Thursday, August 01, 2013

"You May Lynch a Black Slave If..."

by Dr. Patrick Johnston

July 25, 2013
If it were legal to murder people who fit your description, would you consider it "loving" to regulate how and when you may be murdered? No? Then "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." 
What about Texas' "20-Week" Abortion Bill?
I was asked to lend my support for the Texas "20-week" bill in its infancy, but once I read it I could not. Many pro-life leaders support such bills, yet haven't even read the bill. Some of these bills re-affirm Roe v. Wade, dehumanize the preborn, and justify the killing of some children. Those supporting such bills believe that the abortion any preborn child is murder, and yet their bills permit some murder. Hypocrisy is not a fruit of the Spirit. It's like an opponent to slavery in the colonial era actually owning a slave. It's like condemning the lynching of slaves UNLESS the lyncher is informed that the slave can feel pain (similar to the fetal pain awareness bills). Or unless the lyncher has viewed a mandatory ultrasound of the slave's heartbeat first. Or unless the slave being lynched is under a certain age.

The Texas "20-week" bill actually nullifies itself if it poses an "undue burden" on a women intent on killing her baby. The Ohio Heartbeat Bill actually nullifies itself if a judge overturns it!

Since when do godless judges and undue burdens" on murderers trump the commandment "Do no murder"?

"Some lives will be saved," the argument is made. That remains to be seen. A federal judge recently overturned North Dakota's heartbeat bill, calling it "unconstitutional". Many oppose personhood bills because they worry that the courts will overturn them, but many of these regulatory bills get overturned, too. If we'd start trying to protect all the threatened children, instead of trying to legalize circumstances in which they may be killed, or designating an age at which they may be killed, then maybe we've have a law worth defying the feds over, a law God would bless.

Think about this: Should we "do evil that good may come"? Would you blaspheme God's name to stop an assault? Would you commit sodomy to stop a terrorist attack? Would you dismember and kill one Downs Syndrome baby in order to save others from dying?

You shouldn't, not if God's law is the standard of right and wrong. Relative morality is affront to God's sovereignty and Jesus' lordship. Situational ethics is a satanic alternative to God's rule. God is the standard of morality and justice, and "He that keeps the whole law and offends in one point is guilty of all" (James 2:10). His law says "Thou shalt not kill", not "Kill this baby, but not this baby." Thou shalt not kill!

We shouldn't be hypocrites, condemning the murder of dehumanized babies out of one side of our mouths, and justifying the murder of some dehumanized babies out of the other side of our mouths through supporting compromised bills. Read the bill before you fall prey to the advertising campaigns, and be sure that is compatible with God's Word.

The American Right to Life articles "Oppose Abortion Regulations Because..."and "Oppose Abortion Exceptions Because..." show why Christians cannot support most so-called pro-life bills that
- attempt to regulate abortion (for example, bills attempting to make child-killing clinics more sanitary, safer for the killers); or
- designate an age at which some children may be killed (like most heartbeat bills and late-term abortion bans), or
- designate circumstances, such as rape, incest, or fetal handicap, when some children may be killed.

Study these articles, and learn the biblical arguments well, for just as in the days of American slavery, when many Christians rested content with "incremental" bills regulating the slave trade, so today many of God's people are comfortable with some child-killing, bringing the guilt of innocent blood on themselves.

We don't have to wander the wilderness of "abortion regulation", staining our hands with the blood of the innocent children our legislation permits to be murdered. No! We can enter the Promised Land of "liberty and justice for all." "It is not the will of your Father in heaven that one of these children should perish", and "if we ask anything in His name, believing we have received it, we will have it." Will you pray and believe with us? Will you help us?

Join our cause. Don't try to regulate the killing. Be an abortion abolitionist.

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