Saturday, May 18, 2013

Why Isn't IRS's Sarah Hall Ingram in Jail for Abuse of TEA Party and Conservative Organizations?

Two scapegoats Steven Miller and Joseph Grant both serving in positions of 'responsibility' in the IRS were either asked to resign or resigned over the targeting and harassment of conservative groups by the IRS. However, the real culprits may include Timmy 'tax cheat' Geithner, former Secretary of the the Treasury, Douglas Shulman, former IRS Commissioner, and/or Sarah Hall Ingram. Ingram was the IRS Commissioner over Tax-Exempt Organizations overseeing the persecution of Tea Party and other conservative groups. Believe it or not, she is now in charge of IRS's ObamaCare office!

Low level workers in the bowels of the Cincinnati, Ohio IRS offices were initially blamed for these "mistakes" and "horrible customer service," but the more that is revealed the more it appears that 'higher ups' were also culpable. His Ineptness, Barack Obama, claims to know nothing of this scandal, nor anything else going on in Washington, D.C., except maybe that the Washington Bullets (their former name in disrespect to Obama's Gun Control initiative) team is not in the NBA playoffs...

I suspect that Geithner, Obama, as well as his re-election campaign team knew what was going at the IRS ...

Here is a great video with content that may never make it to ABC, CBS, CNN, or NBC, but it is worthwhile news.

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