Thursday, November 13, 2014

Conservatives Should Redefine "Racist"

Chuck Woolery has a regular YouTube video feature called Save Us Chuck. In his latest episode republished below Chuck Woolery offers a new definition of “racist.” Woolery posits that if liberals can redefine the original intent of words to drive their agenda or repackage it to mean entirely antithetical meanings, then why can’t conservatives also begin to redefine words. For example, liberals have reprocessed such words as “gay,” “progressive,” “choice” or “women’s rights” to suite their agenda.

Liberals love to use the term or label "racist" as a pejorative against conservatives all the time. It is one of their sure-fire tactics in many election cycles. So why can’t conservatives redefine such a word like “racist” to put across their fundamental beliefs as well?  Woolery spells out his conservative definition of racist:
Racist: A noun used to describe a person that holds the belief that people are responsible for their own actions regardless of their skin color or ethnicity.
In light of this new definition “racist” thus becomes a positive word expressing a basic tenet of conservatism, personal responsibility, which crosses all races and ethnicities. Why should the liberals and their fawning and complicit media friends have exclusivity on reinventing the meaning of long-standing words?

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