Friday, February 28, 2014

2014 Family Economics & Mentorship Conference

Real Solutions in an Increasingly Turbulent EconomyMarch 27-29, 2014 | Denver, Colorado

Families around America are beginning to see the vision for work and economics that existed for over 4,000 years—family-based production in the context of the household. While politicians are positioning for power and bankers scheme on the future of the world financial markets, we’re preparing families to grab a hammer and anvil to forge a fruitful household economy for the kingdom of God! Health care is a major concern in family economics.

Have you ever wondered how people provided for health care needs before there were big hospitals, nursing homes, and complicated insurance plans? Believe it or not, Christian families and churches took care of their own! At Samaritan Ministries, we believe not only in sharing financial needs within the Body of Christ, but also in providing real, relational health care for the sick and elderly in our families and churches.

Far too many Americans have embraced the "solution" of government-subsidized health care, but I'm hopeful and excited about the future of the family economy! So, join me at the 2014 Family Economics & Mentorship Conference for a close look at what it means to work, give, learn, and care for each other in a unified-household economy.

What to Expect at the Family Economics Conference

Through the lineup of dynamic speakers, interactive panel discussions and practical workshops, and one-on-one encouragement, you will be equipped to take the next steps in incorporating a Biblical vision for your family's economics, health care, and education on every level.

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