Thursday, March 01, 2012

Write in Rusty Bliss for U.S. Senate

Update 3/2/12 : I changed my mind about this.  See the first comment to this post.

OK I don't really know that much about the GOP candidates for U.S. Senate.  I would be happy if any of our readers could enlighten us on this.  The reason why I'm choosing Bliss is just because he an anti-Agenda 21 article on his website.  Well that's not much to go on, but these candidates don't have much if any voting record.

Josh Mandel is not a Christian (he is an unfulfilled Jew).  This is a big negative for me.  He seems to be Republican establishment candidate.  That is another big negative.  I have also heard that Mandel promised to serve out all four years of his term as Treasurer of Ohio.  I say help him keep his promise--vote for somebody else.

The most of rest of the candidates have things on their websites which show they probably do not have a basic understanding of the constitutional separation of powers (i.e. the 10th Amendment).  They promise things which they can't possibly deliver within the framework of the Constitution.

Remember you have to write in Rusty Bliss' name in order to vote for him.


  1. I changed my mind. Bliss said of himself:

    "He has considerable campaign experience which includes the 2000 McCain primary campaign, 2004 Bush/Cheney re-election campaign, the 2006 Mike DeWine U.S. Senate campaign and the 2008 McCain Presidential campaign effort. In 2005 Rusty even served as a pilot for both Ohio Senators Mike DeWine and George Voinovich."

    Forget it. McCain, Bush, Cheney, and DeWine are warmongering RINOs and whoever fails to see that doesn't deserve to get my vote. How can you not see that they are part of Agenda 21! I will just leave it blank this time.

  2. Matt if you've noticed my earlier responses to my past campaign experience I LEARNED THE HARD WAY about those who falsely portrayed themselves as Conservatives which is why partly why I am running. I HAVE SEEN THOSE GUYS, I SAW WHAT THEY WERE ABOUT AND I DO NOT WANT TO EMULATE THEM AT ALL.

    In the end it is your choice and I'd hate for you to base your choice on a hurdle I jumped and "saw the light" after being exposed to what they really were. I have long since distanced myself from the "establishment GOP."

    I am the only candidate that will fight Agenda 21 on all fronts.