Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Journalistic Jihad in America

Andrea Mitchell, reading the government approved news on MSNBC, commits a Dan Rather journalistic jihad when she deliberately manipulates a story on a recent Mitt Romney visit to a convenient store in Pennsylvania.
Check out these videos as discussed on several conservative radio shows throughout the day today:

How the Main Stream Media Lies Through Deliberate Editing for Political Affect:

Here’s What Was Actually Said:

Compare fantasy with reality, lies with truth, manipulation with accuracy, leftist propaganda with accurate reporting, evil with good.

This is just another example of blatant misreporting or molding the news to fit a leftist political agenda, that of a failed socialist President. It is the closest thing in America to Soviet Union style news reporting. It is government sanctioned and sanitized “news.”
Read more here via a superbly covered assessment of the incident by Rush Limbaugh. This was documented in a transcript of a portion of his show today:

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