Thursday, October 31, 2013

Christian Health Sharing Plans

My employer is requiring me to "re-enroll" in a healthcare plan.  This is because of Obamacare, they have to change their healthcare options.  With parts of Obamacare being implemented piece by piece, I have started thinking about an alternative to health insurance.  I know that if I remain on my employer's health insurance company, I will be paying premiums to a corporation which pays for the murder of innocent babies and other unacceptable practices.  I have come across two Christian Health Sharing Plans:

Samaritan Ministries (
Medi-share (

The basic idea behind these plans is that the members help pay for each others medical bills.  It is different than insurance in that you send your monthly check directly to another member who has a medical need, rather than to a corporation (but you do also have to pay administrative fees).  You not only get to share in paying for each other's medical expenses but you get to pray for the other members' health and send them letters of encouragement.  Your money doesn't go to some stockholders or some multi-millionaire.  These plans are not insurance, but membership in these plans exempts you from the insurance requirement of the Affordable Care Act so you don't have to pay those heavy penalties of the Obamacare mandate.  All of the members of this plan must sign a statement of faith and must refrain from smoking, excessive drinking of alcohol, and other immoral and/or unhealthy practices.  But most importantly, in these plans, none of your money will ever go to pay for an abortion.

I have not signed up for either one of these yet--I am still trying to decide which one is the best plan for me.  

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