Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What Difference Will the Gosnell Verdict Make?

Columbus, OH – May 14, 2013 – Today, Ohio pro-life groups joined together at a Columbus, OH late-term abortion facility to vow to end child-killing once and for all.

"(Dr. Kermit) Gosnell is not an anomaly,” Mark Harrington said.  "All child-killing, whether committed on the born or the preborn, must be outlawed.  After Gosnell, pro-lifers are even more dedicated to ending baby-killing in our nation.”

A broad swath of the anti-abortion movement was represented at this Press Conference.  In addition to Created Equal, those present at the press conference were Peggy Hartshorn of Heartbeat International, Beth Vanderkooi of Greater Columbus Right to Life, Linda Harvey of Mission America, Katelyn Neil of 40 Days for Life, and Linda Reidelbach of Ohio Pro-Life Action.

I personally participated in protesting in front of this particular killing center on Cleveland Avenue in Columbus, Ohio in two past 40 Days for Life events. 

"Complete Healthcare for Women" translates into: we'll kill your baby for the right price. Abortion is not healthcare. Abortion is murder, the taking of life. Healthcare is supposed to be all about saving life!

Below is a video of the Press Conference held in Columbus, Ohio today. 

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