Saturday, September 05, 2015

SATURDAY SATIRE: The Great Wall of Donald Trump

Hat tip goes to Walter Cronkite @CronkiteSays on Twitter who "reported" this BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump outlines his plan to build a wall to protect The American way of life.

Purging California

This would not be such a bad idea. A lot of the most seamy stuff originates in California especially Hollywood. So maybe a wall would slow down or prevent some of the worst of Governor Jerry "Moon Beam" Davis-led perverted and radical anti-American ideology and policies.

The Trump-It Sounds

Donald Trump is a super showman and wheeler-dealer, however, his candidacy for Presidential will be a relatively short-term phenomena. His campaign will burn out during or before the early primaries. He is performing a great service, however, in bringing to the forefront some of the major issues both the Democrat President and the Republican Congressional Leaders refuse to deal with or address or are going against the will of the majority of the  people.

In the End Trump is Not THE Answer

Immigration, indeed, is a very important issue and Trump has capitalized on Americans frustrations and is bringing attention to it. However, he is incoherent, undisciplined in addressing critical conservative social issues such as protecting Life or Marriage.  In my estimation Donald Trump is a closet Democrat who has found and is effectively using a "conservative" shtick, it is resonating for the time being with many Americans on a number of issues.

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