Sunday, October 28, 2012

Five Reasons to Vote NObama NOw or in November

I have some very serious reservations regarding Governor Mitt Romney. This election season we are faced with two very sorry, poor, less than optimal choices for President of the United States. However, there is one of the two candidates who is absolutely unacceptable. Janet Porter's video below clearly describes why I will be voting NObama in November! I will not like it, but I will mark the ballot for Governor Romney.

The top five reasons Barack Obama should not be re-elected as President include:
·         Life - There is no question of where President Obama stands. He even believes in partial abortion. He voted three times against the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act. He turned his back on the will of the people and forced abortion to be included in ObamaCare. ObamaCare creates the Death Panel, who will prescribe what treatment Americans may or may not

·        Marriage CorruptionObama believes that same-sex couples should be able to get “married.” Chick-filet values are not Chicago values – Rahm Emanuel, and thank God they are not!

·         Israel – Obama could not meet with the Prime Minister of Israel, he was just too busy with David Letterman…

·         Freedom – What did Obama do when Islamist Jihadists murdered our Ambassador? He spent $100,000 for ads apologizing for the video, which they said caused the “protest.”

·         America – 46 million Americans are on food stamps, a 70% increase from 2007.

Two more reasons include:
AmnestyObama champions open borders and the Dream Act. He continues not to enforce immigration laws.
Massive Debt and Deficits – The Obama administration has undertaken unrestrained spending without living within a budget. What budget?  The Democrat controlled Senate has not approved a budget in nearly three years.

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