Sunday, June 17, 2012

Barry and Caroline on the Far (Left) Side

Barry and Caroline Sitting on the Far Left

Here is a piece of campaign propaganda I received from Caroline Kennedy on behalf of fellow Leftist Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama.

Greg --

I grew up in the White House. I remember as a small child visiting my father in the Oval Office while he worked.

But really, we could have been growing up in any American home. We were just children, happy to see our dad -- even if he was stepping out of a helicopter that had landed on our front lawn.

That's why, on Father's Day, I'm thinking of Michelle Obama and the girls, and the time they'll get to spend with the President as a family.

I can appreciate how long the days can be -- and how wonderful it feels to know that, no matter how full your father's plate is, you're the best part of his day and the most important part of his life.

So I'm joining Michelle and others all around the country to wish the President a happy Father's Day.
As you acknowledge a special father figure in your own life, I hope you'll join me by adding your name to tell Barack how much he means to all of us:

Thanks, and happy Father's Day to every dad out there.

Her email prompted this reply from me:

Caroline –
Te only card I wish to sign is Mr. Obama's retirement card in January of 2013.
- gregjaye

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