Friday, December 18, 2015

Omnibus Spending Bill, Winners & Losers

Pelosi and Democrats Gleeful After Soundly Defeating Republicans

Omnibus Spending Bill Winners:

*  The Democrat Party led by President Barrack Obama,
*  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi,
*  Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid,
*  The Planned Parenthood Federation of America
*  Muslim Syrian Refugees
*  Islamic Terrorists

Omnibus Spending Losers:

*  America
*  The Republican voter base
*  Taxpayers
*  Tea Party members
*  Conservatives
*  Pro-Life supporters

Including the Republican Party
Voter Base

While the Democrats celebrate the monstrous Omnibus, which funds nearly all of their perverse progressive agenda, Rush Limbaugh suggests the GOP only makes only excuses for its inaction, and intentionally has disenfranchised its voting base, with the intent on broadening its appeal to non-conservative voters.

Basically the passage of the Omnibus Spending Bill today, December 18, 2015, was the willful not-so-sweet-surrender by establishment-led Republicans of both Houses of Congress to the Democrat Party Progressive Agenda. There was not an iota of real resistance. The GOP intentionally gave up their constitutional-given Power of the Purse in return apparently for keeping the bloated government from shutting down and preserving the status quo.

My Congressman, Pat Tiberi (RINO - OH 12) voted for Planned Parenthood funding, Muslim Syrian Refugee Resettlement Program of Obama, ObamaCare, and Obama's Executive Amnesty. Senator Rob Portman (RINO - OH) voted against the spending bill.

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