Thursday, February 09, 2012

"Wear Red Day"

I saw a lot of signs for Wear Red Day last week at work.  They were trying to raise awareness of heart disease, particularly among women.

I thought that I weird that I saw a sign about healthy eating habits which said "Go Red".  Below were a list of do's and don't's about diet.  One them said to eat fish twice a week.  I thought, "That would be great if you can actually get a fish at a reasonable price that has not spent its life wallowing in a toxic soup in some Chinese garbage dump."  I also thought that it was interesting that they said to eat low fat, whole grains, and avoid trans fats.  I think the same group that put up the sign frequently sells grilled cheese sandwiches made with cheap white bread and margarine made with partially hydrogenated oil. And finally they said to avoid red meat.  Hmm..."Go Red" by avoiding red meat?  Sounds very silly.

"Go Red" also makes me think of someone trying to get someone to become a Communist (or a Republican).

But what caught my eye more than anything else was a sign that said that heart disease was the number one killer of women in America.  I don't know whether the statistic was meant to include only adults or all females, but either way its misleading.  Half of all abortions are killings of innocent little girls. The number of little girls killed every year is about 500,000 which makes heart disease seem like a very, very, small problem indeed.

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