Sunday, November 30, 2014

What One Word Describes President Obama?

On Facebook yesterday Scot S Sedd shared American Patriot the III% Chapter Index's photo on the National Tea Party Facebook Group. Basically the post asked for a one-word comment describing President Barack Obama.
Some of the Facebook comments were inappropriate and not reflective of the Tea Party Participants or Movement as a whole. However, the many of the words describing Mr. Obama were apropos and they do shed light on the inconsistencies and character flaws apparent in the current occupier of the White House and in his increasing lawless, corrupt decisions, actions, policies and administration. The following list has been gleaned and purged of some of unworthy descriptions and paint a vivid and valuable picture of President as seen by conservatives.

Feel free to add additional comments, which I may use in future revisions of the list.

·         Abomination
·         Anti-American
·         Anti-Zionist
·         Appeaser
·         Atheistic
·         Arrogant
·         Barry
·         Basketball
·         Benghazi
·         Bergdahl
·         Blame
·         Bully
·         Change
·         Communist
·         Corrupt
·         Criminal
·         Dangerous
·         Deceiver
·         Deconstructionist
·         Delusional
·         Despicable
·         Destructive
·         Dictator
·         Disappointing
·         Disingenuous
·         Disgraceful
·         Disgusting
·         Divider
·         Duffer
·         Elitist
·         Embarrassment
·         Enemy
·         Evil
·         Extremist
·         Fascist
·         Failure
·         Feckless
·         Fool
·         Fraud
·         Golfer
·         Hater
·         Ideologue
·         Illegal
·         Impeachable
·         Impostor
·         Incompetent
·         Inept
·         Inexcusable
·         Insensitive
·         Instigator
·         Islamist
·         Joke
·         Kenyan
·         Lame
·         Lawless
·         Leftist
·         Liar
·         Liberal
·         Loser
·         Marionette
·         Marxist
·         Megalomaniac
·         Muslim
·         Narcissist
·         Nefarious
·         Nero
·         Occupier
·         Organizer
·         Pathetic
·         Petulant
·         Phony
·         Poser
·         Privileged
·         Psycho
·         Puppet
·         Racist
·         Radical
·         Rogue
·         Scandal
·         Selfish
·         Sociopath
·         Sotoro
·         TelePrompted
·         Terrifying
·         Terrorist
·         Traitor
·         Transformation
·         Treasonous
·         Troublemaker
·         Un-American
·         Unfit
·         Untrustworthy
·         Usurper
·         Worst
·         Worthless

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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving in America: No God But Government?

Hat tip goes to cartoonist William Warren and where this cartoon was published. This cartoon profoundly captures the spirit of the 'Progressive' thinking and conduct which so seemingly motivates the leaders of this nation and that is so stealthily and insidiously creeping into the culture of America.

The Ferguson Riots and "Affirmative Morality"

Coach Dave Daubenmire regularly writes commentary for Today his article, "Affirmative Mortality," is a very good assessment of the situation in ‪#‎FERGUSON, MO and in all of America. It is a worthwhile, eye-opening read. Here is one brief excerpt:
"...GW Bush called it the soft bigotry of low expectations. I call it grading on the moral curve. Affirmative Morality gives minorities the right to foul. If you are black go ahead and break the rules. It is what is expected of you. Your coaches (Jackson and Sharpton) will encourage you to cuss at the refs. The commissioner (Obama) will justify your antics..."
Photo from
The article highlights some of problems associated with affirmative action and affirmative morality and the unintended consequences that have resulted from that policy and philosophy.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

King Obama Pardons Turkeys, Executes Workers Instead, a Cartoon

Hat tip goes to A.F. Branco, whose cartoon appears on

Amnesty for Illegal Aliens at American Workers' Expense?

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Indy Star: What Is Wrong With This Truthful Cartoon?

A Gary Varvel Cartoon Censored by the Indianapolis Star Newspaper 11/21/2014
The Blaze reported today that a  "Major Newspaper Pulls Cartoon Critical of Obama’s Immigration Reform After Many Call It ‘Racist.’"  This is another incident of yielding to Political Correctness and appeasing Illegal Alien advocates. Here is the "controversial" sarcastic but truthful cartoon. It depicts the intended consequences of President Obama's recent executive order giving amnesty to illegal aliens.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Remembering JFK Today, November 22, 2014

November 22, 1963 President John F. Kennedy died 51 years ago today.


Homosexual Leader Terrance Patrick Bean Charged With Raping Boy

This IS one of the unintended consequences of wholehearted and unequivocal acceptance of Homosexuality, Homosexual lifestyle and behavior. We are allowing this perversion to become institutionalized in our culture. There will be ramifications ... The following is an article I came across today written by Matt Barber. it is an eye-opener for anyone who thinks homosexuality is normal, natural, healthy for individuals and society.

How not surprising: Top homosexual charged with raping boy

Exclusive: Matt Barber notes high number of pedophiles who are homosexual




A Civil Right Issue: Abortion and Black Genocide

Hat tip goes to Chris (@Chris_1791) for his recent tweet. Abortion is the biggest killer of black children in the United States. It is not gangs, disease, or abuse that kills the most black babies, it is abortion! Afterall, Abortion is an American Holocaust, an American Atrocity.

You can investigate this issue further by viewing the movie Maafa 21 at

Ferguson, MO, What's Next?

There is an interesting article which I just read about what is happening and what is about to happen in Ferguson, MO. Will or how extensively will the federal government insert itself into the fray there? Read more in 'Why You Should Care and Keep an Eye on What's Happening in Ferguson, MO' . Here is a brief excerpt from the article:

Oh and don't forget about Black Panthers, the DOJ, the FBI and the likes of Al Sharpton. The same Al Sharpton that was once an FBI informant and is now a race baiting thug propped up by Obama to create racial tension/division in America. Yeah, they're ALL there in Ferguson right now. Heck the FBI just sent 100 agents to Ferguson to... wait for it... monitor the police response to "protestors."

Steve Kelly Cartoon as Found on 11/19/2014

Friday, November 21, 2014

Expect Two More Turbulent, Tyrannical, Troubled Years Under Obama

The following commentary is by former game show host and conservative Chuck Woolery from his  Save Us Chuck YouTube channel. He offers some ideas as to what we can expect in the last two years of the Barack Obama presidency, despite a Republican controlled Congress. The following quote from Chuck’s commentary says it all.

"Remember this presidency has never been about governing. It has always been about implementing his ideology." --- Chuck Woolery


GOP Response to Lawless President - Fight or Fright?

I saw this pertinent cartoon on the Americans for Limited Government's website.

Will Conservatives be Cruzing for a Fight?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lawless President to Defy Congress and Constitution and Proceed with Partial Amnesty for Illegal Aliens by Executive Order

Here are four cartoons that illustrate President Obama actions on partial #Amnesty  for Illegal Aliens, essentially rewarding criminals for their lawlessness. He essentially amends the immigration law on his own, which only Congress can do.

Will the Republicans take any action beyond Boehner bluster?

Glenn Foden Cartoon as Found on 11/20/2014

A Glenn McCoy Cartoon as Found on 11/20/14
Chip Bok Cartoon as Found on 11/20/2014

Obama's Welcome Mat

Amnesty should not even be a consideration until the Borders are secured. Borders have not been secured.

In his immigration speech tonight he said what we have today in America is amnesty. Again, Mr. Obama uses the tactics of the Left in redefining the meaning of words.

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