Thursday, May 03, 2012

Kamal Saleem: A Muslim Cries Out to Jesus

The above video is about a man named Kamal Saleem.  Kamal was raised to be a Muslim.  He believed that he was chosen to be warrior in a cultural jihad against Christianity.  This means that he was trying to change the American culture from a place where people are free to worship as they please into a nation ruled by domineering Muslim principles.  But after a horrific car accident, some "Good Samaritan" Christians were very generous in helping Kamal with his physical needs, one even allowing him to stay in his home while he recovered!  Kamal thought that the Christians hated him and would kill him, but the love of Christ won him over.  Instead of burning Korans, bombing Middle Eastern cities, and frightening people about how the "boogey man from Iran" (Amadinajad) is somehow going to get us, why don't we change our tactics?  Why don't we love them as Christ does?

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