Sunday, October 26, 2014

Katha Pollitt New Book PROmotes Abortion!

PRO-Death: The PROgressive PROmotion of Abortion

It has been a while since I read and responded to an article. Well today an article about a new book, "Katha Pollitt: Ending a Pregnancy Is a Common, Normal Event in Women's Lives—Let's Talk About It That Way ...We need to see abortion as an urgent practical decision that is just as moral as the decision to have a child," raised by ire. You can see by the title of the article why it might offend a pro-life person. There can be no justification whatsoever for most abortions. However, the progressives treat abortion as a sacred sacrament, a rite. See my comments below. First to the article itself, and second to a commenter who claimed that "Abortion is green." What foolishness.

The author, Katha Pollitt, claims, "We need to talk about ending a pregnancy as a common, even normal, event in the reproductive lives of women..." Say what?
Is it???
No matter how you say it or dress it up by calling it .... "choice" ... "ending a pregnancy" ... "terminating a pregnancy" ... "a reproductive right" ... the fact is that heinous act is still an abortion. It is still murder. It is not normal. Actually abortion is one of the most, if not the most cruel, vile, and inhumane act one human being can commit on another human being. It rivals only the beheading of post-born human beings who refuse to submit to Islamic statist or terrorist ultimatums!
Taking the life of an innocent, defenseless unborn baby may be common, but only because a few ill informed activist judges invented a so-called "right" that is found no where in the U. S. Constitution.
Is it normal? is child abuse, normal? Is rape, normal? Is murder, normal? is theft normal? No, abortion is the unnatural taking of life of a human being prior to birth.
This new book, PRO: Reclaiming Abortion Rights, described in this article is more of the same lies that emanate from the minds and hearts of deceived, if not cold-blooded, heartless, progressives.



No, my friend, ABORTION IS RED. Red for the blood of an innocent life spilled usually for selfish reasons!



Robbie, my argument is not whining it is winning. With abortion, we are talking about a matter of life and death. You were once a pre-born (fetus, clump of tissues, or whatever else you want to call the unborn) human being.

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