Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lawless President to Defy Congress and Constitution and Proceed with Partial Amnesty for Illegal Aliens by Executive Order

Here are four cartoons that illustrate President Obama actions on partial #Amnesty  for Illegal Aliens, essentially rewarding criminals for their lawlessness. He essentially amends the immigration law on his own, which only Congress can do.

Will the Republicans take any action beyond Boehner bluster?

Glenn Foden Cartoon as Found on 11/20/2014

A Glenn McCoy Cartoon as Found on 11/20/14
Chip Bok Cartoon as Found on 11/20/2014

Obama's Welcome Mat

Amnesty should not even be a consideration until the Borders are secured. Borders have not been secured.

In his immigration speech tonight he said what we have today in America is amnesty. Again, Mr. Obama uses the tactics of the Left in redefining the meaning of words.

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