Thursday, July 25, 2013

Does the Mother's Severe Illness Justify Aborting Her Baby?

by Dr. Patrick Johnston

I grieve when I look at the lawless, immoral, unconstitutional fake pro-life bills that are being pushed in Texas and in other states. It is so discouraging to see the thousands of earnest pro-life Christians rallying for a feel-good bill that doesn't really protect children. As Tom Hoefling said, "When evil has a phony fight with evil, and good doesn't show up on the field, evil wins, every time."

What's wrong with the Texas "20 week" bill? Itcreates a new class of sub-humans who may be destroyed; namely, those who they claim cannot "feel pain." The bill also justifies abortion in cases of rape, whether the baby feels pain or not. Moreover, the bill contains language which nullifies itself if its restrictions are found to impose an "undue burden" or "substantial obstacle" in the path of any woman in her attempt to abort her baby. It's almost as if abortionists wrote a bill and tricked pro-lifers into supporting it.

April's edition of Answers magazine, which is produced by the Christian ministry Answers in Genesis and Ken Ham, highlights an article written by AIG author Dr. Tommy Mitchell that justifies abortion in a case of maternal health. He gives the example of a pregnant woman with leukemia who requires immediate chemotherapy. The chemotherapy may likely kill the baby, he argues, so the abortion is justified.
In spite of being presented with evidence of scientific studies showing that chemotherapy is "relatively safe" for preborn children and not as dangerous as once thought, they have held their ground and refuse to budge on their justification for the killing of some babies.
In a face to face meeting early this year, AIG leaders also justified abortion in cases of HELLP syndrome. While speaking at a homeschool convention this summer, I had the honor of meeting Darren and Michelle Blough, and their two beautiful children Moriyah and Nathaniel, both of whom were born in spite of HELLP syndrome. Babies can survive it! You don't have to kill babies to save their mothers!
The Blough family
With the second pregnancy, Michelle also had eclampsia, and kidney failure. She was on dialysis and had a dozen units of blood. She was intubated. What would have saved the mother's life, according to the physicians? "Terminating the pregnancy," of course. I thank God that they listened to the voice of conscience and God's Word, and not the voice of godless physicians who think it's okay to sometimes kill helpless babies.
A baby AIG justified killing
Moriyah, a baby that Answers in Genesis leaders justify aborting
As the Blough family's testimony shows, killing babies isn't good healthcare after all. And it's not good pro-life policy either, for it abandons God's blessing for a bill the devil could "Amen," and perpetuates the abortion holocaust.
A more thorough refutation of AIG's position on justify abortion in cases of maternal health, see my article "With the Compromise of Answers in Genesis, a Giant Has Fallen."

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