Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Pariah Planned Parenthood Federation of America is Done, Stick a Forceps in IT!

 #UnbornLivesMatter, too.

Unborn babies, many mothers and fathers are the victims and the casualties of predatory Planned Parenthood's and the Left's protracted
"War in the Womb."
Planned ParentHOOD was founded by racist eugenicist and Nazi-inspiration Margaret Sanger, heroine of Hillary Clinton and icon of the Left.

Planned ParentHOOD covers-up underage rape victims.
Planned ParentHOOD commits Medicaid fraud.
Planned ParentHOOD receives over a 1/2 billion dollars for doing this.

Planned ParentHOOD should absolutely be defunded!

Planned ParentHOOD should not receive taxpayer dollars for its abhorent behavior, other entities could do a better job in woman's health.

Planned ParentHOOD has outlived any usefulness, that is, if it ever had any to start with.



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