Sunday, April 27, 2014

Here's a Loud Wake Up Call for the GOP in 2014

Here is an powerful open letter to all the GOP representatives in the United States House of Representatives penned by Judson Phillips of the Tea Party Nation. He clearly lays out the current political landscape on the Republican side of the aisle going into the Primary and Mid-Term Elections. I believe he captures my sentiments and that of many conservatives, who a frustrated and feed up with the lack of principled leadership the past 4 years on the part of Republicans in the House and the Senate.

Dear Conservative Republican Members of the House of Representatives,
It is time for you to act.
You are out of time.  The fate of the nation as well as the Republican Party rests in your hands.
A little history is worth remembering here.
In 2006 and 2008, the Republican Party was slaughtered.  The GOP was on the endangered species list.  One more bad election and the GOP would have taken its place as a minor party, with only slightly more members than the flat Earth society.
Then came the Tea Party. 
We saved the GOP.
We only asked for a few things in return.  We asked for smaller government.  We asked you to stand up against wasteful government spending and we asked you to at least defund Obamacare, if not force its repeal
Once the Republicans took over in 2011, all we got was John Boehner’s freshly laundered white flag of surrender. He surrendered on the debt ceiling, he surrendered on spending and he surrendered on Obamacare.
Every time we conservatives wanted to fight Obamacare, the GOP leadership told us it was not the right time and Majority Leader Eric Cantor helpfully offered yet another totally meaningless vote that he knew was not going anywhere.
Now Cathy McMorris Rodgers says Obamacare is here to stay.  John Boehner is now saying it is too late to repeal Obamacare, let’s just commit political suicide by passing Amnesty.
You have a choice to make. 
Revolt or die.
Revolt and depose the entire leadership team of Boehner, Cantor, Whip Kevin McCarthy and McMorris-Rodgers or see the end of the Republican Party.
Chris Cillizza writing in his blog “The Fix” on the Washington Post website, on Friday posed the question, will the Tea Party walk away from the GOP in 2016?
Forget 2016!  If the GOP follows Boehner’s lead right on to the crazy train, the Tea Party will leave in 2014.
If the Republican Party isn’t going to cut taxes, cut spending and stop Amnesty, what good is it?
If the conservative base, wanted higher spending, higher taxes, Obamacare and Amnesty, all we needed to do was stay home and let Nancy Pelosi become Speaker again.
Either the House Leadership is replaced by conservatives or you will see conservatives walk this fall. 
For any Republican Members of the House currently suffering from Potomac Fever, here is a clue.  K Street cannot reelect you.  The Chamber of Commerce cannot reelect you.  The conservative activists in your districts are the ones who reelect you.  It would only take a switch of 16 to 18 seats to put Nancy Pelosi back in the Speaker’s chair.
Vote them out because you oppose them on principle or vote them out and replace them with conservatives simply because you want to stay in the majority.
The choice is yours.  Either live up to the conservative values that you claim you support or watch conservative voters leave the GOP for a new party.
Choose well.

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