Wednesday, March 02, 2016

The Next Two Weeks: Stopping, or Struck By -- the Trump Express?


The field of Republican candidates has narrowed significantly. We now have only four candidates with Dr. Ben Carson apparently ending his campaign this afternoon. The next two weeks should narrow the field even further.


The big question that may be answered over the next two weeks is: can Senator Ted Cruz stop the Turbulent Trumpster? Or, will Donald Trump really achieve a hostile takeover of the GOP?

The questions may be answered by the results of the series of next primaries and caucuses. I saw an excellent tweet by Cindy Brown (@LiveFreedomOrDi) tonight which outlined the upcoming primaries and caucuses for the next two weeks. She linked to an article on  That article was such a clear and concise outline that I'm reproducing it below. You can check out the original post at the link below.


Going into the next two week of primaries and debates is another Fox News GOP Debate. The gloves are off. Will Marco Rubio continue to stand up to the school yard bully and exchange personal attacks? Will the moderators guide the debate on real issues or will they feed the personal attack frenzy for ratings? Will Ted Cruz be able to nail down Trump to specifics on any of the issues? The winner of the debate may improve their position in the upcoming contests. 

If interested and you don't have cable access, you can watch the Fox News 2016 Republican Presidential Debate via Live Stream Video Online tomorrow, Thursday, 3/3/2016 at 9 PM ET, from Detroit, Michigan by clicking here.


Below is a list of all the upcoming elections with their 761 delegates that are up for grabs between now and March 15, when most states become Winner-Take-All:

Saturday, March 5 -- 155 Delegates Total

Kansas........40 Delegates, Proportional, Closed Caucus
Kentucky......46 Delegates, Proportional, Closed Caucus
Louisiana.....46 Delegates, Proportional, Closed Primary
Maine.........23 Delegates, Proportional, Closed Caucus

Sunday, March 6 -- 23 Delegates Total

Puerto Rico........23 Delegates, Proportional, Open Primary

Tuesday, March 8 -- 150 Delegates Total

Hawaii........19 Delegates, Proportional, Closed Caucus
Idaho.........32 Delegates, Proportional, Closed Primary
Michigan......59 Delegates, Proportional, Closed Primary
Mississippi...40 Delegates, Proportional, Open Primary

Thursday, March 10 -- 9 Delegates Total

Virgin Islands..9 Delegates, Winner Take All, Open Caucus

Saturday, March 12 -- 57 Delegates Total

Wash. DC......19 Delegates, Proportional, Closed Convention
Guam...........9 Delegates, Unbound, Closed Convention
Wyoming.......29 Delegates, Unbound, Closed Caucus

Tuesday, March 15 -- 367 Delegates Total

Florida.......99 Delegates, Winner Take All, Closed Primary
Illinois......69 Delegates, Winner Take All, Open Primary
Missouri......52 Delegates, Winner Take All, Open Primary
N Carolina....72 Delegates, Proportional, Open Primary
N Mariana Is...9 Delegates, Winner Take All, Closed Caucus
Ohio..........66 Delegates, Winner Take All, Open Primary

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