Saturday, November 22, 2014

Ferguson, MO, What's Next?

There is an interesting article which I just read about what is happening and what is about to happen in Ferguson, MO. Will or how extensively will the federal government insert itself into the fray there? Read more in 'Why You Should Care and Keep an Eye on What's Happening in Ferguson, MO' . Here is a brief excerpt from the article:

Oh and don't forget about Black Panthers, the DOJ, the FBI and the likes of Al Sharpton. The same Al Sharpton that was once an FBI informant and is now a race baiting thug propped up by Obama to create racial tension/division in America. Yeah, they're ALL there in Ferguson right now. Heck the FBI just sent 100 agents to Ferguson to... wait for it... monitor the police response to "protestors."

Steve Kelly Cartoon as Found on 11/19/2014

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