Friday, October 31, 2014

More Ridiculous CAIR TUNES:

Just like the dastardly Southern Poverty Law Center which identifies "haters," this deceitful new pro-Islam website supposedly identifies "Islamophobes." It  essentially targets those individuals and organizations that speak the truth about Islam for harassment and/or destruction(?) by terrorists or would be terrorists. Basically all that this website proves is that Islamists are intolerant of the truth being told about their so-called "religion of peace."
Actually, this new website also demonstrates the fact that it is distinctly anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, and anti-everybody other than adherers of Islam. Read the insightful article, "Hamas-CAIR Puts out Hit List Against Alleged ‘Islamophobes,’" by Tim Brown on The article does a good job exposing the truth about this hateful, deceitful, and scurrilous scourge on the worldwide Internet.

Bloody Islam Comes to America ... photo from

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