Thursday, October 24, 2013

Batchelder and Faber Hand Kasich Hollow Victory, Ohio Loses

The last time we "resolved" the federal debt crisis and kicked the can down the road, a "super congress" was created and power at the federal level was concentrated into the hands of even fewer people. Here in Ohio, we have done the same thing to our state Assembly and have overturned the will of the People thanks to the leading socialist Repugnants Governor John Kasich and House Speaker Batchelder.

Gongwer News reports that the Ohio Controlling Board has approved Governor Kasich's multi-billion dollar request to appropriate funds to expand Medicaid in Ohio. 
  • The Board approved the request with a 5-2 vote, Senator Chris Widener and Representative Ross McGregor voting with the two democrats on the panel and the Kasich appointee who serves as the Board's President.
  • Representatives Amstutz and Rosenberger were removed from the Board by Speaker Batchelder earlier in the day in order, perhaps, to make way for a stronger majority vote. They were replaced by Representatives Ross McGregor and John McClain with McGregor joining the majority.
  • The only two "no" votes on the panel were Representative McClain and Senator Bill Coley both of whom chose to represent the will of the people and constitutional governance over political expediency.
By ensuring the key "yes" votes on the panel, Speaker Batchelder and Senate President Faber have become the unlikely harbingers of universal health care in a state that overwhelmingly rejected Obamacare in 2011 in the vote for health care freedom. To have swapped their conservative credentials in favor of such a legacy is startling and disappointing, especially for their constituents who have stood at the forefront in the fight against Obamacare in Ohio.

But Batchelder and Faber will not only be remembered for the "end" that they achieved today, but also for the "means" by which it was accomplished. They have allowed for major policy to be made through a quasi-legislative panel most Ohioans had not heard of just a few weeks ago and referred to by Politico as an "obscure Ohio board." Batchelder and Faber have circumvented the very state assembly over which they preside and shunned all checks & balances in the process.

Governor Kasich appears to be in denial over the handling of this issue speaking as if he has operated in concert with the state legislature. But the window dressing he applies only serves to underscore the flimsy nature of his fa├žade,

"Together with the General Assembly we've improved both the quality of care from Medicaid and its value for taxpayers. Today's action takes another positive step in this mutual effort. I look forward to continuing our partnership with the General Assembly to build upon the progress we've already made to make Medicaid work better for Ohioans."Read more from Politico at this link.

The last word has not been spoken in this fight. Maurice Thompson of The 1851 Center for Constitutional Law is prepared to file suit against the Controlling Board's actions as early as Tuesday and will be joined by members of the state assembly who signed a letter of protest against Kasich's maneuvers last week. Thompson's suit will argue that the Controlling Board cannot act contrary to the intent of the state assembly.

OLC members who fought hard to stop Medicaid expansion cannot help but be disappointed in today's outcome. We should take heart, however, in the effectiveness of our campaign. Governor Kasich only achieved Obamacare's Medicaid expansion through extraordinary means. It was a hollow victory at best, one he can only characterize in false terms. Such a victory should not last if justice has its day.

Thank you to all you who fought so hard to stop Medicaid expansion. Do not let yesterday's loss divert you from our goal. We are on the right side of this battle as the failure of Obamacare reveals itself more and more every day.

In Liberty,

Ted Stevenot
Ohio Liberty Coalition

"Just spoke with Governor @JohnKasich and congratulated him for providing insurance for 270,000 previously uninsured Ohioans." 10/21 Tweet from Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama 

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