Thursday, July 04, 2013

SCOTUS Ruling on Marriage

The Supreme Court ruled that a portion of DOMA is unconstitutional.  This was the portion which does not allow same-sex couples to be included in the definition of marriage for purposes of Federal law.  They did not strike down the portion of DOMA which allows the states to keep their definitions of marriage.  They decided not to rule on the constitutionality of California's Proposition 8, which defined marriage as being between one man and one woman in the state of California.

What this means is that any federal law which provides immunities or privileges (i.e. tax breaks) for married couples must also apply for same-sex couples who considered to be married by the laws in the state in which they reside.  This is unacceptable.  The government should never encourage sinful behavior.

The reasoning that the court gave for this is that federal government had no authority to punish people for engaging in a homosexual relationship.  But what about people who are NOT gay, but are not married?  Isn't it just as wrong to punish them (if depriving someone of a tax break is to be considered a punishment)?  A what about the court's ruling that the federal mandate to purchase health insurance is just a tax?  They are saying that the federal government can "punish" you (by making you pay more taxes) for not purchasing health insurance (which includes abortion coverage) and it can "punish" you for not choosing to be single, but it cannot "punish" you for choosing a same-sex partner rather than an opposite-sex partner .

In my opinion, conservatives in Congress should abolish all Federal laws which contain the word "marriage".  That way, no homosexual couple would get any tax breaks and the federal government will not be promoting sinful behavior by these tax laws and other laws which give people special rights.  In most, if not all, cases these were bad laws to begin with.  Congress should repeal the Estate tax so that entering a homosexual relationship does not give you a tax break.  You shouldn't have to pay an inheritance tax no matter who you inherit from.  But I don't think that any of my ideas will go over with even the so called "conservatives" in Congress.  That would make too much sense.  They don't do anything right.

The other thing that I would point out is that this may never have happened if the Marriage Protection Act had passed.  Ron Paul supported this bill, but Rick Santorum did not.  Conservatives need to examine the voting records of candidates more closely and not pay too much attention to their rhetoric.  Click the Marriage Protection Act label below.

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