Saturday, February 16, 2013

The 24 most loathsome people in America, really?

I try to read, from time to time, what the other side (the radical left) is saying. This morning I read with interest this Ian Murphy articleThe Most Loathsome People in America: The Double Dirty Dozen,” at

I had to comment:

Barack Chamberlain ?
You left off these champions of corruption, cover-up ... These are representative of the many less than loving, less than lovable in the government and media who could qualify for your list,  Mr. Murphy ...

President Barack Obama was already mentioned. Like Neville Chamberlain, Mr. Obama goes out of his way to appease our enemies, the Islamists even including them in his government...

Eric Holder (Attorney General, Department of gross inJustice) for his part in gun-running Fast and Furious, the failed attempt to smear guns and gun owners by allowing guns to be sold to serious bad guys who would "prove" how bad guns were; for his racism in ignoring the New Black Panther Party intimidation of voters in Philly in 2008; for not enforcing immigration laws, (not defending) the Defense of Marriage Act. etc.

Hillary Clinton for her part in BenghaziGate. What Difference Does It Make How the four Americans were killed ... I just want to be the next president ...

CNN's propagandist Piers Morgan's ( leadership in the) crusade to vilify guns and gun owners six ways to Sunday using every 'weapon' in his leftist arsenal.

Those four people that I mention could easily be in positions 1 through 4 on Mr. Murphy's list or any list of the most repugnant persons in America.

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