Thursday, February 09, 2012

Randall Terry's Super Bowl Ads

I did not watch the Super Bowl (I am an adult and have outgrown such childish things), but I heard that Randall Terry was going to run ads during the game with graphic pictures of aborted babies.  Since I didn't even see the game, I don't know whether or not they aired in my area, but I heard that, Terry's opponent in the Democratic Presidential primary, Barrack Obama used the influence of his office to try to block the ads.

I looked up the Democratic ballot on my county's board of elections website and was dismayed to see that, not only was Terry's name not on the ballot, but there was not even a space for write-ins.  I wish that he had gotten on the ballot in more states, so that principled, pro-lifers would have someone to vote for other Ron Paul.  (There are so many people who have an irrational fear of what's going to happen if Ron Paul gets elected.)  IF you are pro-life and won't vote for Ron Paul, AND IF you can't vote for Terry because he is not on your ballot, then please, please, DO NOT VOTE FOR ANYBODY FOR PRESIDENT IN THE PRIMARIES.  The rest of the candidates are all baby-killers.

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