and strip clubs are not inhibited in any way. Well, just this evening I heard that the pro-porn lobby could not obtain signatures to place the new law on the ballot. All Ohio SB 16 wanted to do was to insist porn shops close down certain hours of the night and that customers could not physically touch (or further exploit) nude dancers.

We should build in some constraints so that children cannot have easy access to in any tax subsidized public library or in government schools. All Federal funding should be cut off to any school or library that does not use filters on their computers.

If you are involved in pornography, and we all are to a certain degree if we are actively living in American society today, seek help as you would an alcohol, drug or gambling addiction. One source of help on the Internet is the website Setting Captives Free. This site has many aides in helping people addicted to pornography.


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(3) 1 Thessalonians 4:3 (New American Standard Bible)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Medical Privacy Law Nets No Fines

Here is a year old article about medical privacy that I have found interesting. This is just another example of the increasing lawlessness in this country. Making laws and then not enforcing them not only makes this country an undisirable place to live, but it makes God angry. People use privacy as an excuse to legalize abortion, but people who don't want to murder their babies don't get legitamate privacy rights.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Ultimate Gift (2007)

There are thousands upon thousands of movies being produced and distributed, yet there is a dearth of worthwhile, quality works. Here is an exceptional film. I happened to be browsing my local video store while my laundry was going trough its wash cycle. The DVD cover caught my eye. I was intrigued by the title. PG rated, the movie could not be too bad. There was some recognition of the title, but I wasn’t completely sure what it was about. I do not usually rent movies when they first come out in DVD. However, I made an exception and rented it for a day.

James Garner plays the part of a billionaire grandfather (who's name is Red) who dies and leaves a will and video files with instructions to his grandson giving him an opportunity to receive the ultimate gift. Red's grandson is a wayward, spoiled and decadent individual. This young man at first is very reluctant and wary of what the grandfather is up to. The young man was estranged from his grandfather, who the grandson credits for the death of his father. Red wants to set things right with his grandson, even though it would have to be after Red dies.

“…The (twelve) trials (challenges) are spelled out in the book (on which the movie is based) as twelve gifts, while in the movie, you don't get a full understanding that there twelve until just before the credits are rolled. The book is a great story, the movie's storyline is even better.” --- a reviewer

An review calls the movie a “journey of self-discovery.” As the movie unfolds Jason, the grandson, is given a series of challenges each leading to a particular lesson the grandfather wishes the grandson learn. The challenges or gifts include:

· work
· money
· friends
· learning
· problems
· family
· laughter
· dreams
· giving
· gratitude
· a (24 hour) day
· love

Interwoven throughout the adventures of discovering of each of these gifts is another story. It is the story of a terminal girl and her mother, who the grandson Jason encounters early on in one of his adventures.

Without giving away more of the movie then I should, the ultimate gift is not Jesus Christ. Really, Jesus is God’s ultimate gift to man. It is through Jesus, and only through Him, that we can have true purpose, meaning and life. You could say that this movie is a John the Baptist experience. John the Baptist was the precursor or forerunner of Jesus, who Himself exclusively offers a true-life-transforming and life-saving experience to man.

I highly recommend this movie to everyone who enjoys an inspiring and uplifting film to either rent or purchase this movie. It is a family movie. It was produced by Fox Faith Films.


gregjaye gives this movie a ***** out of a possible

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

M.I.A.s: Thompson, Giuliani, Romney & McCain

Janet Folger, organizer of the Values Voter Debate, stands in front of empty podiums before the event Sept. 17, 2007, in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Four of the 11 lecterns remained empty during the debate as so-called "top-tier" candidates declined to participate. (WND photo)

Values voter debate too real for GOP frontrunners

Janet Folger, who was one of the key organizers of last night's Values Voter Debate in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, wrote in her article on, “Last night, Gov. Mike Huckabee, Rep. Tom Tancredo, businessman John Cox, Sen. Sam Brownback, Rep. Ron Paul, Rep. Duncan Hunter and Ambassador Alan Keyes … faced 53 questions from pro-family leaders at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts.” I watched the entire debate last night over the internet thanks to the American Family Association.

I was impressed with the quality production and excellent moderation by Joseph Farah, founder of I was captivated by the depth of the probing questions and the corresponding thoughtful answers. What a stark contrast to the pitiful pandering by the Democrat candidates to the overt homosexuals and lesbians at the Debauchery Debate (the homosexual honoring “Visible Voters" ‘08 debate) last month.

What was the real reason that the so-called front four GOP candidates were not present at this important debate? If nearly all of the Democrat candidates show up for the homosexual love-in, then why in the world did the four quasi-conservatives not show up for the Values Voter debate? Could it be they were flat afraid to take positions, or expose themselves to the truth? I am especially disappointed with Fred Thompson. But alas, he apparently is as much of a fake conservative as the other no-shows.

A couple of the best quotes from the debate in regard to four M.I.A.s were: “How can we expect these no-show candidates to take on Osama bin Laden and other world leaders when they’re afraid to show up and answer questions from Phyllis Schlafly?” Rabbi Aryeh Spero of the Jewish Action Alliance queried. While Rick Scarborough, the president of Vision America, commented: “If you care about our votes, you need to care about our values enough to show up.”

The questions and answers covered most of the key issues which I feel are most important to me personally and to our country as a whole. Topics such as abortion, homosexuality, trade, taxes and immigration were covered in many of the questions. I enjoyed having key conservative leaders personally asking the tough questions so near and dear to them.

I was most impressed with Tom Tancredo, Mike Huckabee, who won the straw poll of the 340 delegates present at the debate, Duncan Hunter and Alan Keyes. Out of that group former Governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee, probably has the best chance on moving on to contend with the four pretenders (Thompson, Giuliani, Romney & McCain) for the GOP nomination. I was also greatly impressed with the sincerity and the passion of these seven candidates. They all to a certain extent were more statesmanlike and more principled than all of the other Democrat and Republican candidates running.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Today is (U.S.A.) Constitution Day

The Constitution: A Blueprint for Good Government

Everyone seems to knowingly talk about the Constitution, but too few abide by it anymore. Many give lip service to the Constitution, but most ignore it when they disagree with its content. Many use, misuse or abuse the Constitution for their own selfish cause; few respect its original intent. Some regard and treat the Constitution as a “living” document, meaning that it evolves with the changing attitudes and changing times. The Constitution was developed for a specific purpose and that purpose remains true today. We need to be mindful and follow the original intent of this most marvelous document.

In an opinion editorial, “Political hysteria may be the real enemy,” about the status of the Iraqi War and the seeming buck passing in the administration writer Kathleen Parker made this wise observation, “. . . (President George W.) Bush can’t win for losing, though it is worth noting a few things for perspective: The U.S. has suffered no terrorist attacks since 2001; it took the United States 12 years after the Declaration of Independence to ratify the Constitution. . .” We should learn from history and be patient in seeing Iraq come to nationhood. It will take time. It took use a long period.

THE CONSTITUTION YESTERDAY is the source for the following information.
"On September 17, 1787, the 55 delegates to the Constitutional Convention held their final meeting. Only one item of business occupied the agenda that day, to sign the Constitution of the United States of America.

"Since May 14, 1787 the 55 delegates had gathered almost daily in the State House in Philadelphia to revise the Articles of Confederation. By the middle of June, it became apparent to the delegates that to merely amend the Articles of Confederation would not be sufficient. Instead, they would write an entirely new document designed to clearly define and separate the powers of the central government, the powers of the states, the rights of the people and how the representatives of the people should be elected.

"After being signed in September of 1787, Congress sent printed copies of the Constitution to the state legislatures for ratification. In the months that followed, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay would write the Federalist Papers in support, while Patrick Henry, Elbridge Gerry, and George Mason would organize the opposition to the new Constitution. By June 21, 1788, nine states had approved the Constitution, finally forming "a more perfect Union."

"No matter how much we argue about the details of its meaning today, in the opinion of many, the Constitution signed in Philadelphia on September 17, 1787 represents the greatest expression of statesmanship and compromise ever written. In just four hand-written pages, the Constitution gives us no less than the owners' manual to the greatest form of government the world has ever known. . . "

As far as the matter of separation of Church and State, the interpretation that the we must remove God and the Church from the State is false. The intent of the Founders was only to prevent any one particular denomination from receiving the state blessing to become a defacto state church like the Church of England. It was never meant as currently interpreted by the ACLU, People for the American Way, Americans for the Separation of Church and State and other radical leftist organizations and individuals, to mean a complete purging of God and Christianity from society.


The First Amendment Center conducted a poll trying to determine the views of Americans on the first amendment of the Constitution. The results of the poll were published in the USA Today Newspaper on Thursday, September 13th. The survey found that most Americans (55%) believe (and I would note, believe correctly) that the nation’s founders wrote Christianity into the Constitution. The vast majority of the signers were in fact, bible-believing, bible-practicing true Christians. They produced the Constitution out of their deep and abiding love, appreciation and understanding of Judeo-Christian principles and precepts.
That same survey found that the people surveyed are less likely to say freedom to worship covers religious groups they consider extreme. I would classify Islam and its vicious and hateful verses as an extreme religion. That religion manifests itself in growing acts of terrorism, injustice, hatred and persecution throughout the world.

In its story on Thursday the USA Today quoted Rick Green of WallBuilders, an advocacy group that believes the nation was built on Christian principles, says the poll doesn’t mean a majority favors a “theocracy” but that the Constitution reflects Christian values, including religious freedom, “I would call it a Christian document, just like the Declaration of Independence,” he says.


John Lofton, commentator on the American View Radio Show #121: The United States Constitution – R.I.P. On his summary of that show he writes: “September 17 is “Constitution Day.” Who cares? Well, sad to say, almost nobody today, in or out of public office, cares about our Constitution because we are no longer a Christian people; thus, an oath to God to preserve, protect and defend our Constitution is meaningless. So, it is regularly and blatantly violated. In this program you will hear about: The purpose of the Constitution; why it is, supposedly, “Godless;” Bush’s crimes; how Nixon/Ike didn’t get it; the bipartisan stupid/evil of Dole/McGovern; how FDR and the Communist Party agreed on the role of government; the lawlessness of Social Security; and more.”

Mr. Lofton seems to disagree with Rick Green calling the Constitution a procedural document, a contract to regulate and limit the federal government.
He adds that the Constitution was never intended to limit or control the people, as many now contend. He feels that the Constitution is now a dead document. It has been ignored and violated to the point it is not followed.


If we allow the radical left elite including academics, politicians and activist judges to continue to destroy, to rewrite, to misinterpret our precious Constitution we will continue to lose the freedoms and rights that the document sought to insure. Nearly fifty million young Americans have already died since 1973 when we allowed the 14th Amendment to be violated.

There is hope.

(1) We can and we must elect men and women of character, godly people, like our forefathers, who will honor again the original intent of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

(2) We can and we must pray for revival to come to each Christian here in America. But first we must individually repent of our own sins, shortcomings and do an about face in how we are living and begin to live for God.

(3) We must also pray for the salvation and transformation of individuals, including America’s greatest enemies Islamic terrorists and radical leftists . . .

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Rule of Law Part 3 of 3

This is the final article of a three part series on the so-called rule of law. See Part 1 and Part 2 posted the previous two Sundays. There is a great deal of misunderstanding concerning this concept and Sam has tried to clarify it in this series.

The Ultimate Rule of Law: Jesus Christ

For those not wanting to live in a theocracy, there is a place for you. It’s called Hell and after that comes the judgment, and then the Lake of Fire. Believe it or not, the entire universe is under a theocracy. Jesus the Christ rules over everything created.(1) Every knee will bow before Him and every tongue one day will proclaim Him to be Lord.(2) Yes, even His enemies will do so.

Ironically all God’s Law is based on two laws. The first law or commandment is that you shall love the Lord thy God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength and the second is you shall love your neighbor as yourself.(3) Follow those two laws and you will automatically do the rest. The rule of law has ruled out these two laws, especially the first, making it nearly impossible for people to obey the law. Thus, they make all kinds of laws covering all kinds of behavior because love for God is rejected.

Jesus said suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not for of such is the kingdom of Heaven. The rule of law has ruled out children from hearing about Jesus or praying to Him. When they are young they have the best chance of believing on Jesus and receiving Jesus. The rule of law imposes evolution on the young preventing them from learning true science, and thus it conditions the young to go to hell. The Judiciary is the number one cause of juvenile delinquency and lawlessness in the United States today by denying public access to God.

The Greeks had the concept that there was a man in whom the Law dwelt. His name was Logos. Logos translated into English is “Word.” The Apostle John uses this when he writes, “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.(5) The Word became flesh and we beheld His glory as the only begotten of the Father.(6) Actually to live in obedience to Jesus is to follow the rule of law, because Jesus rules and His word and life is the law. Jesus is both God and man having existed as God without being a man from eternity (7) to conception in Mary.

If you desire to follow Jesus as the ruler of the “rule of law” then you begin by confessing to Him that you are a sinner and by personally inviting Him into your inner being, your heart. You can pray, “Lord Jesus Christ, please forgive me of my sins and come into my innermost being, my heart.” Jesus is the name of the Lord and whosoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved, redeemed, and purchased. Jesus upholds all things by the word of His power.(8)

(1) Colossians 1:16-18, Psalm 2:1-12
(2) Isaiah 45:23, Philippians 2:10-11
(3) Matthew 22:37-40
(4) Matthew 19:14
(5) John 1:1, 2
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(7) Micah 5:2, Hebrews 1:8

(8) Hebrews 1:3

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Who Really Betrays US?

“Democrats claim Gen. David Petraeus' report to Congress on the surge was a put-up job with a pre-ordained conclusion. As if their response wasn't . . .” --- Ann Coulter, 9/12/07

from's New York Times Full-Page Ad

There is such a defeatist attitude amount the Democrat Party leadership both inside and outside of Congress. Unfortunately the party has been infiltrated and completely hijacked by radical leftists starting with Howard Dean and backed and highly influenced by anti-Americans such as financier George Soros.

These leftists seemingly want America to be defeated and do not want President Bush to make any progress in the war on terror because it would “harm” their political aspirations of gaining absolute control of this nation as they have the Democrat Party. These power hungry socialists thrive on power and desire it above all else and care little or nothing about preserving the America of our forefathers. They are willing to pay any price for gaining and retaining power.

It matters nothing for these radicals to ridicule and destroy men of character and integrity such as General Petraeus if it advances their cause. Their cause is more important than defeating terrorists or any other enemy of the United States.

Friday, September 14, 2007

The Newest Hazardous Materials Warning Label

Cartoon by Brian Duffy Des Moines (Iowa) Register 8-21-07
Several weeks ago I saw the above cartoon in the Mansfield (Ohio) News Journal. It speaks volumes of the multitude of shoddy, second-rate, inferior, cheap goods coming out of the communist Peoples Republic of China. What do you expect where labor is sometimes literally slave labor?
We, the United States, need to reassess our trade practices with this communist regime. We are actually fueling their military build-up. Allowing our multinational firms to make profits at the expense of slave or near-slave labor in China and at the expense of workers' jobs in America. I would like us to do all we can to balance the trade between our two nations and to become less dependent on China for our goods. We have given them enough.
Personally, I have begun to look twice at product labels. I either avoid buying the product, doing without or I find an alternative to a product made in China. I purposefully do not purchase anything labeled with the hazardous warning label, Made in China!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Presidential Address

As you probably know, the President just addressed the nation. He discussed a possible reduction in troop levels in Iraq. I think he said 5000 would come home by the end of the year and that by July of next year the number of brigades would be reduced from 20 to 15. But he said that these reductions would be dependent upon our “success” in Iraq. I am not holding my breath. He has never clearly defined our mission in Iraq other than establishing a stable, democratic government. We don’t even have that in the U.S. anymore. Instead we ruled by activist judges, regulatory agencies, and a souped up executive with extraordinary powers. The only good thing that I can say about this is that the President did not call upon Congress to authorize the use of force on Iran.

As for the Democratic response, I agree with some of what Senator Reed (Rhode Island) said about the futility of the Iraq war and that it diverted our efforts against the real enemy, Osama Bin Laden. However, I would point out that most of the Democrats went along with the President in authorizing and funding of “the use of force” (which is an unconstitutional, undeclared war). Most of the Democrats, including even Senator Reed, are still willing to fund the war for political reasons instead taking a stand for what is right. They would have been a lot better off if they had run a candidate like Senator Reed for President in 2004 since he was against the war in the beginning, instead of Kerry, who couldn’t make up his mind.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A More Perfect Union: America Becomes a Nation (1989)

I recently watched an excellent docu-drama about the American Constitutional Convention. One reviewer wrote a succinct summary of the movie, with which I concur:

A More Perfect Union examines the creation of the US Constitution from the perspective of chief author, James Madison. Beginning with trade war problems between states and Shay's Rebellion in Massachusetts, the film follows Federalist Madison's desperate attempts to enlist the aid and involvement of George Washington, the battles with states rights (anti-Federalist) advocates such as Roger Sherman and John Dickinson, his efforts to make both the Senate and the House elected by proportional representation, and his ultimate acceptance of the compromises which ultimately made the Constitution palatable to enough states to be ratified by 1788. For those unfamiliar with the history of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, this is an excellent way to be introduced to the politics and personalities that created the Constitution. (It is) (h)ighly recommended for the classroom and the home.”

The Founders of this nation were great visionaries. They were great leaders. They were statesman. They were concerned about what would happen to their descendants. What a contrast to the lobby listeners, unprincipled appeasers, and selfish politicians we have for the most part in Congress today.

The movie makes history come alive. There is such a de-emphasis on God, our Christian heritage and the faith of our fathers in government schools today. There has been a movement to whitewash American history to make it politically correct and to fit a leftist/socialist agenda. We really need to understand our wondrous history. This movie is a great way to better understand the birth of our nation, our godly roots and the many struggles we endured to institutionalize the freedoms and liberty, which we now either take for granted or allowed to be abused and diminished.

The movie really should be mandated to be seen by every student and every new citizen. Perhaps it should be mandated for every person serving in Congress. Its content and message is that important.


September 17, 2007 is Constitution Day! Watching this movie at home or in the classroom would be an excellent way to celebrate this important event!

Our mass market appeal movie rental store may not carry such an uplifting and educational fare. However, you can purchase a copy from or from the National Center for Constitutional Studies. It is well worth the purchase price!


gregjaye rates this movie ***** out of *****

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

9/11, Love Our Enemies, But Pass the Ammo

Some people, like one commenter to yesterday's blog article, LYONSPOTTER, would like us to believe that our response to the attack by the Islamic terrorists is to forgive and to love them. Isn’t that what the Lord Jesus Christ teaches? He implies such when he asks me to view the YouTube video about President Bush and Jesus. Jesus does teach that principle on a personal level, that we are to love our enemies. We are to do good to them as well.

However, the enemy of a nation, which deliberately attacks that nation should not be treated as such, but should be destroyed. Osama Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda cell of vicious terrorists were not acting alone. They were aided and abetted by Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia and other mostly Muslim nations and individuals. President Bush went after the Taliban in Afghanistan and then Iraq. In hindsight the action against Iraq is now being questioned. I firmly believe that there were weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) in Iraq, but the Democrats and the United Nations impotent negotiations and threats did nothing but give Saddam time to move them into Syria.

GETTING A PROPER PRESPECTIVE OF OUR ENEMY reports that according to Robert Spencer, author of a new book, Religion of Peace? Why Christianity Is and Islam Isn't, “a Muslim website -- -- documents more than 9,000 "Islamic terror attacks" and murders he says were perpetrated since September 11, 2001, in the name of Islam and justified by Islamic texts. He explains that the "left" compares that enormous figure to a few isolated incidents that were not necessarily perpetrated by Christians.

“"People like Rosie O'Donnell -- mainstream media figures and purveyors of moral equivalence -- are essentially saying that over 9,000 terror attacks are equivalent to [Oklahoma City bomber] Timothy McVeigh, who wasn't actually a Christian at all, and to a few abortion clinic bombers, of which there have been less than a dozen," he asserts.

Spencer points out that the abortion bombers were repudiated by mainstream Christian groups. "There's no Christian group that is at all mainstream that says that the abortion clinic bombings were justified or right according to Christianity," he notes. In contrast, says the author, there is a "widespread understanding" in Islam that it is part of the responsibility of Muslims to "wage war in order to subjugate non-Muslims."”

I would add that I believe that the “left” is also the enemy of America. By their rhetoric and treasonous acts they aid and abet the Islamic terrorists as much as the Islamic nations mentioned earlier.


In another news story covers Joseph Farah's, who is the publisher and editor of
WorldNetDaily, opinions on what happened in America in the aftermath of the attacks of September 11, 2001 . . . “"This is an area where I think [among] all of the presidential candidates there should be a consensus on this issue," says Farah. "We were attacked six years ago in a very dramatic fashion. Nearly 3,000 Americans were killed. And it is almost, in my mind, like people have either forgotten about it or think that it is some [sort of] anomaly or aberration that is never going to happen again." quotes Farah as saying the threat cannot be negotiated away because it needs to be confronted and defeated. "I believe the only way to do that is to neutralize that threat," the publisher argues. He says that was his view following the attacks and it remains his official stance. Farah believes that most Americans felt the same way the day following the attack; however, he contends there has been too much "wavering" on that issue since then.”

Neutralize Al Qaeda, I believe is what President Bush has attempted to do. He has had mixed results. But he generally has the right idea, though he is not prosecuting it optimally.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Creation Museum Impacts Culture

The Mansfield (Ohio) News Journal had a small news note regarding Answers in Genesis' new Creation Museum, which opened in May. The Kentucky state naturalist, Carey Tichenor, is planning to visit the new museum on November 1st along with a group of 18 fellow naturalists. Why? Because after attending the Creation Museum a lot of Kentucky State Park visitors are beginning to question the information and explanations provided by the Park naturalists. The purpose of the visit to the Creation Museum according to Tichenor is "to better understand what visitors are asking, not to challenge religious beliefs."

The monopolistic state park naturalists with their pro-evolution bias do not provide the public with an even handed approach to the origin of life. The Creation Museum staff are not afraid to present both sides of the issue. However, the park naturalists are duty bound, just like the government school teachers to adhere to a one-sided, politically correct explanation of life’s beginning. Too long they have been unchallenged with all the political force of the powerful National Education Association (NEA) and the pernicious, godless American Civil Liberties Union.

Yes, Virginia (make that Kentucky) there is a viable alternative to the evolution theory, which is the junk science explanation of origins. Either intelligent design or Biblical creationism offer equally plausible explanations for the beginnings of life. It all comes down to a matter of faith. Do you put your faith in man’s inferior explanation for life? Or do you put your faith in God and in the Biblical explanation of life? Both take faith. I tend to believe God’s explanation over Charles Darwin’s. Darwin is a mere fallible mortal being, while the Creator is immortal and infallible.


Visit the Creation Museum near Cincinnati for yourself before the end of this year. Support the ministry of Answers in Genesis. Question the exclusive indoctrination of evolution theory as "gospel" in the government schools.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Rule of Law Part 2 of 3

This the second of a three part series on the Rule of Law. See part one by clicking here.

It is Not the Ten Commandments

You can be sure that the Ten Commandments are not the rule of law. Judge Roy Moore had a stone copy of the Ten Commandments placed in the Supreme Court Building of the State of Alabama. A Federal Judge ordered the Ten Commandments removed saying, “The rule of law must stand. The Ten Commandments must go.” God rules when the Ten Commandments and the rest of God’s Word is to be obeyed. King David calls it the Law of the Lord.(1)

When a people live in obedience to God’s Word, the Scriptures, which is the Holy Bible you have a true theocracy. This is what the secular humanists do not want. They hate God and do not want to obey Him. They seek to replace God with themselves. They are akin to Communists in actions and thoughts. I hear the word “secular” used a lot as it is preferred over “religious.” There are other terms which could be used in place of secular. Think on these terms whenever you hear the term secular used; godless, wicked, and amoral as in without morals, profane and fools. The fool has said in his heart there is no God.(2)

King David writes that through God’s Word a person is warned. The simple is made wise. The heart is made to rejoice. The eyes are enlightened. It is more desirable then gold and sweeter than honey. In keeping God’s law there is great reward.(3) On the other had disregarding God’s law brings God’s curse.(4)

The “rule of law” is not more desirable than gold or sweeter than honey. It does not make one wise nor does the heart rejoice at it, nor are the eyes enlightened. There is no reward for keeping the rule of law. The “rule of law” in most cases is hard to understand, often contradictory and does not reward its obedience. Since it is only printed matter on paper it has no inherent power in itself. It cannot rule and to say that it does is to idolize it. One is serving the work of mans’ hands and not the Creator.(5)

(1) Psalm 19:7
(2) Psalm 14:1; 53:1
(3) Psalm 19:7-11
(4) Deuteronomy 11:26-28
(5) Romans l:25