Monday, February 04, 2013

Look, Who Wants to Homosexualize the Boy Scouts?

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) represent what is good about America and it tries to instill many values that boys need in our increasingly corrupt culture.  

Our schools, from elementary through college, have been infected with an anti-God, anti-Christian, pro-Secular Humanistic philosophy.  The entertainment industry glamorizes immorality. Pornography is big business, corrupting our youth and adults. Our churches are abandoning biblical principles left and right. Now BSA is being bombarded from within with a desire compromise its values and accept the unacceptable.

The BSA is one the last vestiges of principled, decency, and morality in America. Powerful and financially influential BSA Executive Board members and bullies John Turley (CEO of major accounting firm Ernst and Ernst) and Randall Stephenson (CEO of AT&T) are pushing for inclusion of homosexuals in Scouting. They essentially are urging the compromise of the basic mission and values of the organization.

Why is change in membership being considered? These prominent corporate leaders are being politically correct. They are unwilling to confront the insidious efforts of the homosexual lobby (Big Gay) to spread their evil agenda to every corner of this society, including their own organizations.

What about the boys? What harm will allowing homosexuals to assume leadership roles do to the boys? No one seems to care about the boys. I will tell you, homosexuals will use their influence and presence to convince boys that homosexual behavior and lifestyle is normal, natural, healthy, moral, and even that is unchangeable in nature.

Truth be told, homosexuality is primarily a behavioral choice, it is not genetic. A person may have tendencies to be attracted to the opposite sex, however, this can be overcome as other urges can be overcome or controlled. 

Essentially, homosexuality is abnormal, unnatural, unhealthy, and immoral behavior. It is antithetical to biblical principles. God disapproves of it. Scouts need to know the truth. Homosexuals will not provide them with truth. This is not a matter of so-called diversity or tolerance. It is okay to believe the truth about homosexuality.  But the homosexual advocates will not tolerate another view. They must have their way. They are relentless, they are intolerant.


Let the Boy Scouts of America know that you disapprove of their changing leadership or membership criteria. I sent the following email today to the Boy Scouts:



Dear Mr. Brock –

I sincerely hope that the BSA do not cave into the demands of the homosexual lobby and change in any way membership or leadership requirements regarding homosexual males membership or leadership in your organization.

Our culture is crumbling and I see the BSA as needing to hold the ground of traditional and moral values. Please don't let corporate pressure and the pressure from homosexuals sway your principled position.

Allowing homosexuals in Scouting has destroyed the scouts in Canada, and will do the same if permitted in the United States.

Should you not change your position, I will strongly consider supporting your organization...I think many other individuals and organizations would do the same to counter those homosexual influenced people and companies coercing you to change, threatening to remove their funding. There are some things more important than money.

I urge the removal of the board members who are calling for this change, namely Jim Turley and Randall Stephenson You may lose some financial contributions in the short-term, but is it worth compromising your mission? Is it worth putting many young people in harm’s way?


If you agree I urge you to sign the petition and call or email Mr. Brock and express your concern.

Here is a YouTube video, Don't Homosexualize the Boy Scouts, which offers some additional information why the BSA should not change their policy regarding homosexuality.

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  1. I read this article on the leftist, "10 Craziest Right-Wing Reactions to Boy Scouts Lifting Gay Ban" by Joshua Holland. Here is my comment about the article.

    To Lift the ban on homosexuals and lesbians in the Boy Scouts of America is "One Nation Under Obama" or the 'Gaying' of America.

    Joshua Holland laughs at, mocks the truth.

    The truth is homosexual behavior and lifestyle is unhealthy, unnatural, immoral, abnormal, a deliberate choice ...

    That is precisely why the ban should stay in effect ...