Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Are Hong Kong Protesters a Chinese Version of the Tea Party?

The Hong Kong Tea Party?

The courageous people peacefully protesting against their tyrannical overlords in Hong Kong, which now is part of mainland Red China, started me thinking. Are American Tea Party principles being exported and implemented by the large portion of the citizens of Hong Kong? Are there any similarities between what is happening in this Red Chinese territory and the patriotic participants in the American Tea Party Movement over the last four or five years? Are there differences?


Both the Hong Kong Tea Party Protestors and the American TEA Partiers protest their respective tyrannical governments. In the case of the American version, the protest is primarily over the ever-expanding federal leviathan government, its taxes, its increasing debt, its wasteful over-spending, its intrusion into the affairs and freedoms of the people (healthcare, education, and religion), and its ignoring of laws such as immigration laws, which jeopardize border security.

As for the Hong Kong version it is more narrowly focused in its protestations. They are mainly interested in requiring the tyrannical Red Chinese government on the mainland to live up to its agreement to allow Hong Kong autonomy as part of its agreement with Britain, when it handed over control to the communists. They want a say into choosing their leadership. They don’t want the politburo to hand them a slate of candidate, for which they approve.

Both are grassroots movements without central leadership.

Both movements seek not to overthrown their governments, but to live up to principles.

The status quo is rejected by both the Hong Kong ‘Tea Party’ as well as the American TEA Party.

Both governments lie to their people.


From my personal observation the American TEA Party participants are generally an older group, who are wiser and see the danger of big government and its most recent iteration under Barack Obama. From the reports I have heard, the Hong Kong protestors are mostly college-aged persons who don’t want the future that they see their Mainland masters are scheming for them. Isn’t it ironic that the college crowd here in the U.S. has been hoodwinked by Mr. Obama and his poisonous progressive agenda to solidly back him in the last two elections? I guess the American students can’t see the destructive course that emperor Obama is creating for them.

What’s Next?

Will America and especially the college students, wise up and help purge the Congress and White House of the putrid progressives in both parties in November 2014 and 2016? Will the communist bosses clamp down on the Hong Kong protestors and sic its ever-expanding military might to stamp out the protestors, literally? The next few months will be very interesting to watch, yet may be very volatile.

Viva La Tea Parties…Everywhere!

Hopefully both the American TEA Party and the Hong Kong Tea Party will succeed and continue to grow as movements and precipitate real change for the better in both locations, East and West.

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