Saturday, May 04, 2013

The Media, Michael Vick, and Kermit Gosnell

Photo: If Michael Vick had any sense he would be totally outraged right about now...

Hat tip goes to Andy Maul who shared this Black Conservative Political Action's photo on his Facebook page. There is no better way to illustrate the debauchery and the gross malpractice of the Media than the above photo. The dishonest, hypocritical and agenda-driven media drummed up so much angst toward NFL superstar Michael Vick’s mistreatment of his dogs, that he was even placed in jail. He nearly lost his career. There was a tremendous, nonstop coverage about this tragedy across the nation. The relentless coverage of this story gripped the nation for a very long time. 

Yes, Vick’s act of violence toward his dogs was bad, even despicable, yet it is incomparable to the extreme cruelty and inhumanity displayed by this abortionist doctor, Kermit Gosnell, in his mistreatment of his fellow human beings. Furthermore, there was and continues to be no outcry, no outrage, no condemnation, no leading the cause to obtain justice for the victims, who are not mere animals, but human beings, mothers and multiple number of nameless, faceless babies, who were made in the very image of God.

I am not quite sure which is the worse atrocity committed, Gosnell’s unseemly murders and desecration of the bodies of the innocents, and his subsequent cover-up of evidence, or the media’s criminal negligence and lack of journalistic integrity in covering Gosnell’s story and murder trial. The media turned a collective blind eye and maintains a blind allegiance to a most wicked agenda – the protection of the ‘sacred’ sacrament of the Left, abortion, which they routinely do no matter what the cost. The cost includes the absolute absence of basic human decency and compassion.

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