Saturday, March 29, 2014

Stealth Islamic Jihad and Progressive Cultural Perversion

Some entity or individual(s) in the Muslim community In Columbus, Ohio and in other cities in the United States recently purchased billboards insulting to Christianity. This incendiary advertisement, during the most sacred of Christian holiday seasons, which culminates with Easter, was meant to test the Christian response. Would there be apathy? Is this the prelude to further insult or injury? Who knows?

Well not all Christians stood idly by and ignored this travesty. Several Christians organized a rally to protest the false message being portrayed and propagated on the billboard. The billboard was changed once the media began to cover the story. The new message as I saw it today read “Muslims love Jesus, too,” which was quite a different message.

At the morning protest, held despite the leftover winter weather – 36 degrees and a cold biting rain – drew a crowd of between 50 and 100 people. Actually this "protest" could actually be considered a praise rally, where the name and nature of the real Jesus was raised up.
There was one lone Islamist with a megaphone across the street under the billboard spouting his falsehoods. I paid no attention, except that he said something to the effect that we were telling lies about Islam. What nerve, a case of the teapot calling the kettle black!

 A half dozen men or so Christian activists and leaders along with one recently returning veteran woman, gave speeches accurately describing the truth about Islam and pointing out the inconsistencies and lies that the preachers of this false so-called religion so easy inflict on the sheeple of America.

One of the speakers perceptively described the truth about the “Jesus is Muslim” billboard. He said that in a court of law, making such a testimony would be considered perjury. He said that in a civil lawsuit, it would be considered slander or defamation of character. He stated that in the church, that statement is considered heresy. An in regard to the bible, that statement would be considered blasphemy against God. Above all “Jesus is Muslim” is a lie straight from the pit of hell.

The Progressive Movement in many ways parallels that hypocrisy and bigotry of Islam. Much of the Progressive Movement is built on lies, like the “fact” that abortion is merely the exercise of a woman’s so-called reproductive rights, while ignoring the basic right to life of the aborted child. The left touts its stand against discrimination against homosexual and lesbian behavior and calls for “marriage equality.” Essentially this is calling for the institutionalization of perversion. Global Warming and Evolution are also part of the Progressive religion’s creed.

The progressives’ agenda of mainstreaming and forcing the acceptance and approval of abortion and homosexuality on our society, climate change, evolution, etc. is dangerous. Likewise, Islamists are using the freedom permitted in this country to spread their perverse, vile, and violent political-militaristic-religious system on America, which is equally destructive. One of the speakers pointed out that in Saudi Arabia there was no freedom of religion, except for Islam. In the United States more and more it seems that unless you fully embrace the Liberal or Progressive Agenda you are flat out wrong, haters, intolerable and bigoted.

Islamist and Liberal Progressives seek to anesthetize and desensitize Americans, hoping we will disregard or treat as irrelevant the principles and values that made America great and exceptional in the first place. The church and Christians, conservatives, and all patriots need to wake up and begin to plug the holes in the dyke holding back the water that, if uncontained, will drown our culture.
Here are some of the signs I saw today in the crowd included:
*   Jesus is God and He Loves the Muslim (the sign I brought)
*   Wake up Church
*   Jesus is Lord
*   Jesus is the Standard
*   Jesus Lord of Lords
*   Stop Supporting Pagan Traditions
Here is more information about the "Jesus is Muslim" billboard controversy by Dave Daubenmire, one of the key organizers of the praise and protest rally.


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