Thursday, March 29, 2012

Who In the World Said That?!

 Patrick Johnston, the director of Personhood Ohio, has come up with an interesting contest.  Personhood Ohio exists to support the Ohio Personhood Amendment, the only proposed legislation to restore all God given rights to the unborn in Ohio.  Here is Patrick's idea:
A couple weeks ago, the Johnston family manned a booth at the Cleveland Right to Life Convention. Hundreds signed and took petitions and lit, and we had lengthy conversations with many faithful pro-lifers - including several positive conversations with leaders reluctant to support our Personhood Amendment. Tom Raddell, George Porter and I met with two theological consultants to the Ohio Catholic bishops, and had a very profitable discussion. 
Pray that the seeds sown will bear fruit, and that these leaders will catch the vision to end abortion in Ohio this year through the Ohio Personhood Amendment. For a prize, see if you can match up the quote with the pro-life leader:  
1. "I agree with the Ohio Personhood Amendment in principle - personhood should be established at conception - but I don't think it will work."

2. "I know Section B of your Amendment says that 'This Amendment shall not affect genuine contraception' that doesn't kill children, but some can interpret that to mean that this Amendment shall affect contraception. Just mentioning contraception can be seen as an endorsement of contraception."  
3. "I'm against personhood. It's bad strategy. Roe versus Wade is the law of the land."  
4. "Put personhood amendments aside [and] focus on ending abortion."  
5. "We're working with Tom Raddell, and gathering signatures in front of the abortion clinic and at my parish."
6. "The Supreme Court wouldn't uphold the Ohio Personhood Amendment if it passed. We need a Human Life Amendment at the federal level to end abortion here."  
7. After signing and then crossing out his own signature, he said, "If the Ohio Personhood Amendment passed, then the liberals will be taking busloads of pregnant women to other states to get their abortions."  
A. Denise Mackura, former director of Ohio RTL 
B. Mike Gonadakis, director of Ohio RTL 
C. Austin Ruse, president of Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute 
D. Steve Ertelt, editor of Life News 
E. Amy Mushinski, Cleveland director, 40 Days for Life 
F. Theological consultant to the Ohio bishops 
G. David Yost, State Auditor 
The one who gets it right (or gets closest) gets a signed copy of my novel - The Revolt of 2020 - for FREE (plus $29.95 for shipping and handling). Post your answer on our Personhood Ohio facebook page. 
(Just kidding about the shipping and handling fee :-)
I think that this idea would be more fun if the quotations were from more well known politicians.  Maybe we should come up with a contest like this for the Presidential candidates!

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