Thursday, November 10, 2016

Trumps First 100 Day Do List, A Progressive and a Conservative Viewpoint

Here is my response to the AlterNet article, "16 Worst Things We Can Expect From Trump's First 100 Days Real damage awaits as Trump and the GOP take power,referred to below.  

"Except for Number 9, which I would substitute with the following, "Protect the freedom to express one's religious beliefs by abolishing the hateful vile Obama Administration's transvestite and homosexual condoning mandates in our schools and in the military," I would concur with the most of list that the author outlines. This is an excellent list for President-elect to follow and to implement in his first 100 day. There is much that needs to be reversed from the previous 8 years...

"Refusing to participate in or in committing an abortion by a physician or nurse, to pray anywhere, to celebrate Christmas in public, to have the freedom NOT to participate in a same-sex "marriage" without penalty of the law are a clear expression of a true Christ-follower's right and freedom of conscience. Sexual perversion should never trump freedom of religious expression/belief."

I added some comments to the list outlined by the article's author following the quote:

America’s system of political checks and balances may vanish in the first 100 days of a Donald Trump presidency and Republican-run Congress. Facing no restraints other than protests they can ignore, Republicans driven by far right-wing ideologies, partisan score-settling and fealty to corporate America may seek to erase all traces of the Obama years and reset the political and judicial stage for years to come.

It’s not just Trump’s draconian campaign pledges that stand to be initiated or imposed. House tea partiers who have been obstructing and investigating the Obama administration for years and Senate Republican leaders who put their party’s interests before the nation by blocking jobs bills, infrastructure bills and Supreme Court nominees, now feel vindicated.

Let’s go through 16 worst-case scenarios that could mark Trump’s first 100 days.        

1. Special prosecutor targets Hillary Clinton
. This goes beyond the chants of “lock her up” at Trump rallies. During the debates, Trump said that Hillary Clinton deserved to be in jail, and many House Republicans were fuming that the FBI announced her use of a private email server didn’t warrant a Justice Department prosecution. The House, and the U.S. attorney general, both have the power to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate any government officials for misconduct in office. Will they?  read more.


"1. Special prosecutor targets Hillary Clinton..." Do a comprehensive investigation of Secretary Hillary Clinton if Obama has not "pardoned" her before he leaves office, or if she has not fled the country. 

"2. Scalia clone to Supreme Court..." Or, appoint a true conservative justice who will interpret and not make laws, which is a function reserved for Congress.

"3. Scuttle international treaties..." Or, revisit all treaties to see which need to be renegotiated to be fair to America. 

"4. Climate change denial actions..." Or, employ true science and reason in the debate that alleges man-causes massive climate change. Expose the hoax.

"5. Roll the clock back on abortion..." Better yet, how about ending abortion? End the savage child abuse and genocide once and for all? Oh, and completely defund Planned Parenthood. Stop subsidizing this abortion giant. Abortions are 1/3 of what they do.

"6. Sign a law repealing Obamacare..." Or, repeal and replace this onerous law enacted by deceit.

"7. Repeal Obama’s immigration orders..." Return to the notice of enforcing existing immigration laws, not turning a blind eye to the massive entry of illegals over our border and those who overstay their visas.

"8. Start building a Mexico border wall..." In other words, begin to do whatever is necessary to secure our borders. Let Border Agents do their jobs.

"9. Normalize bullying and hate crimes..." Since when is expressing ones sincere religious beliefs "bullying" and "hate"? Truth is indeed hate to those who hate the truth!

"10. Repeal other Obama executive orders..." Restore separation of powers, which Obama grossly overreached.

"11. Pre-empt the pot laws passed by states..." Again, how about following the laws on the books. There are provisions to change the law, federal or state. Let's not take short-cuts to implement more perversity.

"12. Loosen gun controls nationwide..." How about protecting gun rights instead of implementing gun-control and gun-free zones? How about going after the real culprits, the drug cartels and gangs who own illegal guns?

"13. Roll back consumer protections..." How about loosening regulations and letting the market work? 

"14. Start the privatization bandwagon..." How about having the government concentrate on its enumerated powers and responsibilities - like national securtiy - and back off of everything else? Let the states and individuals and the market work.

"15. Cut taxes, increase military spending..." What a novel idea! Cut taxes to boost the economy. Increase military readiness in anticipation of what our enemies may try to do.

"16. Bomb ISIS and increase foreign wars..."  How about playing to win? Untie the hands of our military to prosecute any conflict in which we are involved.


The AlterNet author unknowingly outlines a good initial list of what the President Trump Administration should do to correct the vast mistakes of the past 8 years... He has a real challenge. He needs our support and prayers to accomplish this list and more!

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