Monday, November 10, 2014

‘Transgendered’ Deviants Want Special Bathroom Pass in Cleveland

Secure the Restrooms!
Just when Cleveland was regaining a modicum of pride and respectability with the world’s greatest basketball player choosing to once again employ his craft in Northeastern Ohio. Just at a time when the ‘new’ Browns seem to be overcoming their loser mentality and status. Just at a time the city of Cleveland wins a huge prize in landing the 2016 Republican Convention. That’s when two clueless councilmen come up with the brilliant idea of fully implementing the depraved agenda of the godless Left thereby forcing the acceptance of double-minded, mixed-up men using women’s bathrooms, showers, and lipstick. You just shouldn’t be putting lipstick on a pig, should you?
I urge you to read the following press release from Tom Zawistowski, an advocate for sanity and reason, who really nails this issue squarely on the head!
... this is foolishness ...


Press Release
Contact: Tom Zawistowski, President, We the People Convention


Cleveland's Proposed "Transgender-friendly" legislation opening all restrooms to both sexes

Defines the Depravity of Left. 


Akron, OH - Tom Zawistowski, President of the We the People Convention, spoke out today about proposed legislation in Cleveland, Ohio that would allow people who "claim" to be transgender to decide at any time which public restroom or shower they wish to use at that moment. Furthermore, the legislation would provide fines of "not less than one thousand dollars ($1,000.00), or sentenced to not less than three (3) months imprisonment, or both" for any person or any business barring one gender from using a facility designated for the other that is a public restroom or shower. 


The authors of the Legislation, Matt Zone from Ward 15 and Joe Cimperman from Ward 3 in Cleveland, claim that this is "common sense legislation" and that "the measure is designed to give transgender people the power to use whichever restroom aligns with their gender identity" in an effort to help transgendered people feel more comfortable using public restrooms. On Wednesday, November 12, at 1:30 PM there will be a committee meeting in Cleveland City Hall to discuss the proposed ordinance.


Zawistowski, responded to the proposal by saying "The fact that the radical regressive Democratic left, continues to use gay and transgender citizen's to advance their anti-American, anti-liberty, anti-religious agenda is just beyond the pale.  Like the phony "gay-marriage" fight which has nothing to do with gay rights or marriage, but is simply a well hidden attack on religious freedom for the vast majority of US Citizens as well as an attack on America's critical social institutions, this insane legislation, has nothing to do with helping citizens who "claim" to be transgender to be more comfortable in society. All this does is raise anger against transgender citizens, not because of prejudice, but because the radical regressive left goes out of their way to put them in a position of looking like they are attacking non-transgender citizens by asking for laws the are discriminatory to the majority. They don't want equal rights, they want "special" additional rights."


Zawistowski went on to give several examples, "Look at Councilman Zone and Cimperman's quotes. Clearly there is nothing common sense about letting men into women's bathrooms without the consent of those women. But that is not the half of the problem. They say the measure is designed to "give transgender people the power" to use which ever restroom they want. Power over whom? Over the 99.7% of all Clevelander's who are not transgender! They don't want transgender citizens to be treated equally; they want to give them more rights than you and I - even if you don't live in Cleveland. What if our are from other parts of Ohio, and you are a woman who goes to Browns game, do you want men in the restroom with you who you don't know and haven't agreed to let in there with you? How would you like to be fined $1,000 if you try to throw them out of the women's restroom? This legislation intends to take away your rights to be safe and secure when you go to the restroom or shower and will do so without your permission. Do you want your 14 year old daughter or granddaughter to go into a restroom at a park or restaurant and be followed in there by some creepy guy you don't know? What happens the first time someone "claiming" to be transgender assaults a women in your place of business? Who do you think is going to get sued? The result of this legislation will not result in an infinitesimal minority of citizens feeling "more comfortable", it will result in nearly all other American's feeling uncomfortable and will cause there to be less "public" restrooms for everyone. Exactly what the left wants - public chaos and the destruction of our civil society and the institutions that support it! These Councilmen are unfit for office and clearly do not represent the interests of 99.7% of the voters in their wards or in all of Cleveland for that matter."


Zawistowski concluded by saying, "This is another in a long line of attacks by the radical regressive Democratic left to break down the norms of our society using semantics, like "gay-marriage" and "social justice", and emotional appeals of "injustice" to hide their true intent. Which is to take away our liberty and individual freedom to make our own decisions, all the while claiming to do the opposite. The left's is trying to take away the right of the majority of citizens to decide what is "normal" in our society and instead have the state tell us what we must accept as normal. That is not how it works in our representative republic, which is a form of democracy where power comes from the people to its representatives in order to implement the wishes of the majority while still protect the rights of minorities. No one is denying Transgender citizens the right to use a bathroom now, but a "claim" that somehow this makes them "uncomfortable" does not rise to the level of violating their rights - so that they can violate ours.  I hope that the citizens, pastors, and business owners of Cleveland show up in droves at the Committee meeting on Wednesday, to protect their rights and make it clear in no uncertain term that anyone who votes to take your rights away to give to someone else will not be in office for long."

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