Thursday, September 10, 2015

After the Ruling, part 2

This is part 2 in a series of articles about what to do in the wake of the wicked decision by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) to force states to recognize same-sex unions as if they were marriages.  It’s time to stop compromising and get back to doing what is right.  It’s time to stop getting hung up on things that don’t matter and to prepare for what is likely to be a great persecution.

What can an individual do in these times?

As an individual, every time you make a purchase or get paid by an employer, you are paying taxes that can be used to murder unborn babies.  And now that “gay marriage” is “the law of the land” your taxes will also soon be used to subsidize sodomy if they aren’t already.  Prepare yourself to try to make due with things you already have or can get for free.  Expect that as time goes on, more and more of your taxes will be used for wicked purposes.  So if there is anything that you will need in the future, buy it now. 

Be protective of your personal information.  Treat the government, especially the federal government, as if it were just another criminal trying to get information from you to steal from you or to use against you.  Romans 13 teaches that we should obey governing authorities, but this is talking about legitimate government.  This is talking about a government which rewards those who do good and punishes those who do evil.  Since the federal government does the exact opposite of what Romans 13 describes, there is no need to regard it as such.  There are so many federal rules and regulations, you couldn’t possibly obey all of them even if you wanted to.  But don’t try to confront the government by yourself; instead try to avoid dealing with it as much as possible.  Use the “turn the other cheek” principle up to the point where the government starts to force you participate in sinful behavior.

As much as possible, buy your food at small farmer’s markets or grow it yourself.  Whenever you have to buy food at grocery store, buy foods that can be stored for long periods of time in bulk so that less of your money will be used to support sodomy and baby killing. 

If you can get by without having a job, then do so.  If your job requires you to recognize or support sodomite relationships, then refuse to comply.  If you get fired, all the better.  God will take care of you if you truly put your trust in Jesus, believing the words he speaks in the Bible. 
Don’t join the military.  Remember who the Commander-in-Chief is.  If you’re already in it, get out ASAP.  If you can’t get out of it legally, join Oath Keepers.

Get off of health insurance and join a Christian health sharing group like Samaritan Ministries.  Find doctors who take patients who don’t have insurance.  Boycott any hospital or doctor involved in baby killing, sex change operations, Gardasil shots or any other immoral practice.

Don’t get social security numbers for your children.  Don’t encourage them to register with selective service or to get on any other government lists.  If things get really bad, don’t even get them birth certificates.

Homeschool your children.  Ask members of your church for help with this if you are not good at any particular subject or at teaching in general.  Teach your children morality, the Bible and how to survive in times of persecution.  Don’t allow ungodly people to brainwash them.  Don’t allow them to be put into situations where they will be unnecessarily tempted to sin, especially the sin of premarital sex.

I don’t recommend getting rid of land to avoid paying property taxes.  Those taxes will be paid no matter who owns the land.  It is best just to keep your property values as low as possible so that as little taxes as possible will wind up in the hands of the sodomites and baby killers.  Get off the grid and use solar energy instead. 

If you own a business, it is not necessarily wrong to hire non-Christian employees even if they are sodomites.  (Employing or doing business with a sodomite isn’t any worse than it is with any other sinner.)  But if the government gives them non-discrimination rights then watch out.  Be prepared and willing to lose your business for the sake of Christ.  Do not tolerate anything that is an incentive to commit sodomy.  If you are required to give the same benefits to same-sex partners as you do to real spouses of your employees, then don’t give any marriage benefits at all if this is an option for you.  Another option is to allow all employees to choose any other person (not necessarily a spouse) to receive the benefits.  Otherwise you must either defy the government or defy God.  Do not sell anything to a sodomite if you know that they are going to use the good or service in a same-sex marriage ceremony.  If you own a pharmacy, don’t sell drugs that can be used to murder babies.

Sell all stocks, mutual funds and bonds and don’t fall for bitcoin or other “alternative money” schemes.  Buy gold, silver, guns and ammo other tangible assets necessary for survival.    Use weapons only as a last resort to protect you and your family.  When necessary, employ non-violent forms of civil disobedience which do not infringe on the legitimate rights of others.  Be forgiving.  Search for a church with like-minded Christians preferably with the characteristics which will be described, Lord willing, in my next article.

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