Saturday, February 25, 2012

Presidential Rebuke: An American Woman’s Own Apology Regarding Qur’an Burning in Afghanistan

Hat tip goes to John Wiseman's TeaPartyNation blog article. He includes the video below. The video was made in response to yet another of President Obama’s ridiculous, unnecessary, foolhardily appeasing apologies, this time to President Karzai and the Afghan people, for the unintentional burning of a few Qur’ans. This is one wise, young, and discerning American commentator, who sees his apology for what it is and offers her own to cogent counter to it… Following the video is a transcription of the letter to the President of Afghanistan.

Dear President Karzai:

I have seen on the news the anger and frustration the people are expressing after it was discovered that members of our military burned copies of the Qur’an outside an American detention facility. Your people were outraged. I was outraged, too, and I’d like to express my sincere apologies …
·         I am sorry your penchant for raising and harboring enemies of the United States have made it necessary for us to be in your crappy, corrupt, backward country for as long as we have been there!

·         I’m sorry that the politically correct, blame-America-first crowd has so infected our military operations that the rules of engagement make it impossible for us to just quickly level the bad guys there and get out!
·         I’m sorry that you run a nation of men who would kill and have killed over the printed words on a page, but have no problem whatsoever with sowing the 12 year old girl’s vagina shut so she can’t “sin” and beheading homosexuals.

·         I’m sorry that your home grown terrorist detainees use your own ‘holy’ texts, provided by our taxpayers here in the US to send coded covert messages back and forth. I’m sorry that soldiers must intercept these coded messages and destroy them in order to keep our own personnel safe!

·         I’m sorry that while you live in the lap of luxury on own foreign aid dollars your own people are starving and dying in abject poverty!
·         I’m sorry that your religion has left you completely incapable of seeing the irony in your feigned outrage at the burning of four Qur’ans while you imprison and even execute anyone in your country that has the audacity to go and get themselves gang-raped or leave Islam for another faith!
·         I’m sorry that our President would make such a public spectacle of apologizing for the burning of books containing secret prisoner communication while giving you and your armed forces a pass on murdering our own military personnel in cold blood!

·         I’m sorry that your culture finds it acceptable for grown men to leave off caring for their families in order to stand around for days shooting guns, burning American flags, and calling our President a black dog and other names!

·         I’m sorry our President sees more value in apologizing to those men than in standing up for American interests and freedom!
Mostly, President Karzai, I’m sorry that we don’t have a leader with enough balls to tell you to kindly take your fake moral outrage and your terrorist sensibilities and shove them both where the sun don’t shine. And I’m not talking about those caves you house the Taliban in. I’m so so sorry!

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