Sunday, November 09, 2014

Perverting Cleveland's Public Bathrooms

'Progressive' perversion promulgated by unprincipled politicians - priceless! Just ahead of the 2016 GOP Convention! What are these idiots thinking?

A Facebook friend alerted the more sane among us of another culture-crippling proposal by politicians who should be worrying about filling potholes and clearing the streets, city, and bathrooms of drug gangs and dealers Instead they want to placate the minuscule deviate element of our society.

The Facebook friend wrote, "...On Wednesday, Nov 12 (1:30 PM) there will be a committee meeting at Cleveland City Hall to discuss an ordinance being presented by Cleveland City Council members Cimperman and Zone to make all restrooms and showers in public places in Cleveland open to both men and women. 
"What this means (for example) is that if you attend a ballgame downtown with your little children or grandchildren you will be in jeopardy of having men and women of the opposite sex walk right into your bathroom putting your modesty and safety at risk.

"Here's what we need to do: Get car-loads and bus-loads of people to attend this meeting and let Cimperman and Zone know they are out of bounds with introducing this type of legislation."

 The article referred to above is Cleveland's transgender-friendly legislation would open all public restrooms and showers to both sexes


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