Friday, March 06, 2015

Cincinnati Gay Rights Activist Faked Abduction

Adam Hoover, a Cincinnati gay rights activist, called 911 claiming that he had been abducted and was forced into the trunk of his car.  I am guessing that this was an attempt to smear pro-family values Christians.  I am wondering how the news media is going to proceed with this story.

Remember the Matthew Shepard case?  Matthew's mother and others are still using him as an example of why we need so-called "hate crimes" laws to give "hated" groups like homosexuals extra protection under the law because they are supposedly more hated than others.  But it was later found that the motive of Matthew Shepard's murderers was robbery and they had no idea that he was gay.  Yet they still go around to schools and colleges giving speeches about how we need extra protection for gays because of Matthew's murder.

But back to Adam Hoover.  Why would anyone be so dumb as to force someone into the trunk of a car without first taking their communication devices away from them?  Why would Adam be so dumb as to think that he was going to get away with this?  When are people going to wake up realize that the gay agenda is not about equality or getting rid of hate, but is about selfishness and dishonesty?  The police had to respond to Adam's call because at first they had no way of knowing that it wasn't a real emergency situation.  Other people could have lost their possessions or even their lives due to crimes because the police were tied up with this phony report.  Even if he had a just cause (which he doesn't) it is totally wrong to make a false report to the police.  It is pure selfishness.

Homosexuality is dirty and degrading.  But this does not make me want to abduct or murder a homosexual.  Nor does it make anybody else want to do this.  Prostitution, child molestation, and bestiality are also dirty and degrading.  But I am not going to go out and abduct any of those perverts either.  Rather, I would try to gently and lovingly convince any who engage in any form of sexual immorality to repent and trust in Jesus.  But this does not make for a good story according to the mainstream news media.

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