Sunday, February 24, 2013

Keystone XL and God's Kingdom

The following is my response to an article in the Leftist website, “Did John Kerry Send a Signal on Keystone XL Decision? Was Kerry's first major address as Secretary of State a clue -- or just wishful thinking?

I must admit, I am a denier of man-caused climate change. I am a truth seeker. I lack the faith to believe that carbon dioxide is bad for the planet. It is extremely important for plant life.

Climate change is primarily a natural phenomenon. 
If anyone can interfere with or transcend nature, it is God, and exclusively God. Weather can be His judgment on a rebellious people who choose to violate His principles and precepts. Our topsy turvy weather patterns of late could be attributed, not to man-made global warming (hoax), but to God’s deliberate interjection into the working of nature.

Could He be trying to get our attention? He certainly must be displeased with the action and direction of leadership and of many of the people of this nation are going – namely embracing, condoning and promoting abortion, homosexuality, and purging our culture of all things sacred. He cannot be pleased with this cultural corruption.

The God of the Judeo-Christian scriptures is both a loving and a just God, in contrast to the wrathful god of the Koran. He cannot and will not tolerate sin forever. At some point He will act. Yes, He wants all people to come to a saving knowledge of Him through His Son, Jesus. But that is their choice. However, He will ultimately judge all men and women as to what they have done with this knowledge. His concern is more for the souls, the spiritual destiny, of men and women than it is for the future of this planet. That does not mean we should misuse or abuse this planet. But it means the priority is people not things…

The whole environmental movement is primarily a socialist attempt to gain further control over people of America. I believe in conservation, but not at the expense of people (or jobs, or remaining dependent on increasingly radical Islamist nations).

To the radical environmentalists including John Kerry, Barack Obama, and most of the President’s administration the planet is more important than the people. They can’t admit that, but their actions, regulations suggest that they honor and worship nature, the creation, more than the Creator.

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