Monday, February 25, 2013

President Obama’s Sequestration Question

President Oblama's Sequestration is just another 'Manufactured Crisis' scare tactic designed to absolve him and his regime of the responsibility of seriously  prioritizing spending, which he will not or cannot do... and to avoid ANY reduction in the size and scope of his over-bloated spending-addicted government!

Mr. Obama is following in the shallow footsteps of the zombie-like Senator Harry Reid when it comes to budgeting. Senator Reid deftly avoids dealing with prioritizing any spending by just not offering any budget for the past four or so years.

The Democrats have been too busy to deal with the economy, budgets and alike. They have been laser-focused on

·         enhancing the revenue (taxing, taxing, taxing)

·         spending, spending, spending like there is no tomorrow,

·         expanding funding of abortion through ObamaCare,

·         funding pie-in-the-sky windmills, solar dreams and schemes,

·         appropriating rights from American citizens,

·         promoting the Homosexual Agenda, and

·         running Fast and Furious from the scandalous BenghaziGate.

All along touting the philosophy now made famous by the other Clinton, the former ‘standout’ world traipsing and travailing Secretary of State, “What Difference Does It Make, At This Point?”

Oblamea, a poster on the Politics Forum, in response to my post there, pointed out that on Fact Checker - Obama’s fanciful claim that Congress ‘proposed’ the sequester - Four Pinocchios ★★★★

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